We Pierced Each Other’s Ears

Birt 11 sep 2020
It’s 2020! Why not get bored and pierce our ears???
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  • I had my ears pierced like 5times... all at claires, now they are just stretched at 2s so I don’t have to deal with it. But the first time it got infected and the skin on my ear grew over my earring and I had to get it cut out.

  • Oml don't use the gun 🤦 have you seen the videos of what it does to a piece of apple? Yikes

  • *imma gush*

  • I have 6 piercings and I didn't even know there was an option to numb it up... I've been just slamming the needle through my body for years I'm so upset

  • Is it just me or are u guys also feeling the pain lol

  • Mark looks real hot with the earring

  • Not being racist but ONLY GIRLS GET THERE EARS PEIRCED

  • The masochism is so fucking strong in this video holy shit

  • The masochism is so fucking strong in this video holy shit

  • I had my ears pierced since i was alittle baby so im interested to know how they would do it. Also while im watching this all i could think off is Seán stretching his ears its great.

  • As a former piercer, I'm glad the boys took proper precautions. And Ethan was adorable getting flustered about piercing Mark's ear. My friend had the same reaction when I talked him through piercing my nose lol

  • 10:51 eef: i don’t like this bit mark: what bit?? eef: (chuckels) *im in danger*

  • Ethan: If you don't like needles or blood then don't watch this video. Me (scared of both): But I like Unus Annus...

  • Ok I have a massive amount of piercings...I've gotten some rather painful ones (they're the more unusual ones I have)...& I still think it's really sweet how Ethan cares so much about his friend's pain... 😍

  • I've never been numbed before being pierced and didn't even know it was something that was done.

  • i've gotten six peircings all done professionally. watching this made me so uncomfortable just cause I've seen home piercings gone wrong. I know they said do it safely and absolutely if you can't afford to get it done professionally then do it safely but I'm going to say it's safe to assume that if you can afford clamps and proper needles you can get it done by a piercer. please always be careful and take good care of your piercings, mark is right, the wrong metal or a bad needle and you can have an infection and it can seriously mess things up! especially with body piercings, never do them yourself!!

  • Ok can we talk about how good they look though???

  • Mark, about to get a needle pushed through his ear: "you okay, man?"

  • every time i got my ears pierced i was really scared of the pain but when they did it it was always fine like it doesn’t hurt just the burn of the disinfect on the piercing buurrnnns but we normally get ice cream after so

  • The fact that I keep coming back to this video

  • Three hundred and second video: Finished.

  • there's numbing...?

  • I have peirced both ears twice... No numbing or ice... Just a good old sewing needle. It doesnt hurt

  • Can I just say that Ethan looks actually so good with the earring.

  • I've gotten my ears pierced without numbing and it didn't really hurt, i mean i was also 10 so i've had my ears pierced for 3?? 4?? years

  • I love how mark was hyping up ethan even though mark was the one getting his ear pierced

  • 7:28 yOu’RE nOT sABbInG mE Ethan just stabbed him with a ✨needle ✨lmao

  • When i was little I got a ear pierced at Walmart i screamed

  • mark in skirt now mrk with earrings ahhhhhhh

  • Ethan looks good

  • is this safe? no definitely not. but hey, we"re here for a good time not a long time so fuck it

  • mark and ethan: dont do this at home without the right tools!!! me: haha safety pin go brrr

  • I've literally never heard of using numbing cream for piercing ears...

  • It's funny how I just, really just, pierced both my nipples and I find this difficult to watch. And I'm not a stranger to blood. And yes, no numbing, and yepp, it was painful. We do it like Nords here in Sweden.

  • I just really enjoy the fact that Ethan still has his earring and it genuinely looks very nice.

  • 6:26 DAWG

  • So many things wrong with this video

  • I Pierced my cartilage at home. Without numbing....... big mistake

  • I once got my ears pierced by my mother but with the jewelry peice itself.. jesus it hurt

  • don't go to a place that uses a gun. it's a lot of pressure on the ear and it's harder to clean so you're at more risk of infection

  • Ethan: if you don't like needles or blood don't watch this Me, who is afraid of needles: this sign won't stop me because I can't read!

  • Okay but why does Mark actually look really good with the diamond..?

  • this took my back to dissecting frogs in high school and silently crying behind my goggles

  • It's even better when you know that, historically, pierced left ears on men were done as a way to tell if they were gay or not. Right ear: Straight Left ear: Gay

  • Unus Annus

  • hey it’s my birthday video!!

  • The fact that Ethan still has his is true best friend status. Idk if Mark still does...

  • mark is just- he's- so clueless like Ethan: *laughs* Mark: PeriOt? Amy: have- have you not seen the- PeriOt

  • I think marks diamond is sick!

