How Many Slaps Does It Take to Cook a Chicken?

Birt 2 sep 2020
Physics is pretty straightforward on this one. Energy in = Chicken out. Conservation of mass or something like that... either way we're eatin' good tonight!
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  • when they said so many people are going to be mad in the comments. me immediately going to comments

  • when marks slaping the chicken for money it looks like ethan is his child just staring at him beating a chicken for money

  • "everyones watching on there phones anyway" me holding my monitor like a tablet

  • god, why is this my birthday video?

  • I feel like Ethan is a little brother watching his brother get slapped by the mother (Mark) at 11:22

  • “You paying me my money?”

  • 10/10 intro ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • The thing they said about chicken I ALREADY KNEW THAT! I'm safety certified.

  • Imagein being a dead chicken and seeing your dead body being slapped and thrown ....just as a joke...

  • Throw it into the sun

  • If slapping the chicken would cook it then wouldn't it theoretically cook your hand too?

  • *confused unga boonga noises*

  • Ah this reminds me of Spagget horror video or something that he did on his gaming channel with slapping spegheti

  • I love how mark always says "u close" so agresively then I think about amy and mark and we'll he always says that and then my mind goes further beyond u think about it poor amy having to hear that constantly is so aggressively man lmao

  • Hope Peta doesn't watch Unus Annus

  • O Peta ooo I don't think Peta should ever watch this XD

  • When he said bitch and slapped the chicken

  • Damn the might be better at beating meat than me!

  • When he set the timer, my google home set a timer lmfao

  • Mark: "it's just enough time" *it's been 4 minutes Also mark : I'm so good at math Ethan:"so correct"

  • Ethan: "There's gotta be a better way" Oven: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • i guess i needed to know this

  • WTF 11:16

  • All the bones are broken in the chicken

  • When mark said "okay Google" it brought Google up on my phone 😂

  • content

  • Will I be right if I say. This episodes are going to be collected in diffrent parts of the internet. And will be collectables for any company to compile all of them and air it on Netflix

  • Both of them: Slaps chicken Mark's Mind: MMMMM THAT CHICKEN THICCC

  • that chicken beside the cooked one is so so sad ;-;

  • Try to cook a steak with electrical stuff

  • dangerously whispers: don't touch me

  • Poor chicken 😔 You poor people who scrolled just to see this 😐

  • Next video- Dropping a uncooked chicken from a skyscraper in Dubai

  • Someone copy every Unus Annus video we are going to need these for the next pandemic🤣

  • "what i f we hit it with my car?" now this is big brain time.

  • some poor chicken died for this

  • I realize that if someone heard me listen to much of this video out of context they would think i am not watching a video of two idiots slapping a chicken.

  • Them doing all this on an oven is the best part tbh

  • Two hundred and ninety-third video: Finished.

  • Boi

  • Boi

  • Ethan and Amy: Don’t fall off the roof Mark: I’ll do what I want motherfu-

  • They do realize it’s about the friction... not the amount of force applied

  • 491,000

  • I enjoyed this way to much and laughed way more than I expected

  • when mark told google to set a timer, my google home set a timer directly after.

  • How many? The answer is not enough

  • I'm convinced they're both just large children

  • " It hurts it's! made of bones! "

  • Mark- karate slaps the meaty chicken Ethen- stares at the camera with it's hopeless eyes Meanwhile with chica- "Dady. wat ar yu doin?"

  • only if the chicken knew what would happen to its body after death

  • Didn’t Mr. Bro do this a month before you guys did? I really love the content but I didn’t hear you guys say anything about his video and getting his permission to make this and that kinda makes me upset because I never thought that I would see the day where this would happen.

  • I was focused on the chicken juice that was escaping the chicken

  • aaaaaaaaaand thats 14min abd 51sec i wont get back....worth it? I THINK NOT!

  • eef playing with the skin of the raw chicken while they are just talking will haunt my nightmares

  • Alternative Title: Mark and Ethan slap their meats 🍖

  • Why is Ethan in the corner remind me of a kid watching their dad do something stupid and cheering them on?

  • what am i doing with my live?

    • Watching a video where fully grown men are slapping a chicken multiple times a second thinking It will be edible

  • if you play it without showing the other person in the room whats happening and skip to the middle- makes for a great prank

  • It's the raw chicken on Mark's phone and shorts for me....

  • This is Content everyones been waiting for

  • If my knowledge of physics is correct, and of course it is, then by slapping the chicken to cook it, the chicken is in turn slapping you back to cook you.

  • Ethan made my Siri go off when he said Hey Siri and I’m wondering why it went off as I’m eating Chicken Nuggets

  • Just letting you guys know that a chicken died for this vifeo😂 Imagine if the ghost of the chicken was watching his dead corpse being slapped by two grown men for a youtube video

  • watching 2 grown men slap a raw chicken for 14 minutes is not how i thought i'd spend my evening

  • What the hell did I click on.

  • a way to count how many slaps: just count one of ur hands while ur slapping with both and then double it. problem solved.

  • that poor chicken, died just so it can get slapped by two idiots

  • Mark: “Don’t touch me.” Apparently the entire comment section: “HE SAID IT, HE SAID THE THING!”

  • We will remember this day when mark slapped a chicken and Called it a bi**h

  • Ethan knows a lot about cookin

  • I hear this sound in my everyday life ;3

  • "Where my money"

  • love it

  • I wonder the chicken in heaven thinks about its body getting slapped to be cooked🤣

  • This is something I’d see in a math book

  • 8:14 out of context

  • That’s gonna be some tender meat

  • Markiplier the 10 year old in a middle aged man's body.

  • If physical energy can be turned into thermal energy then how hard would I have to punch a chiken to cook it

  • The vegans are quaking

  • alternate title: mark and ethan torture a dead chicken and trigger vegans

  • Y'all activated my google speaker-_-

  • Mark made the google dot in my room set a timer

  • Odd sound

  • 10:11 izuku midoriya vibes lmao

  • 11:19 - 11:29 LOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL

  • I feel bad for Amy

  • this video gives me salmonella anxiety.

  • i officially don't like raw chicken anymore. I would probably throw up if i saw one. I'm not easily disgusted but this made me sick for some reason

  • Quality content

  • me: *looks at much abused chicken. no, i'm good.

  • So went from slaps to How many car crashes does it take to cook a chicken? 🤣 🤣

  • Thatveganteacher is typing

  • *"literally don't touch me"*

  • 3:09 Ethan: there's gotta be a better way you not see the oven below you?

  • honestly this Chica content is so wholesome

  • Amy: Everyone's watching these on phones anyway. Me who watches in laptop: *sad noises*

  • Chica is so needy my dog Bridget is the same way lmao 😂

  • Thanks for showing the chicken being useful Amy!