2 Adults Take a 4th Grade Math Test

Birt 6 sep 2020
Ethan is not very good at math. To prove just how not-good he is we decided to take a 4th Grade Times Tables Math test!
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  • Okay but how am I a junior in COLLEGE and still missed 5 and finished the sheet in basically 8 minutes... Before I took it I was like "oh how hard could this be" ..... SIKEEE

  • I can feel Ethans pain

  • As a person who cried in every math class from 7th grade onward, I appreciate the chance to laugh at something math related.

  • Ethan just got way more relatable

  • Well, I'm 18 years old, but I took the test. Got it done in about 6 minutes and 40 seconds ish. Got 9 wrong

  • This is a serious message for Ethan. This isn't a joke. (I love you too mark, There's a message for you too if you're ever reading this) I don't have Dyslexia or any disorders (That I know of), But I struggle with Math so badly (As i'm sure many of us do). Like, Stupidly badly. Now i'm an adult and I still can't even do basic maths most of the time, Which I get really self conscious about. Ethan, I know how much you hated doing this Video. How much you loathe it being out on the internet for this short period of time, And I bet you can't wait until it get's deleted, Because I would too. But I want to say Thank you. Thank you Ethan for doing this video. It has made me feel SO much better about my own capabilities when it comes to Math, And to see someone that I admire and Idolize alot, Struggle themselves and just show a real human side to them. (As you guys always do, Something I love about you both, You're real and honest.) (Or should I say, Annus-st.) And Now a Thank you for Mark. Thank you for not making fun of Ethan, Who represents himself and those like myself who really really struggle to do even the simplest of maths. You were so encouraging and supportive and It made me feel like I had that support as well. And thank you for your comment about 4th graders literally doing it every day, So of course they would know their maths better than adults. That Also made me feel alot better. So Thank you for showing such a vulnerable side to you Ethan, It would have been so hard and something I wouldn't of been able to do, But it Impacted me alot. And Thank you Mark, For being like a Supportive Big brother to myself and many others.

  • I felt Ethan about being stressed about math. My family always makes fun of me since I cant do multiplying,subtracting, multiplying and division quickly in my head.

  • eef is the same person brain as i am

  • Who else was cheering Ethan on the entire video because same

  • Ethans test feels like one of those psychological experiments they used to do (like the fake prison and the children that stuttered). This looks like the result of that.

  • is it bad that i also thought that 6x4 was 12?

  • We had one minute to do those sheets of multiplication-

  • "there's no space between their brains and their hands.." Me imagining a brain with hands 👁️👄👁️

  • I like how everyone is being supportive of Ethan, even Mark.

  • This reminds me of grade 2 till about 6th, I'm in 8th and now I just wanna try doing the 100 question thing! Also mark is #1 father of the year, also, also long devisions are easy XD


  • Everybody gansta till the teacher says oh no..

    • everybody gansta until their math teacher is markiplier

  • I only ever had to take a hundred question/ problems in 5 minutes.. of course they were easy but I think it’s not fair to time a 3rd grader how fast they can do the work. It causes many tiny mistakes where if they had time they could think.. we always had Addition, subtraction, multiplication. And division.. if you didn’t finish in time everyone would laugh at you for not being as quick.. I really hate schools who do this..

  • This hurt more than entertained. I am just as bad, if not worse than Ethan at math.

  • Can I just say that I feel so bad for Ethan qwq, I know he was nervous. It looked like me in 3rd grade when I was being tested, lol

  • I'm having to take maths again at uni, having not done any educational maths for 5 or 6 years... I feel so unprepared, and so dumb in front of all the students who came straight from a level

  • I totally relate to him, I can't do math for anything

  • i’m a freshman taking senior classes and ethan can do better math than me... left that sink in

  • I just wanna give Ethan a hug and tell him that it’s gonna be okay

  • It’s weird and nice seeing mark being so supportive of Ethan in one of these videos

  • Ethan, I'm 22 and I have dyscalculia. So I am significantly worse at maths than you. A lot of the questions you answered I was still struggling with and trying to count on my fingers. So don't beat yourself up too much!

  • I'm not bad at math, but I do math very slowly. I've never passes a timed test, and one of my teachers thought I should be held back a grade over it, which is definitely an over reaction.

