The Human Mop

Birt 21 júl 2020
Man versus Machine. Overcoming the inevitable robot takeover will one day be humanity's greatest challenge. But what if man and machine come together to form a being that is even greater than the sum of its parts?
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • i wonder if there is fanart of markchan

  • Ethan: “That’s going to hurt really bad” Mark‘I’m not a masochist’iplier: “I don’t care”

  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • in this video u can see mark slowly devolving into hee hoo in some parts

  • New sponges are often wet because they’re moistened with sterile water before packaging. This is so they don’t look dry and hard on the shelf.

  • "How'd you get in my house?" " *I crawled in... through the oven* "

  • in the beginning i immediately had toothbrush argument flashbacks

  • 5:04 - lol, it reminds me of that one scene from How to Train Your Dragon when Hiccup is putting on Toothless' tail. XD

  • Is this a DDLC reference

  • Y'all at 11:16 I slowed it down to .50 to read the text by Chica. And Mark lowkey sounds like predator. Lol

  • Chica: Uhhh Dad what's going on, you look different. Mark: GAaaaAAAaaa!! Chica: Oh shet! (Runs into the other room)

  • ok let’s not talk ab the toothbrush

  • 5:23 he sat down like a toddler 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mopiplier

  • Should have made it so he scooted on his tummy, that way he could have used arms for movement more

  • I lost it when Ethan said he looked like Predator.

  • When you forget to charge your roomba

  • This looks like suiting up in a fursuit lmao it looks so difficult

  • Petition for Mark to be a mop monster for Halloween this year 7:06

  • Eef, i like your watch... and your bracelet... GiVe It To Me PlEaSeEeE

  • Mark looking like a danganronpa cosplayer lowkey

  • Looks like some kind of doll lol mark.

  • pause at 7:13

  • I left my phone playing this video on the mom walked by and saw it....oh boy

  • Can we talk about Mark's outfit. 😧😍

  • Watch this in x2 speed. Just trust me

  • 7:08 Yo why does this image remind me of predator???

    • Okay I just had one of those moments where I type something and it resolves in the video so 😅😅😅😅

  • junko cosplayers are quaking in their boots

  • I love how a lot of these vids start off like a infomercial

  • sick fursuit mark!

  • dont hug me im scared looks different here

  • This is definitely a kink... -

  • Does anyone else think he looks like fnaf character?

  • I need help I am scared. Someone told me mark was going to die when the timer ends for real. Is it real or was that person just scaring me?

    • @Unus Annus making sure

    • They’re probably just scaring you

  • Two hundred and fiftieth video: Finished.

  • Mark reminded me slightly of a dog of some kind with all that mop on him

  • A hooman roomba. A hoomba, if you will

  • This is my birthday episode and I am happy this is the content

  • I don't know why I thought this video was gonna be mark putting a bunch of mop heads on ethans head and then hanging him upside down by his feet, dipping his head in a bucket of water and literally mopping the floor

  • 7:12 thats just a fursuit bro

  • If Mark is in a croutching position in 2 seconds you can see his brain shift right into Caveman Mark

  • Giving me full Jenna Marbles video vibes

  • Alternative Title: The Roomba That Screams Every Time It Touches Something

  • Eef looks like a suburban dad named Steve, with his facial hair lol

  • 7:21 JUNKO?!

  • 7:11 ... This is not the droid I was looking for!

  • I feel like I’m watching The Thing.

  • Omg

  • Marks fursona

  • Mark complimenting Ethans amazing idea has me 🥺

  • americans wear SHOES around the house???

    • Only if they are clean shoes. If they have mud or dirt, they are left outside.

  • Mark doesn't even look human at the end.

  • This was posted on my birthday.

  • how

  • 7:14 Mark looks like a dog

  • hmm,

  • Why does Mark give off excited dad vibes this entire video

  • Mark's mom is amazing.


  • I thought mark was just gonna hold his arms and legs stiff while ethan held him as a mop lol

  • I love that this was my birthday video

  • Bad end???

  • 7:14 mark's new fursuit.

  • mark didnt tape a rod to his spine because hes a masochistic, no, its because he wants to see if his body can handle it. anything else is foolish to believe

  • dat floor got buff


  • please it is nice and better with covied-19

  • come to fliorda

  • That is the worst roombas I've ever seen

  • mark looks like junko, that is not an insult.

  • Unnus annus is the perfect video to watch when your drunk (I’m drunk)

  • Mark looks like a bootleg swamp-thing.

  • Im getting Tusk vibes from Mark screaming on the floor. Anyone else?? Lol

  • Unus Annus unus annus

  • Hi

  • Imagine being Chika or Henry and this is what you see of the human race, what would you think of humans?

  • They're just two 10 year old boys that were left home alone

  • This was my Unus Annus birthday video. I'm happy that I lived this. Thank you guys for this awesome video and this awesome project

  • This was my “birthday video”. Everyone gets a birthday video on this channel.

    • Haha yes my birthay as well, kinda disapointed but I can't be mad at them

  • No one: 19th century factory children: ^

  • Mark saying, "Now rinse me," killed me.

  • Lol Mark is so much more of a dominant person than Ethan it's so funny

  • 7:14 it's a reggae stormtrooper Eef is right; looks more like predator lol

  • Ethan: There's a limit to jeans. Also Ethan: Wears jeans to every physical activity they've ever done.

  • Mark does things manually because as a child, he was too poor to afford laziness.

  • Mark in pigtails mark in pigtailsss

  • rr

  • Nice Teddy fresh wear

  • 11:14 CHICA SWORE?!?!

  • Why does it always seem like they're doing something kinky? xD

  • Mopiplier

  • marks fur suit

  • The thumbnail is golden

  • They really need to make an action figure line of toys with different versions of mark: annus mark, mopiplier, normal mark, caveman mark/heehoo. Would definitely buy

  • I mean, who needs a roomba, right?

  • Can I have the thumbnail

  • I just imagined “the poop roomba” incident but with Mark as the roomba

  • my birthday video BAHAHHAHAHHA

  • My phone froze when Amy mentioned mark doing a split. I legit thought it was a video edit🤣🤣

  • Mark is so fucking sweet and loving to Amy. Why can't every guy be a Mark TT^TT