Puberty Simulator

Birt 13 ágú 2020
Poor, poor Ethan. Over two decades on this planet and he still hasn't hit puberty yet. Don't worry though, Mark is here to speed along the process. What else are friends for?
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  • i'm rewatching this in October and i'm just now noticing ethan's shirt says "Lube Rama"

  • holly shtt Mark hahaaha

  • 0:38 """I'm not a masochist"""

  • Actually olive oil can be really good for the skin

  • does ethan look like hes glowing multicoored or am i just that high?

    • oooooh wait thats just the light behind himm

  • If puberty was personified.

  • Trans people b like:

  • it was really heart warming when mark thought about ethans peanut allargy : sorry for my spelling

  • eef has got some anime girl balloon titys


  • i was looking for my birthday vid and i’m not dissatisfied

  • 12:35 "Like a newborn fawn" "...Trying to find his legs in a world that doesn't make sense?"

  • Ethan..... why? 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mark *tries to pull down Ethan's pants* Ethan: *sLaP* Mark: you can't slap puberty away My mind: okay so mark and Ethan's brain cells are having a battle mark is a bad braincell and Ethan is a good one sorta like the lord of the rings and mark is a wizard who takes off his hood when he says 'you can't slap puberty away' and Ethan is like a elf who's really surprised when this happens and they start laughing and become best friends

  • The best part was at the timer, and Ethan crying, ISchats gives me a survey “How was this video?” With six emotions ranging from “Excellent” to “Terrible”. *Obviously* I picked excellent over the sound of Eef weeping to a ticking clock.

  • This summed it up great

  • Mark is talking out of his ass about pimples!

  • I'm wondering how's Ethan's voice before Puberty 😂 😂 😂

  • "you may want to shower more" we all know why teenage boys take lots of long showers,although some only last a few minutes

  • I saw a later video talking about videos realised on people's birthdays and I realised I had no idea which one was on mine. Just found it, this was my 30ths video. Very apt 😂

  • Fuel for inflation fetishists (not judging em at all tho but someone was definitely thinking it) XD

  • Ethan short circuiting at 7:55 is so funny for no reason

  • I don’t know why but this video was visual asmr to me

  • why was “pay me my fuckinh money” so funny

  • Guys I'm gonna be going on T hopefully soon, and this is literally. this is it. you just go through puberty 2 electric boogaloo

    • PUBERTY TWO ELECTRIC BOOGALOO also !! I'm going on T in like two days as well :)

    • Good luck!

  • You will grow taller as Ethan is slightly taller than mark

  • im not saying boy puperty sucks but do you know what it is like to cramp and not being able to do any hing but puperty sucks no matter what

  • Wrong they can go in other places I know because I have had them

  • no its not church its class

  • The ending reminded me of some kinda TV show

  • as a trans man I laugh now, but sit in a horror knowing I have to go through puberty twice

  • Imagine if the balloon popped-

  • It took Ethan almost four seconds to acknowledge that the Vaseline has peanut in it-

  • They need to show this to kids in school

  • RIP Ethan. His uterus grew while in class, and then bursted.

  • Acne can be in other places aswell. Especially the ass area. It's called buttne.

  • Well Ethan almost died

  • Started looking like Nemesis from Resident Evil at the end.

  • Mark: *grabs device* Ethan: no no no no Mark: *hands him wires* Ethan: *goes on rant about puberty while hooking himself up*

  • imagine having a buldge that big

  • This video hit me like a train

  • New title Mark Shows Eathen Pain

  • Mark:Uh oh! *blows Ethan’s ‘peen’”

  • what the fuck did I just watch

  • Two hundred and seventy-third video: Finished.


  • Mark: "-there's no other part on the body that they can escape" My backne: "am I a joke to you?"

  • 3:38 “ok sit down”

  • Seán come get your children🙈

  • Any time I get a little dysphoric, I come back to this video. Gonna suck when this one's's honestly helped me get a good laugh to get over it. 🖤🤍🖤🤍

  • I think eefen is possibly was meant to be a woman or gay? Maybe do a what it's like to be a woman. XD

  • simulating a period would just be like "ok i will randomly pour this blood down your favorite pair of pants, ruining them, and them hit you in the crotch with this foam hammer."

