Ethan Teaches Mark Gymnastics

Birt 26 sep 2020
It's finally time for Backflip Guy to teach Mark how to do a backflip! And other handy dandy gymnastics tips and tricks.
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  • 13:01 Some please make a loop of this It's so freaking cute

  • It started with a backflip...

  • it is official: this is my favorite Unus Annus video ever and it will be hard to make me change it...

  • When I finally get to teach my older sibling something

  • Unus Annus

  • When you came from the pole dancing video......and you wanna know what happened to calling Ethan "senpai", Mark? (LOL)

  • So a standing front tuck is harder than a back tuck, but what about on a trampoline? I could only front tuck on the trampoline, and it seemed easier (but I'm also a baby who's terrified of back tucks.)

  • I kind of wish the ending just continued with more clips of Ethan going “all right i’ll show you” and it fading to the clock lmao

  • 11:16 ethan: you dont want to throw your head up chica: i dont care about your *rules*

  • Mark at 0:24 is giving me Linda Monroe “Audits” vibes 😂💀👌

  • This is the only time Ethan has taught mark anything on the channel

  • "you can break the rules when you know the rules"

  • Ok i actually love the bach cello prelude... I have it set as my alarm and it tells me when im gonna be late and so the first time i heard it in a video i almost had a heart attack

  • ethan wow

  • I actually think Ethan would be a really good coach

  • I actually really think Ethan would be a good coach

  • As someone who has double jointed wrists this is terrifying to watch

  • I was scared for Mark's life lol

  • Mark looks genuinely scared when ethan did the back extension roll

  • I put my arms up when im laying down for no reason too. Maybe not a gymnast but and ADD thing.

  • chica with her toys is the best part of this video

  • Mark always pays such close attention whenever a professional is instructing him, and it's so sweet to see him do the same thing with Ethan.

  • They say not to try this at home while they're trying it at home

  • it started with eef showing mark a backflip, it's about to end with eef teaching mark how to do the same thing

  • Me watching this, recovering from surgery for fixing my offset broken collarbone, gives me iNTENSE ANXIETY

  • THE SOMBRA BOOP AT 3:04 AHHH I love whoever edited this 😭

  • I can only do front tucks. I've never successfully done a back tuck ever.

  • i got burnt out of gymnastics and stopped a long time ago but now i’m sad cause i used to know how to do all the things But if i ever try to do it again my body will just be like: no🙂💖

  • Bro seeing Ethan do gymnastics is so cool! Especially teaching because he's usually the one being taught and joking around. It's weird seeing him so serious

  • Ethan reminds me of my middle school band teacher

  • How is your standing tuck so PERFECTLY VERTICAL?! I did tumbling for a many years and i have never been able to do that. I think I only ever saw like 3 people who did it like that. Holy sh*t Ethan- 😯 Edit: Oh and Eef, they're called *Barrels* 😆

  • Bro when I was like 6 I fell like what you told me not to and broke my rist

  • Nevermind the gymnastics...WHOSE PUPPO IS THAT?!? IS THAT A NEW PUPPO? TELL US!

  • One of my cousin's daughter is in gymnastics...

  • Ive been at my moms friends pool and me and my friend who was staying over at the time decided we should do a thing similar to HORSE but do ways to enter the pool, we did it for a while and then decided to learn to backflip...a couple hours later i learned to fully make the rotation and the basic movements that i could go from a foot off the suraface hitting my shins in (in the water obviously) to later making a full rotation into the pool without being elevated

  • WOW!! I didn't expect that i can undertsand about learning gymnastic by ethan ... than Mr. Markiplier

  • He could do a gymnastics video doing whatever skills he’s comfortable with doing now. I guarantee it’s more than I can do and we’d all love it even if it’s 15 minutes of him doing a cartwheel or forward roll.

  • I got my back tuck down before I got my back handspring. I find that a BHS is scarier because you’re going backwards and then you have to come in contact with the floor then snapping back over.

  • mark is that kind of person that does it perfectly the first time then gets confident and starts fucking up

  • I'm a lil late, but I would love to see Ethan do a whole routine.

  • Love the addition of Sombra's and Lucio's "boop" voice lines.

  • Do cartwheels and aerials.

  • I love how Ethan was genuine in teaching Mark, because it is/was his passion and took it very seriously because of the injury risk ❤ a whole different side of eef and I like it just as much as his silly/goofy side 💕

  • If you don't hear the thigh slap in a back flip, it might end badly eventually

  • Fun fact u can actually get a 2 .. my friend got one on bars ..