  • Mark is a masochist

  • what the fuck? I have never seen or heard of anyone numbing their ears for a piercing, didn't even know that was something that could be asked for either.. hu. Also, it doesn't hurt, it just sort of burns afterwatds and i kind of like the feeling lol

  • ethan: none of us bled me: just you wait

  • Me: Has a terrible phobia of needles, gets sick and anxious just from watching other people get needles stuck in their skin Also Me: Has snakebites, an industrial, and wants to get more piercings 👁👄👁

  • 10 piercings. Never had any numbing. Where y'all getting numbing?

  • I'm not an expert by any means, but this is well done. I wouldn't recommend the gun since it can cause more trauma to the pierced area (and I especially warn against the gun being used on cartilage which can split or shatter). And please, for the love of god, do not get your ears pierced at Claire's. They use the same gun on everyone's ears and even though they clean the outside, blood splatters build up inside the gun when the punch springs back (not much but enough to infect). They're also likely to be crooked piercings. On the same note, please don't pierce your baby's ears. Even if all goes well beforehand, unless you are going to put mittens on their hands for the duration of the healing process, they will be slobbering on their hands and getting them dirty and then tugging on the piercings (because they're sore). They also might undo the piercings and can swallow them or have a loose earring in their bed. Please be weary. It's better to let them decide once they're old enough to keep the piercing clean. And don't @ me with the whole "I got my ears pierced as a baby and I turned out fine". I'm glad you didn't have any complications, but that's not the case for everyone. Not all babies strangle themselves with plastic bags but you aren't about to start giving them trash bags to play with.

  • I don’t understand people getting upset I have 12 piercings and did them all at home as long as you’re careful and safe do you man just make sure you take care of it

  • I did this too

  • I love the fact people are getting worked up over Mark saying it's okay to do this at home. When like a fuck ton of us have gotten ours done in worse places like clare's or like me... walmart. Yeah doing it at home isn't professional, and there are ways you can fuck it up. However, it's not nearly as terrible as people think it is. Just make sure you make the piercings even, and don't forget to keep it clean. Just knowing what you're doing is 99% of everyone's worry. There's no need to jump on Mark and Ethan for understanding they can't stop people from doing what they're going to do. And praise them for the fact instead they *WARN* people to understand what they're doing first.

  • I have 2 nose rings, I had 2 lip rings (one now) Stretched ears to half, a belly ring, and a tongue piercing and this video stressed me out so much. Probably the fact they are doing it themselves. They are my heroes ♥

  • me with my bunch of piercings and stretched ears: quality content right hyah

  • Someone should tag @Roly in this so he can judge it too. I think Eef and Mark would pass the test X33

  • I love the earing on mark!

  • the fact mark made the comment be will bleed and they are wearing white is hilarious XD

  • Mark: “I’m not a masochist” Also Mark: “If I start screaming just hold me down”

  • Please please PLEASE never use a gun for piercings. It causes blunt force trauma and is so bad for the area that you are piercing. Please go to a tattoo parlor and get pierced with a needle. Claire's and the rest are absolutely terrible for you. Even if you want to get your baby's ear pierced. GO. TO. A. TATTOO. PARLOR. I cannot beg you enough.

    • @Lia Rose awww bby it's okay. I just want what's best for everyone. My first 4 were from claires too (doubles on both ears) because I didn't know at the time. I think a lot of people's were

    • Me, who already got 4 piercings at a claires: *I have failed you*

  • i used to pierce my ears by just taking an earring i already had and shoving it somewhere into my ear, i don't recommend it too much but i did do it a total of eight times so...

  • Guys, I have a long ear-piercing story. I got my ears pierced when I was little with the infamous gun. I had lots of problems with it and had to re-pierce it multiple times. When I was 16 the right one closed completely up which usually wouldn't be a big deal. But not long after, I went to a drill competition and still hadn't gotten my ear re-pierced. All the girls wanted to wear earrings but if one girl couldn’t wear them no one could (we all had to look the same) so I said fuck it I wanna wear earrings and asked one of the older girls to pierce my ear on the spot. So there we were a gaggle of girls in full (white) NJROTC drill clothes, trying to pierce my ear without getting blood on the uniform. We were lucky to have alcohol wipes and just used a safety pin. The girl doing it was so nervous but I told her to do it and get it over with so she kinda just slammed it into my ear. As you could guess it was horribly crooked and during the competition it was so red and so so hot. Afterward, I just let it close again. Flash forward a few months later and my best friend comes over to spend the night. I asked her to pierce my ear for me since I wasn’t going to get it professionally done any time soon and I missed wearing earrings. So we grabbed one of her sewing needles (she had a sewing kit in her car, the big nerd), a lighter, some 90% alcohol, some ice, and an apple slice. At 3 in the morning, we tried to shove another needle through my ear. I think it hurt her more than it hurt me because the back of the needle kept poking her thumb and she couldn’t get a good enough grip with the thimble. Turns out I had a huge ass knot in my ear from all the piercing and re-piercing in the same place. But she really wanted it to be straight so somehow she pushed the needle through the knot. She did a great job cause it turned out super straight and didn’t really hurt all that much. It's the piercing I still have today, almost a year and a half later, and it’s the first piercing I’ve gotten that hasn’t caused me any problems.

