We Ate Dog Treats So You Don't Have To

Birt 12 sep 2020
Dog treats... how bad could they possibly be?
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Unus Annus.


  • *the power within*

  • One time when I was little my brothers and I dared my dad to eat a piece of dog food and he threw up in the sink and rinsed his mouth out

  • I wish you did this 15 years ago when my dad was feeding me dog treats

  • Currently playing catch up. I'm not looking forward to the end :(


  • I used to eat dog food and dog treats when I was younger, I used to order the food into shape and colour before trying one of each and putting them all back in the dog bowl, great to know that I was clearly unhinged as a child

  • I used to eat dog food and dog treats when I was younger, I used to order the food into shape and colour before trying one of each and putting them all back in the dog bowl, great to know that I was clearly unhinged as a child

  • I bought our dog peanut butter cookie type treats and my sister, her friend, and me myself and I ate 1 treat and I’d I’m being honest it wasn’t that bad but it did not taste like peanut butter at all

  • Three hundred and third video: Finished.

  • i already did this so this title is a lie to me at least(this isnt a joke i did it when i was 4 so yeh)

  • That's 34 left to go untill I'm caught up

  • i think that the rosemary extract is for a distinct "treat smell" for the dogs to pick up on

  • bork

  • I'm so worried because my first thought was, "is there anything having to do with peanuts in these?!?!"

  • My mom and I once tried Pupperoni treats, 'cause they smelled amazing. _They did not taste amazing. Do not be fooled._

  • unnus annus: we eat dog treats so you don’t have to me who ate dog treats bc my family forgot to feed me when i was younger 👁👄👁

  • wait......... yall havent done this on purpose before? um.......... I JUST WANTED TO KNOW WHAT IT TASTED LIKE OK!

  • Once you have sniffs in your nose you can smell coffee grounds and reset your nasal history.

  • 3:40 ...can of gravy...?

  • My anxiety the whole time: dOeS tHaT cOnTaIn EvEn OnE fIvE -hUnDrEdTh Of A pEaNuT????

  • Henry & Spencer: i aint too sure about this, is this real food? Chica: H O N G R E Y

  • Dude. I run an all natural pet store. All the treats are human grade. I eat them all the time. Grandma Lucy's has some of the best treats.

  • i always ate Dog food as a kid because i loved the taste lmao, i loved the taste of all treats and stuff

  • at a young age, I ate a milkbone. it tasted like dirt. i went back for seconds. Goodgirl Chica doesn't even eat from table when she has permission. What a sweetheart!!

  • i've had one those savory roasters and they are not that bad. taste like jerky. would not eat again but damn.

    • I'm worried for their poops after this...

    • i also think eating several in a row is not good...

  • So cat treats next lol

  • That howl at the end sounded better than most of today’s popular songs.

  • coryxkenshin tried it he said it was good

  • Kinda makes you wonder why did apparently go nuts for them

  • Unus Annus

  • Yo tbh, theres this dog treat thats just duck jerky. Its 10/10. If i remember correctly.

  • Jokes on you guys, I've already done that once when I was younger as a joke. It was kinda gritty and pretty dry, honestly it's not as bad as people would think.

  • Did anyone else hear Jim gaff again when mark said “what did they do to rosemary?”

  • Mark needs to eat a boot

  • I loved the reference to "The Drowned Man" in 7:02

  • might have to taste those pig ears, i always thought they looked kinda delicious lmao

  • Awwwww! Good girl Chica follows the rules. 😍

  • why was In the Bleak Midwinter the background music

  • Mark and Ethan: *regretting eating dog treats* Me: *remembering all the times I ate dog food and dog treats because they tasted good to me* 👁👄👁 I never tasted the weird pig ear looking one though

  • _This is not, pudding_ 10:07

  • *The Unnus Annus Orchestra* 9:47 Ethan plays the clarinet 9:56 Ethan plays a singular bongo Comment below if you see any feral instruments out in the wild.

  • Some dog treats really don't taste bad. It's cat food you wanna stay away from. 🤢🤮

  • Love the background music!

  • I just realized now that this is the video that was posted on my Birthday. A whole video of two guys eating and eating dog treats.

  • Thanks

  • I like cheese

  • I couldn’t eat this pig ears just cause of how they looked

  • When I was young, I convinced my friend that he needs to try all of his dog's treats to make sure they tasted good. He never considered that they would taste completely different to a dog. The problem was to convince him it was normal to do it, I ate the treats with him..

  • Chica doesnt have a preference, Spencer went for looks and then smell and Henry went for smell and a little bit of the look

  • Them: eating dog treats Me: currently eating Scooby Doo -cinnamon graham cracker- snacks 👁👄👁 We are not the same

  • I’ve eaten chicken, goat, and cow food, and also alfalfa cubes. But I’ve only eaten dog food accidentally so props to them for sticking with it.

  • beginning of the fourth day of binging unnus annus in reverse before it gets deleted

  • The title : exists Me : -ate a dog treat at a show and tell in like kindergarten-

  • I had a moment around the middle of the video where I was suddenly thinking "Oh god please tell me Ethan looked at the ingredients because I have seen SO MANY dog treats with peanuts in them."

  • i think this is the time i reveal i used to sneak into my basement and eat handfuls of dog kibble right out of the bag. my parents could not keep me away from it.

