Breaking Glass With Our Screams

Birt 4 ágú 2020
No mere mortals are more qualified to shatter glass than two men who have spent years honing the craft of screaming at video games.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
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Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • my ears

  • *flashbacks to Getting over it* *shivers*

  • ethan kept moving up by fifths instead of octaves which i think would mess it up a lot

  • My cat heard them yelling and got really concerned

  • memento mori

  • My friend did this years ago. He had this fancy glass and I asked him, “Won’t your parents be upset that you broke a glass?” He responds, “no these aren’t expensive” and he broke it. His mom comes running in worried tf out. And starts screaming back at him. Yeah it was some special family cup thing that had been past down like a decade or sumthin

  • 6:33 i just could not stop laughing

  • 8:14 Ethan realizes its not working and says fuck it and smashes the glass so Mark thought he did is I'm sorry but when I saw that I started dying of laughter

  • wow

  • This teaches more than my science teacher

  • God i wish i was that glass. To be screamed at by my idols ugh

  • If it wasnt covid i bet they wouldve kidnapped jack

  • there is something about two adult men screaming at a glass that just cracks me up

  • oh. look at what my favorite idiots are up to today

  • You guys should be the new air raid warning system.

  • 2 guys screaming at a glass quality content

  • * Starts singing Good Vibrations in chat *

  • imagine if this had been Vanya's training in TUA

  • *Mark with Glasses* An intelligent and cultured man who knows all *Mark without Glasses* A jokey guy who makes dumb videos on the internet *Ethan with Glasses* A functional human being intellectually *Ethan without Glasses* EEF

  • Mark and ethan: scream for 11 minutes Me: ah yes, quality content

  • they were holding the glass by the bottom which was dampening the vibrations

  • I, for some reason, have this inexplicable urge to harmonize with them

  • Am I the only one getting pain when they did this?! My ears feel like they're bleeding

  • It's sooo risky.. that glass can schatter into your mouth

  • Imagine a deaf person watching this and just wondering why they're blowing air at the glasses

  • 00:23 cue to turn my volume down 😂 RIP headphone users

  • The slide that mark did at 11:40 hurts the inner choir girl in me.

  • Every music major: Holding in the urge to comment that Ethan wasn’t going up two octaves because the first “octave” he did was actually a fifth up to F#5 and the second was B5 while Mark sang B4 Ya know those fucking weirdos And yes I have perfect pitch thank you for asking ling ling 40 hrs

  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • yall gave me a migraine but u made me laugh so its forgiven

  • I couldn't stop laughing!!! And its looks like to make me laugh u just have to scream... ur doing great !

  • : two fuckasses screaming at a cup for 12 minutes

  • Who got a slight headache after watching this lol

  • Reads the title.........Turns down volume Because you know how loud these boys can get.

  • This was by far the most annoying Unus Annus video ever made

  • I didn't know Ethan could go that high up

  • 9:34 i legit almost pissed myself laughing

  • This a job for jackspeticeye

  • this videos gave me so much anxiety, just imagine if the glass shattered and they accidentally inhaled it

  • Ric Flair in the house @12:15

  • This is basically just a really shitty music video

  • The ringing hurts my ears xc

  • This is my birthday video, woo! After being so busy with work and life, I'm finally able to binge everything

  • LMAO Mark sounded like a little girl👁👄👁

  • 11:36 that voice crack tho!!!!

  • Poor Amy...

  • Anyone with perfect pitch throughout the video: ah yes, that was *E#*

  • Mark: I didn't want to use these glasses cause they're expensive Also Mark: smashes it on the table

  • I get that he's financially fine but the way he smashed that Tiffany glass like it was nothing...

  • I am sitting here watching a video of two grown men screaming at wine glasses... what am I doing with my life XD

  • It sounds like they're trying to play One Hand Clapping.

  • Mark:ooooOoooOoOhh Eef: aaAaAaAAAhhHhH Chica: what- it is confirmed Ethan is a soprano

  • (Most of this video) Ah, there’s my tinnitus

  • If I did this at my house with a friend and claim it was for a school experiment, I might be able to get away with it

  • It’s confirmed. Ethan doesn’t know the difference between an octave and a perfect fifth.

  • the baby!? wait what baby?

  • it is possible.

  • *Siren Head.* 12:06

  • This is basically a screaming video

  • "I'm really good at screaming..... You're really good at screaming." Jacksepticeye: Eezy peezy

  • This sounds like the mosquitoes at night😂

  • 6:13 haha

  • I am watching this at 4 am. People might call lol

  • The Fat Lady type beat (from HP)

  • mark: I don't want to use these they're crystal they're really expensive mark: *smashes that very glass on table*

  • When trying to break a glass, of you can record the frequency and see the map, you want to match the bottom frequency or the base undertone (I think) and then play that back at the glass. You should also “EEEEE” at it instead of using a “ooo” or “aaa” because you can make it higher with less vocal strain

  • watching this while having a headache was an AWFUL IDEA

  • My birthday was on this day and I didn't even watch the video.

  • Alternate title:two fully grown men scream at a wine glass for 10 minutes

  • Important note is to use your diaphragm

  • Anyone else cry when he shattered the glass that was apparently Tiffany diamond 😭😭

  • A better video title: Two maniacs screaming at wine glasses

  • alternate title: mark and ethan try recreating the THX theme

  • My ears are bleeding BTW

  • 9:24 it sounded like a recorder

  • Someone, please, get jacksepticeye to react to this.

  • Its 4:00 am and all I'm listening to is AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHH

  • Imagine watching a video of two men screaming at glasses at 3:30 in the morning while you're at work.... Imagine it... 🤐

  • funny markiplier can finish a sentence without clipping


  • Is this what covid has come to, mark and Ethan screaming at a glass

  • Unus annus: we'll only be here for 365 days. But its a leap year...? Does that mean we've outsmarted the system and gotten 366 videos? Well I mean we didn't do anything but still...

  • uhsgdaifjghas im a girl and eef can go higher than me lmao

  • This hurts my ears

  • The worst part is they were so close and gave up

  • Ethan man, you gotta take some voice lessons. You got some serious talent, and that’s coming from an experienced singer

  • 9:55 Eef sounding like a goddamn Pokemon

  • Some bird watchers having a grand time rn

  • Ethans explanation of frequency is actually really good lol.

  • Anyone else binging all the episodes again?

  • As a chorus junkie. This is my favorite video so far, and I'm utterly impressed with Ethan hitting B5 a lot of tenor singers WISH they could. He could really have a career here with signing. He has major potential!!!

  • Welcome to two men screaming

  • Ethan's face at the end when mark broke his expensive glass was one of pure agony

  • 9:33 I can’t breathe omfg

  • I never would've thought, not in a million years, that Ethan's voice could get that high

  • My favourite editing thing ever is someone just opening and closing their mouth with someone else/ text-to-speech filling in/ overtop of what was said in the original. I don’t know why, but this is just hilarious to me.

  • Why is no one talking about how genuinely horrifying marks painting thing behind him is when it’s in the light??

  • Alternative title: mark and eef scream at inanimate objects for 12 minutes and 57 seconds

  • Bruh why does Ethan sound like that😂😂

  • 6:22 for my future self :)