Pumpkin Taste Tier List

Birt 14 okt 2020
The spirit of halloween. How does it taste? How is the texture? How are the juices? Today, we rank them from least - most halloweeny.
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  • You can eat raw pumpkin?

  • *Toxic Squash Syndrome* is no *joke.*

  • Eef so cute “ca-can we make pumpkin seeds” Amy: “ya we can make pumpkin seeds”

  • My name means queen in Spanish

  • Mark turning into Ethan for a second over the yellow pumpkin and not wanting to cut it up to eat it is really funny to me

  • That grey/green pumpkin is the most common one we get in Australia.

  • I didn’t think you could eat pumpkins raw

  • Ethan: Can we make pumpkin seeds? Mark: No Ethan: Can we make pumpkin seeds? Amy: Yes Me: Well, now we know who´s the permissive parent...

  • Mark to the year old pumpkin: "If you hurt my girlfriend and I'll get the 'Stache"

  • Mark is sucha fuckin Cancer w all his spontaneous crying, brooding & sentimentality 😂

  • Mark: Dyeing from eating a pumpkin Ethan: hhm

  • I was really doubting Ethan in this video but when I saw him bite into that pumpkin without any question I was proud.

  • ButtChicken

  • You're welcome 16:24

  • They are becoming good mythical morning

  • Here these two are chatting about feasting on pumpkins- and here I am. My trypophobia being set off by that one pumpkin-

  • I started watching late- guess I gotta mega binge

  • Him saying smacking “is a Korean thing” is the most relatable thing I have ever heard

  • Why is nobody talking about 1:09

  • Ending lol cute

  • 08:05 - 08:11Mark: oh, that's gross! Captions: fRaNcE gUcCi

  • Mark breathes like my dad

  • if you keep the seeds, you can make pumpkin seed butter. so delicious

  • Amy also being chaotic in this video leads me to believe at the end of the channel, we will not se Unus and Annus, but rather Amy in a half black and half white suit, asking if we had fun.

  • *wHy Is It SpIcY*

  • I love mark's bun. It's awesome.

  • idk why but the concern in amy's voice when she asked "it ruined pie for you?!" sent me 😂

  • their tastes are so distinct oh my god

  • Uhhhh... is anyone going to mention Cucurbit Poisoning? Pumpkins naturally produce Cucurbitacin, a chemical that in high amounts, can cause you to lose all your hair... The reason your 1 year old pumpkin tasted "acidic" was because of the high amounts of Cucurbitacin you just consumed...

  • That one disappearing tuft of Mark's hair in the beginning is trippin me out lol

  • I’ve been here sense the beginning and I really don’t wanna see it go😭

  • The roles have reversed Mark and Ethan telling Amy not to eat the rotten pumpkin

  • i genuinely dont know why but "this could be, quite the treat" just fucking killed me

  • in my contry i only see grey/green-ish pumkings

  • mark: "pumpkin juice? where have i heard that before?" sir ethan said that in the DIY wine vid when he was like "what did jesus turn water into a) wine, *b) pumpkin juice*, 3) choccy milk, 4) chicken nuggets" ur welcome lmaoo :)

  • 5:36 _Queue the disclaimer song_

  • I have never in my life seen an orange pumpkin irl only white ones

  • Mark: “Those warts pop with flavor.”

  • Mark: “I’m glad we did this, because now I’m never going to be tempted to eat a baby because *they’re tasteless”*

  • Who remember Norbert Moses?

  • I like how oblivious Mark was when Ethan placed a sticker on his shirt and patted it on to top it off.

  • Has anybody noticed Mark’s lil bun?

  • Amy: “Are you explaining halloween?” Mark: *”I’m explaining something”*

  • Cucurbitacins are toxins naturally found in plants belonging to the Cucurbit family, the plant family that includes squash, *pumpkins* , zucchini, cucumbers, melons and gourds. ... In larger amounts, however, the toxin may produce a strongly bitter taste and cause stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea. So short amounts of it is okay just don’t eat too much! 🥰

  • Is it just me or is Amy becoming more pronounced and chaotic in videos after the SCP Amy ones?

  • Im jealous that they have such an ugly pumpkin, it would make an amazing jack-o-lantern

  • 6:35 is anyone gonna acknowledge that he said grey pumpkin?