    • "Don't forget to grab my waist and TWIST it around"

  • This was awesome thank you

  • Ethan: "I think I am ugly, because of the state of my skin" Doctorplier: "You need to accept your ugliness. That will be $500." Accurate representation of many doctors and psychiatrists

  • why is no one talking about the fact that ethan was braiding the arm pit hair

  • This is like watching those awkward puberty videos in junior high and wondering later how someone could actually make and sell the video


  • This was the first Unus Annus video I ever watched, randomly recommended. I had not yet become a Fander or heard of the good word of UNUS ANNUS. I was very disturbed. Now I’m back, and still disturbed but not as badly.

  • Why did this have to be uploaded on my birthday?

  • It's confirmed. Mark is a sadist

  • We all know boys going through puberty use axe body spray 😂

  • I absolutely love the way mark was squatting when he was giving Eef therapy

  • Alternate title: Mark Teaches Ethan the way of the Masochist.

  • Did no One else find Ethans arm muscles twitching with the pain stimulator oddly arousing?

  • every trans person watching this: *chuckles* *mortals*

  • “This is why god isn’t real he would never do this to his children” - Ethan I’m sorry but this is the most funniest thing I’ve ever heard

  • 7:54 I felt that

  • Mark, almost an engineer: This electrode goes on the BONE, right?

  • what am i watching

  • Ethan reminds me of a Male version of jenna marbles

  • lol a boner in the middle of church Lol

  • Imagen if this was what puberty was actually like XD

  • Id rather watch porn than this cuz its easier to explain

  • Watching Ethan put deodorant literally anywhere else than his armpits confused me. Have I been using it wrong?

  • Ethan must get his period! Put the labor simulator on him! And fake blood in his pants ( he may want to throw his pants away afterwards.) And feed him chili!

  • This whole video just feels like Ethan is the captive of Psyhcotic Mom Mark

  • When Ethan starts saying "No. I don't want to" I kinda felt pity for the man...

  • Ethan you don't want to know how much harder it is as a girl U-U

  • 4:11 Am I the only one who thought of the puffer fish meme? ÆUGH 👁👄👁

  • I had a classmate who grew at least 2 feet taller between 8th and 10th grade. He went from the shortest boy in class to one of the tallest. I feel for him growing that much that fast and for his parents trying to keep him in clothes.

  • I think Ethan just brings out the child side of all of us

  • This whole video is just wrong

  • Lol these soumd effects etyan be makeing just had my dad come dowstairs and ask what f was i watching 😆😆😆

  • "Ethan hasn't gone through puberty"


  • Two bros experiencing puberty cause they're totally not a sadist and a masochist

  • "Get ready, you're gonna pop a boner in the middle of church" eef 2020

  • Ethan actually looks like a teenager who's being hit by puberty in the worst ways ever Edit: wait, just so we're clear I mean specifically in this video, not in general, I actually think he looks okay in general

    • @Louise Charpentier hang in there buddy, the worst of it usually only lasts until you're about 18 and as long as you look out for your health you'll be able to make it through in better shape than many

    • Aka me

  • I got an AFK arena ad right before this video and it was mark so i watched it all

  • wait i get pimples on my legs

  • I laughed so hard when they started putting hair on his armpits lol i'm also super tickelish there

  • This reminds me of Bobs "get your acne!... Out of your ear!"

  • "Do we have different vaseline? Washyourhands throwthataway!"


  • Poor eff

  • If your neighbors can here you there like "what the hell?"

  • Ethan went thru Mirage's black growing balls security system

  • Mark explains puberty with basically explosive hormones. Well yes but actually no-

  • personally this would be funnier if they did female puberty too uh oh cramps a punch to the gut so much more could be done with that horror

  • "No Reason Boner" plays softly in the distance.