  • i like how ethan still has his ear pierced to this day

  • He was a skater boy, she said see you later boy IM LAUGHING SO HARD PSMHESKSIW

  • i love that theyre patient with ethan when he pierces mark's ear, they dont get angry at him for hesitating, they dont raise their voice, thats the kind of support i need

  • Wait, they have fucking numbing??? Lmfao, 8 piercings too late for me I guess 😅😂

  • a dolan twin lmao

  • I’m told having an earring in your right ear is gay cuz it’s a secret that gay people used to do when it was frowned upon. And that’s what like everyone I have asked says.

  • Mark: I’m not a masochist Also Mark: i don’t need numbing

  • I was eight when I got my ears pierced for the first time and here we don’t use numbing.... the pain is really not bad

  • I have had a great many piercings in my life, and I can confirm the clamp is always the most painful part. Oh, and no one has ever offered me numbing agent. You have a much kinder home shop. Lol

  • Ethan's face @ 11:02

  • Didn't expect this to be my birthday vid lol

  • Ethan wasn't afraid he was just put off by Mark's clear masochism

  • I high key dig the aesthetic of having just one earring

  • Mark clearly holds himself perfectly together for Ethan’s sake ❤️

  • Ethan looks so handsome with that ring tho!!

  • I like cheese

  • 0:11 That hey now really sounds like a granny. 🤣


  • yay! body piercings! i've pierced my ear my eyebrow my lip and some other places it's not that hard just get a guaging needle for the size jewelry you want and put the pin thru ;) *ANYWHERE* ;)

  • I have 7 piercings in my ears and I’ve never had numbing. I honestly dont think it hurts all that much. You barely feel it tbh.

  • When you click into this video and one of the recommended is Roly reacting to this video.

  • As a body piercer im nervous but here for it aha

  • my bday is the day b4 this, so this is my birthday present! also this is like the best video i have seen by them so far!!! love you mark and ethan~

  • Mark and Ethan: don't do it with a safety pin. Me: *already have four ear piercings that I did myself with a safety pin* 👁️👄👁️

  • Seriously, numbing is for wusses. xD If you can't pierce your earlobe without numbing I mean...you can't handle even being pinched honestly lol. Now what does hurt, is having your nose pierced, you are going thru actual cartilage. The clamps does hurt the most. I find it more painful to give blood then have my earlobe pierced. I had my 1st holes done when I was a few months old... Well, my mom did, not me obviously lol. Did my second hole myself, no numbing. JUST MAKE SURE YOU STERILIZE EVERYTHING. It is painful for the hole to get swollen and infected. I had my top ear professionally pierced. It didn't hurt having it pierced too much, but it always hurt afterwards for some reason. Never stopped, even years later. I eventually just stopped wearing an earring in it, and said screw it.

  • Mark: it's not that I prefer the pain... Me: MASOCHIST and I think mark should have a part in the disclaimer song

  • I’m not upset about them doing this video at all especially because they’ve done shit that’s much worse, I think I’m more upset about the fact that they said it’s okay to do this at home. It’s really really not. Just because people do, doesn’t mean it’s safe and it’s especially not something that influencers should say is okay. That’s all though. I don’t give a shit about them doing it, it’s just that I don’t want kids to be stupid and think it’s okay because of this video. It’s a lot more likely for a kid to try to pierce their ears than make their own toxic wine, or do some of the other things they did.

  • The way I've gotten 8 piercings without numbing...

  • If you guys are willing to go with this, may i suggest looking into the biohacking scene? Maybe look at an rfid implant. i have one and they are pretty awesome! take a look around at them and consider an episode on it. a lot of them can be done at home if you do your research

  • They actually did do everything right, except don't use numbing cream! It can cause infections. Also don't ever use a safety pin or piercing gun as neither are safe. The needles they used are the ones you are supposed to use. The piercings look great on you both and I hope you kept them

  • Is it me or is Eef's earring SO CLOSE to his face lol Also I like Mark's

  • The whole numbing cream thing is odd. I have 9 piercings and I've never gotten numbed when getting them pierced 😂 my septum hurt but even that didn't hurt like for realsies.