  • I thought Mark would be the athlete.

  • Ethan: I was always taught to fall like this. (belly flops mat)😂😂

  • eef: i landed on my head a lot me: well that explains a lot

  • oooh I did nOt want that image of broken bones in my head

  • I don't think Ethan finished a single sentence in this entire was all just incoherent noises and honestly, I live for it

  • Ethan knows what Mark did. Ethan k n o w s. The promise was broken.

  • the women's salute is a wrist twirl and then that finger gesture with dom leg out and toes pointed

  • What is the timer at the beginning for

    • It just part of the channel's brand, plus, when the timer runs out, the channel will be deleted

  • “I did it for ten years, I landed on my head a ton.” That would explain a few things...

  • This video hits so different when you actually do gymnastics

  • 9:45 Oh man Marks face was priceless.

  • I love Ethan. He's such a good kid. He was so patient and encouraging as a teacher, and maybe it was just the editing but he seemed to be able to focus a bit better when he was teaching Mark and making sure Mark was safe. I'm so proud of how much Ethan has grown

  • Alternate title: Reenacting the day we met.

  • I’m just gonna day it I’m an ethan Stan

  • 2:30 - 2:34 When I see my little brother after a hard day at school...

  • He was aiming for "The 'Lympics" but he went to *"The 'Limpics"*

  • Honestly Mark, that’s really fucking good Obviously Ethan yours is amazing too because your the gymnastic king 👑

  • DONT BACKFLIP OFF OF THE SIDE OF THE POOL unless you know what you are doing. You gotta also push off the edge so you dont bust your head on the wall of the pool

  • Damn, Ethan's back extension roll was amazing

  • I was taught to bow instead of raise a hand

  • I think marks onto something with the arms bc I do it as well and I did gymnastics for 12 years

  • In school we do basic gymnastics like floor stuff.But the first thing we learned in KINDERGARTEN is act like your holding a pizza box by you head easy

  • I love how every time Ethan explains a skill he demonstrates every single one in one breath ily ethan

  • Mark is a himbo that refuses to accept it.

  • Day 317, Video 318

  • 🤸‍♂️Unus Annus🤸‍♂️

  • Mark: so teacher Ethan: it's Teper for you

  • I was a gymnast for 4 years never got injured except a scratch and a pulled hamstring.

  • 6:58 thats also how i fractured my elbow in grade 3 after falling off the monkey bars

  • Uhhh was that a sloppy Nazi salute or am I trippin? 4:51

  • I tried gymnastics once. I sprained my back.

  • This literally sounds like a couple best friends playing after school. lol

  • Ethan’s such a good teacher

  • i broke my wrist falling off a set of monkey bars by landing the same way as 7:02 when I was 6, I still have problems in both my wrists from that and I'm 20 now. That "don't land on your arms" thing really is no joke


  • I love how at 13:14 Ethan seems so excited to see Mark trying and being quite successful at a backflip. Also, they should do one video of Ethan performing an old routine and Mark performing an old concert piece from marching band.

  • no one: Mikan falling: 10:33

  • Spine go *C R A C C*

  • I wanna go to the lympics -markiplier 2020

  • sometimes after they cut at the end i cant help but wonder if they're actually okay or not 😭

  • mark: *grunts*

  • You have no idea how excited i was when i saw the title of the video

  • me: actually learning shit

  • i almost choked on my chips at 3:45 LOL Is amy the editor? Amazing. 10/10

  • Sensei

  • It's weird and nice to see Ethan look so graceful, same as in the Salsa dancing video

  • “You’ve got a lot to go to the Lympics”

  • Flippin' Flip!

  • YO I do that arm raising thing when I'm in bed to 👀

  • i used to be a gymnast!

  • Ethan talkin like Austin powers 🤣🤣🤣 “Baby”

  • I'm having flashbacks to trying gymnastics when I was like... 8.... And I'm remembering how horrible I was X'D I'm too uncoordinated for that noise

  • I... really want to see Ethan do more gymnastics 🥺 PRETTY PLEASE?🙏🏻

  • Mark broke his promise. He didn't call Ethan senpai in this video. (If you're confused remember the pole dancing video)

  • Ok but I’m here to show appreciation to the editor for the finger gymnast at 7:52! That was so cool and satisfying, omg. BRAVO👏🏻👏🏻