  • da seeds

  • just realized eef still has his earig in he rocks it

  • And then they all turned into were-pumpkins

  • mark: This pumpkin is hideous! Me, internally: It looks like Ethan back in 20- Ethan: It looks like me in 2016! Me: (Dies)

  • It’s been 335 days You have one chance Subscribe

  • You should try eating Surstromming canned fish or Durian fruit next.

  • .

  • Wait does this mean the council of pumpkins is like the fuckin hunger games and just auction off their members 🤣

  • Norbert Moses. *that's a name I havent heard in a long time*

  • 30

  • Ethan = Fall Me , an intellectual = Autumn

  • Me = there are different types of pumpkins?

  • Oh I HATE how they did that laugh in sync at the beginning

  • Mooooom can we make pumpkin seeds?


  • “I don’t like squash” eats many many many squashes

  • 8:07 What did he say? France gucci? RAAA it's goatseed? what?!

  • The Ethan pumpkin fucking killed me

  • Grey/Green Pumpkins are the ones we mostly have here in Australia. They are very sweet and GREAT for soup

  • 16:42 Wh- what...?

  • the grey one is not a pumpkin, just for the record... however it is a type of gourd.... which includes pumpkins.... so you can technically call it, its cousin.... so just forget you read this comment....

    • omfg it is not a type of squash XD XD XD..... squash is a gourd.... Pumpkins are cousins of squash by nature in the same way as that grey on

  • You know you’re an adult when you notice Mark and Amy have the same knife set you do

  • If someone has a screenshot of Ethan's adorable smile at the end when Amy said they can make pumpkin seeds, please let me know so you can send it to me 😍❤

  • No-one Literally no-one Me going back in the video to check when eef put the sticker on mark

  • As it turns out, some members of the Cucurbitaceae family - which includes pumpkins, squash, melons and cucumbers - can produce a group of chemicals known as cucurbitacins. Not only do these chemicals taste bitter, but they can also have toxic effects on human cells.

  • Famous last words: How bad could it be?

  • Hallowannnus

  • Last Halloween I got one of those grey ones,, I adored it, it has been my favorite carved squash pumpkin thing thus far. Even gave it a name, drew it with a body, even re-painted a tiny replica to exist in my room come spook season. However, it has decayed by now. Memento mori dear strangers, memento mori.

  • Amy says you’ll grow a pumpkin in your stomach. I just remembered an article about a guy who goes to the hospital because of chest pain and they x-ray him to find a tree growing in his lung.

  • Ethan asking to make pumpkin seeds at the end of the video is the highlight of my existence

  • "White" " _just like _*_m e_* "

  • I never had pumpkin before... But i had pumpkin pie

  • What am I ever going to do when this channel is deleted?

  • Ethan: "They should breed this pumpkin!" Mark: "I should!"

  • I find it slightly comforting that I'm not the only one who buys the ugliest pumpkins at pumpkin patches. I just do it because I know no one will get them and I feel bad for inanimate things.

  • Not at how Ethan was so whipped for Mark saying anything.

  • if you have anymore pumpkins left you should "investigate" the myth that leaving a pumpkin out on a full moon will turn it into a vampire.

  • Legit didn’t even see Ethan put the sticker on Marks shirt. I feel so blind

    • Don't worry you're not alone

  • Jack manbun: mark manbun is happend best buds forever

  • Mmmm. Tasty

  • Ethans deep voice at 11:09 😂

  • Now I'm never gonna eat a baby cause I know they're flavorless. Me: OwO.

  • This is to answer the "are pumpkins poisonous?" Question. As it turns out, some members of the Cucurbitaceae family - which includes pumpkins, squash, melons and cucumbers - can produce a group of chemicals known as cucurbitacins. Not only do these chemicals taste bitter, but they can also have toxic effects on human cells.

  • What, no Pumpkin Man?

  • The bumps are poisonous

  • with that flat pumpkin then hearing "one year" just oh no.

  • pumpkins are real bitches

  • Why is it sPiCy

  • The pumpkin is a devil and evil

  • Amy: are you explaining Halloween? Mark: We get there when we get there

  • I hope mark cuts his hair before the end of Unus Annus so Mark and Ethan have the same appearances as they did at the beginning of the channel. So the entire Unus Annus storyline is a big loop. Kind of like The Simpsons.

  • I really want to try a canteloupe pumpkin now

  • At the end I really like how Amy was the first to go further beyond with the year old pumpkin!