  • My dog Tucker absolutely loved the jerky treats and got the point it was just about the only kind he would eat X'D

  • Can we take a moment to appreciate how well trained Chica is, she was salivating but still knew she couldn't eat off the table. 100/10 Good girl

  • I once ate a dog food flavoured Jelly Belly BeanBoozle and almost puked so idk how they were able to do this tbh

  • The dog food we get from this place called “Bark Box” has the best smelling treats ever. They actually smell so good, and I’m so curious about what they taste like.

  • We try dog treats so you don't have to Bold of you to assume I haven't already tried it as a kid

  • Mark and ethan: we ate dog treats so you don't have to. Me who tries every new brand of dog food we buy and rates which brand tastes best: well...

  • My dogs won't eat the majority of dog treats. Almonds and cheese work on them instead.

  • 1:43 "Everything is cum."

  • The rosemary extract is, apparently, a good natural preservative and anti-oxidant.

  • I use my brothers dog LOVES powerbites and seeing them eating it makes me laugh

  • but why tho

  • Amy saying “good boy Henry!” is my whole life now. That was the cutest shit I’ve ever heard

  • Fun fact: Dog treats and dog food is taste tested by humans first.

  • Is it weird that mark looks like John wick

  • My sister told me to eat a greenie's tuna flavored cat treat, if i did, she would eat it too. D O N ' T, though its not as bad as these dog treats LOOK, it was worth it to see my sister s u f f e r. I think tuna is the worsr flavor of cat treat.

  • I remember I ate dog treats when I was a little kid. They were Scooby Doo themed and I thought they were Scooby Snacks! I remember I actually thought to myself "Well if Shaggy likes them, then how bad can they be!?" Big shock, they tasted awful! I never looked at Scooby Snacks the same way again!!

  • Guys I think the Rosemary is to make their breath fresher

  • I stan owners that care so much about their dogs that they'll eat their treats to see if it's good.

  • The fact that Ethan almost said "dogs taste just like people" made me *more* than a little concerned

  • one time my dad ate a dog treat bc he thought it was an edible and we haven't let him live it down since

  • My dog is looking into my soul as I’m watching this

  • when i was little i found bacon jerky in my grandparents pantry. sat in there for a good while during whatever family reunion eating them until someone opened the pantry and saw me. come to find out, predictably, it was dog treat jerky. i must’ve ate about a dozen. can’t remember what happened or how i felt after besides probably embarrassed.

    • same thing happened years later, unbeknownst to me those miniature “chocolate chip” cookies were also dog treats.

  • My dog fucking adored pig's ears. He loved them. They were his favourites, along with gravy bones

  • Is cat food next? I need to know if my cat food tastes good for my cat

  • Ew

  • I expected them to turn into dogs like spongebob turned into snail

  • I died at 9:00 when they started passing the bags back and forth to try to glean any difference between the two smells

  • Haha, my friend who works at Petco told me recently that their hazing ritual for new workers is to make them eat one of the baked biscuits. They say that they really just taste like bland cookies and some of the workers snack on them regularly XD

  • i was a cheerleader and one time a girl thought she bought scooby snacks but she actually got dog treats and we where teasing the freshmen with them until our coach came in and i had to eat the whole handful so we wouldn’t get in trouble

  • mark: yeah sure call them! eef: ehh, no deadass me when my mom tells me to call anyone and my anxiety takes over

  • It'll never happen, but, I would love an Unus Annus/GMM taste test episode!

    • A very good idea

  • I think almost everyone as a child that had pets ate dog or cat food/treats.

  • Mark: Chugs MANY times the recommended dosage of Apple Cider Vinegar in shot after shot while Ethan tries not to puke after just one. Also Mark: Feeling sick and having to pace himself eating dog treats while Ethan seems to have no problem. Also Ethan: Can't stomach jello. Also Also Mark: Slurping Jello from a bong.

  • I was a little disappointed that they didn't do beggin strips

  • Ive eaten milkbones for years and they are delicious fuck yall ;-;

    • Wouldn't call em delicious but they aren't bad. You do you stranger.

  • *Alternate title:* Two dingus’s poison themselves whilst going further beyond

  • They should have just bought Pupperonis because they basically taste like slim jims

  • When I was young, I tried dog treats and they tasted horrible.. But this one company.. Oh my god.. They were cookies for dogs, and like- don't judge me but I ate that whole pack. Like, it was a dog treats that was okay for human consumption (or normal cookies that were also for dogs) it tasted like an actual cookie. I would love to try it again ;-;'

  • I have to admit, when i was like 6 i think?? anyways i would take dog and cat food, and hide in the closet and eat them. I was a weird child.

    • @Alastor yeah, lol. like i said, i was a weird child.

    • You good?

    • I forgot to add, it was actual pretty good, like i said i was a weird child.

  • free unus-MR (unus annus asmr)

  • Chica likes fish because she's the doggo of Fishbach

  • Spitters are quiters


  • I was so worried the whole time bc Ethan didn’t have his epipen and I don’t think he was checking 😦

  • I love eating dog treats lol. It depends on the type of dog treats, some are not good, some are amazing (turkey and chicken milk bones, and chicken meat treats that you get at Costco)