Bobbing For Literally Anything But Apples

Birt 16 okt 2020
This is what it means to go even further beyond the limitations of bobbing for apples. This is the kind of bobbing our forefather's could only DREAM of!
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • This channel is going to die when my clan has its 7th anniversary it's going to be a happy and sad day

  • Seeing mark in ads on one of his channels makes me happy

  • 11:38 OooOoOooor maybe don't bob for anything with your friends this year... cause you know...

  • Śœüp

  • the muffins breaking down throughout the video is so disturbing

  • "You've had my piss in your mouth, calm down" eTHAN

  • Does Ethan have a tattoo on the arm?

  • I thought the tofu was soap and Amy was trying to kill them lmao

  • ok but imagine carving literally anything but pumpkins (?)

  • Ethan: “Great way to, you know, get rid of some stuff in the pantry.” Me, looking at the expired beans from my pantry: 👁👄👁

  • Tfw you realize theres only a february worth of days of unnus annus left

  • ⏳Unus Annus⏳

  • Anyone else thought the tofu was a block of cocaine?

  • The eyes on the mask make Eef's derpy faces look even funnier

  • Muffins: \*dissolve in the water* Me: **disturbing flashbacks to reaching into the chunky sink water when doing dishes**

  • Mark: Pizza's delicious! Me: Uhm.... Not soggy pizza. Amy you disappointed me with adding a pizza

  • They should do bobbing in different liquids like pickle juice, olive brine, soda, etc.

  • Thinking about the soggy muffin grosses me out so much.

  • I like this 'literally anything but' series...

  • Can't really Bob anymore

  • Ah yes another Ethan fan service video, we’ve been blessed

  • I died when he said You put my piss in your mouth calm down

  • This is one of my first videos of theirs I’m watching and I am VERY concerned by the casual “you’ve put my piss in your mouth, calm down”

  • I saw the onion and I had vietnam flashbacks

  • You should do the “invisible box” challenge. It’s where you pretend to be stepping over a box that isn’t there

  • This is nasty man 😕🤢🤮

  • _hey_


  • Quality Content

  • Ahhhhhhh I don't want it to ever end!!!!!

  • "you've put my piss in your mouth calm down" that's gotta go in an unnus annus out of context video

  • This actually made me feel a bit sick

  • Joke If apple made a car would it have windows? No, Microsoft wouldn’t allow it.

  • Mark: I eat the apples.... Ethan: WELL YOURE WEIRD! Mark: I M N O T W E I R D ; W ; not even 8 seconds later Mark: GOES ALL THE WAY DOWN and makes FUCKING weird ass noises* Me:XDDD

  • The worst part of this video is the murky muffin water - and watching bits get stuck in their hair 😩😆


  • The eyes were wide

  • The disintegrating muffins XD

  • I hate seeing food in water i nearly chundered

  • Dude im very much a texture eater and i dont understand jow Mark actually put the mushy muffin pieces in his mouth without throwing up everywhere

  • 10:05 IFKRR

  • i wonder who designed the countdown style

  • Amy awarding points is like Dumbledore giving out points to gryfinnder. Wildly and without reason

  • "This is what it means, to go even further . . ." *D E E P*

  • Look at the food being wasted T.T

  • 6:15 LMFAOOOO

  • Througout the video i forgot ethan was wearing a mask. For 11 minutes I thought that was just ethans normal face.

  • (Not my idea suggestion for the're new video) Just imagine if Mark and Ethan trying to bit an apple blind folded but the water is the're own piss just only combine with Mark and Ethan's piss. I will name it but you give me your name suggestion instead so reply me if you had an idea for the name .

  • "Look how deep he's going" That's what she said

  • It’s snowing out

  • 1:27 perfectly synced 'Who won'


  • Mark and ethan bob for corona virus

  • here's a fun drinking game, take a shot and then wait at least 2 hours for your next shot, because controlled drinking is important and needed

  • Omg this makes me so uncomfortable

  • Amy: the woman behind the chaos.

  • Just realized how much I love to hear Markiplier curse Ethan out

  • "Cornbread? White bread? Maybe a whole wheat? A nice rye?"

  • I love how Mark shoved half of his body into the bucket, and then Ethan was very gently touching the surface.

  • I screamed at those Prawns/Shrimp because i'm allergic af to those as Eef is with peenutz hahah

  • Putting the pizza in the water gave me a guttural reaction

  • My dumbass thought that the tofu was butter and I was gagging the whole time

  • I couod mkt take Ethan srs eith the lime 😂

  • at a certain point i was also suspicious of ethan- not because i thought he could peek below his eye mask, but because my brain slowly made it seem like the printed eyes were really just his own eyes

  • This is the only unus annus video I can’t really watch. Soggy stuff really grosses me out! 😖

  • This whole video made me die of laughter

  • All of these face-entering-water sound effects kind of remind me of drowning. Drowning reminds me of... *THE GONGOOZLER*

  • Someone reply to this comment with how many points they both actually had plz u will be very nice

  • mark complaining about the dirty water from the unripe orange washing and ethan sassily retorting "you've put my piss in your mouth calm down"

  • Unus Annus

  • 3:51 T H E G O N G O O Z L E R

  • The pieces of dissolving muffin in Marks hair lowkey scares me 😂😂

  • Ethan: Should I get partial credit be- Mark: I T W A S N O T Y O U R T U R N T O G U E S S Y O U *F U C K I N G P R I C K*

  • Yo, anyone know the song name @ 10:49 ?

  • soup

  • I’m GAGGING watching this transpire.

  • this video is quite the most horrible ever

  • I wanna make 'watermarbleing in anything but water ' Cannon.

  • Day 338, Video 339

  • They never caught Coronavirus, but after all the shit they've put in their bodies this year it's a miracle they haven't caught anything worse

  • Did Ethan get a tattoo? On his arm?

  • the dissolved muffins made me gag🤮

  • Mark.............. lost??

  • It looks like everything good is floating... so go for floating things?

  • Let’s please appreciate Ethan’s back muscles

  • The points remind me of who's line is it anyway, they mean nothing and it's just a bit 😂😂

  • Ethan just listing off types of bread is my favourite thing.

  • why does mark with the blindfold at the beginning look like some fucked up version of westley from the princess bride

  • At 1:47 is a sound i do not really like in an innocent unus annus video...if you know what I mean

  • This is probably random, but the egg didn't float because it's fresh. Fresh eggs sink, rotten eggs float.

  • Mark just full on went to the bottom lmao he didn’t care

  • Do this just in thick thick water

  • Bro this looks like sink water I'm so uncomfortable

  • 11:02 ew Dx

  • I love how Amy laughed when the pizza just floated perfectly on top of the water

  • My favorite part was Mark sinking in below his shoulders!

  • Covid-soup.

  • I like Ethan's tatoo

  • Alternate title: bobbus annus

  • as soon as Amy put the pizza in the water i spit my drink everywhere