How to Rescue a Cat from a Tree

Birt 23 ágú 2020
We here at Camp Unus Annus will show you how to rescue a cat from a tree with our handy dandy Fuzzy Wubble Cat.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • I was eating a snack and when Eef Was saying "Spit them out!!" I almost choked on my food XD

  • mark and ethan: don't go into trees because squirrels mark and ethan: make a entire video climbing trees

  • Mark broke the buddy system how dare he. Does he not know the rules they're *both gonna d i e now MARK*

  • Plot Twist: Mark and Ethan aren't counselors, they were the oldest kids of the group, whom the actual counselors left in charge for a bit. Only the counselors didn't come back...and Mark and Ethan never left. And so they are just doing their best, working with the long-lost, half-forgotten rules of the book.

  • look scan observe react r u n

  • 3:39, but it is .-.

  • What... what was Ethan on during this video?

  • those are some tiny tiny shorts

  • WTF !!! we are just going to let pass the fact that Daddy Mark just fucking bodied that climb !!!???? 6:21 !!!!!!

  • Alternate title: What NOT to wear when climbing trees. I am a casual but avid tree climber and shorts and bare hands are not suitable for the activity.

  • My tree climbing heart is happy

  • Firefighters are proffesionals at this

  • Aw man Junior Woodchucks

  • I kinda want camp unus annus to be like a show

  • mark and eef flirting on a tree in front of marks gf


  • Next time on Unus Annus: How to Rescue an EEF from a Tree

  • Ethan's officially gay 😂

  • Boost.

  • You want a boost here? cc

  • this video started out strong lol

  • I thought it said how to climb a tree like a cat.

  • Ethan: we're so kind and caring -A few minutes later- Mark: The cat stole the keys to your Tesla Ethan: *Grabs the cat and violently beats it against the tree*

  • fuck now i wanna climb a tree

  • 3:45 dont mind me

  • this is my birthday video. i’m not sure how to feel about it.

  • I think the booty shorts were Ethan’s idea.

  • So according to Ethan, once you reach the cat in the tree you just have to throw it to the ground and your problem is solved

  • Two hundred and eighty-third video: Finished.

  • Is no one going to comment about how when Mark climbs the tree, it is clearly visible that his shorts are inside out? Anyone? No, just me? Okay

  • ethan always gives me a lil bit of eric from that 70s show vibes

  • How to Rescue a Cat from a Tree- (simplified) Step 1: Acquire cat Step 1.5 (optional): Smack your buddy as hard as you can with new cat -Step 2: Get cat stuck in a tree (preferably by throwing it)- Step 3: Laugh at cat, mock mercilessly for being stuck in said tree Step 4: Walk away leaving it to die Step 5: Guilt trip yourself into going back to rescue the cat Step 6: Get a boost from your -dUmMY thiCC- partner -with the MEATY thighs- Step 7: Have several crises as you realize you forgot how to climb a tree Step 8: Make sure the entire world can see your CAKEY ASS as you ascend higher Step 9: Emphasize how close you are while complaining about how you can't reach it Step 10: Become enraged, fueled by the THOUGHT of this cat swallowing your (Tesla) car keys and grab cat in a fury, smacking it against tree repeatedly while screaming before chucking it at an 87 degree angle upwards and out of the tree, thus ensuring the cat is rescued

  • Damn. Mark's jump onto that tree branch was CLEAN.

  • mark getting onto the tree????? yeah

  • 6:24

  • Can we just talk about how effortlessly Mark jumped up to grab that branch- like- 👁👄👁

  • How do they just have.. no hair on their legs/arms at all? I'm so jealous.

  • Campus Annus is better than any summer camp I ever went to.

  • Alternate title entrapping a cat making fun of it and trying to fake rescue it

  • I really want to know where they are doing this, if only to ask the owners if they knew what they were getting themselves into.

  • Everytime I hear them saying buddy and camp in the same sentence my mind just goes "Camp Buddy" I mean it could be the live action🤷‍♀️

  • legend says he’s still in that tree to this day

  • this video called me fat and weak

  • The part where they scare the bear away kills me every time 😭😭

  • 4:02 This reminds me very heavily of that scene in The Hunger Games.

  • dear evan hansen:

  • 2:25 My dog throwing up after he got into the package of hot dogs at the 4th of July “bbq” I threw alone in my apartment.

  • Legend has it that Ethan is still in that tree

  • These are really funny and edited really well. I can't stop saying it.

  • "Help those in need". ... Am I certain this isn't morally ambiguous Boy Scouts?

  • this content is giving me life tbh 👁️👄👁️ iconic

  • Legends say he's still in the tree to this day.

  • step bro i’m stuk in a tree step bro being like gotta get that cat while flirting with bear

  • This is a _Fuzzy Wubble_

  • 8:17 I'm sure he says that a lot

  • Can we all appreciate that the both of them could have very easily gotten *very hurt* in this video?????

  • 0:48 ah, so mark is a skunk ape. caveman mark makes complete sense

  • Mark and Ethan: *Buddy system* Ethan: *In tree* "What if I'm the one stuck in the tree?" Mark: "Don't worry, you have a buddy." Also Mark: *Climbs tree after Ethan is in it* Me: *Confusion* "I don't think the buddy system works that way."

  • They're both so fit🤣👍

  • Episode 2: How to save a tree from a cat

  • Ethan: throws it as high as possible Mark: looks up at it then back at him😂😂😂

  • That’s a good climbing tree ngl

  • Nobody: Mark: Is that a BeAr??

  • Ethan has the nicest shoes. Like, in general


  • Mark and Ethan sitting in a tree K I S S I N G

  • Yo, why is Mark so DUMMY THICK

  • where can I sign up for camp unus annus

  • EVERY single video I reach a point where I'm literally screaming at the screen "This is where they die. THIS is were they die!" Even though I know there are more videos....

  • Unus Annus

  • what the hell am i watching

  • these outfits....

  • This is the video that made me realize I was bisexual

  • i love how they’re literally wearing kinda long socks and shorts. *the true men.*

  • Ethan looks good in shorts 👀❤

  • Y'all in the comments really can't climb huh?

  • I wish they sold those shirts

  • Wish they had done a cut to a real cat in a tree for just a second

  • The whole time he was climbing up i was just thinking "he has no idea that climbing down is harder" and here we are. Poor Eef

  • In my opinion this was the funniest intro 😂

  • Ethan looks so good with this longer hair

  • QQ

  • I'm a lil late bc life but finally I'm here My birthday video! ♡

  • Ethan: you ever just... sorta think about- Me: GET THE CAT

  • Ethan Nestor and Mark Fischbach Autocorrect: Did you mean aggressively gay camp counselors?

  • 3:39 James Harden be like

  • I’m so incredibly sad I missed the camp unus annus merch. Hopefully on then last day or week they bring back all the merch or something bc that would be cool as hell.

  • I love that this was the video I got on birthday

  • Listen to 3:09 while closing your eyes

  • The noises Ethan makes...

  • *Two words: "Saving Cat".* *Find this video on youtube, it's by cadko2000 . Turn on subtitles and you'll see how real men rescue cats from trees.* You can thank me later xD


  • Another tip wear proper clothing lol

  • This is the gayest video yet

  • Ethan has bottom energy

  • ethan why is a tree the best place to twerk?

  • always remember kids, LSORR: look scan observe react run

  • The former gymnast, hanging upside down by their legs: "How do I do this?" So... Clearly he wasn't an apparatus guy... More of a floor routine dude?

  • 1:55-2:06 A new contender for the gayest thing said on this channel, so far.

  • Mark:" You have to stay 6ft away from trees to be safe from squirrels" *Also Mark two videos later, climbing a tree with Ethan*