  • It's alright Ethan, I normally have anxiety attacks just from thinking about maths, so you're not alone.

  • Can we talk about how mark had such a worrying face when Ethan didn’t get some answers right or took to long

  • no, ethan. i can't beat you. it took me 10:28, i missed 2 of them and had 3 wrong... edit: I'm just 19

  • I feel so honored to see my favorite ISchats's reenact my entire elementary school experience

  • Oh shit it's big brain time

  • This is the most i've related to someone about maths. Youre not alone Ethan im literally the same

  • mark is such a great dad in this episode

  • God, we used to do those multiplication sheets in primary school. As soon as Mark mentioned them, I got a *horrible flashback* P.S. Awesome job Ethan! We, the viewers, are proud of you for trying ^w^

  • what Ethan felt in this video is me in my math class full of smart asses

  • As someone who is just as good as math as Ethan, and who is taking college algebra 3 next year, I’m scared

  • Since I moved in the middle of third grade, I was never taught multiplication and I had to teach myself. Whenever the teacher brought out the multiplication sheets, I added everything which took me AGES. My class always lost the multiplication races bc of me, and I couldn't complete the sheet in a minute so we never won prizes either. Really sucked, but I'm glad it literally wasn't a big deal cause now in college all the multiplication is easy (nothing over 3 digits) :)

    • Now that I think about it, I haven't done long division since the 9th grade (I'm a senior now)

  • Mark was so encouraging because Ethan was so uncomfortable. When eff is comfortable, he’s an asshole

  • Im in 4th grade I didnt do the end test because of corona and I worry if I would have passed it-

  • Nobody- Absolutely no one- 4th grade teachers- 4th graders- Ethan- 9 x 9 x 9 x .... 8 ... 10 .. 9 x 9


  • Ah yes....4th grade where math is still fun....

  • The fact that i could tell that Lixian edited this by the first 20 seconds amazes me.

  • 1 24

  • Amd i got all wrong bc i also played with them kinda

  • Im in 5th and i still have no idea about division

  • Hey, math has not been around for as long as humans have exited so don't feel bad :)

  • me in 4th grade in math class: _infinity brain_ me as soon as middle school appears: _-infinity brain_

  • Omg my stupid head said 17-9 is 12

  • I have trouble with Maths and I'm 21, 22 in February XD

  • Funny video

  • I used to take those multiplication tests all the time in 3-4th grade and for some reason I found them to be really fun and they gave us like 5 minutes to finish it and I would always do mine in like 2-3 minutes and most of the time I would get like above 80%

  • Mark is the TA that got handed the special needs kids🤣

  • When Ethan stopped and had to think about 11*2= like that. That's what Dyslexia does to a lot of people. It'll sometimes cause you to overthink the problem in front of you. Even though it's simple, you'll still overthink it and not realize it's something you've done a thousand times over.

  • This is the MOST I've ever related to Ethan. Holy shit. I'm not even three minutes in yet.

  • When Ethan would hit the wrong one and the app would buzz at him and he would like go into a state of panic, that sent me into protective older cousin mode. I was like "no, sweetheart it's okay, you got this." 🥺 I totally felt that. You make one mistake when you're already nervous about messing up and your mind just shuts down completely. And for me it sometimes takes hours or even days to recover from that

  • Oh god I remember elementary school timed math tests, those gave me _so much_ anxiety and I never knew why until now, I'm thinking it might have to do with my adhd and the fact that it's always been hard for me to stay focused

  • this put me directly into panic mode. I used to cry while taking these tests in school. it got to the point where the teacher said that I didn't have the same time limit as everyone else, the test was supposed to be done in like 1 or 2 minutes and I would get as long as i needed and I still got them wrong. then my dad started printing them out at home and for what seemed like hours after school I would have to sit and take these tests. I was the worst at math. i am still pretty bad at it now. I definitely don't miss school.

  • d u d e im 9 and i play sum games (aka im a gamer) ;_;

  • As a person who failed math really badly until I graduated, I can relate to Ethan very well.

  • Lmfao i have the exact same pet peeve as mark. People saying "times it by..." pisses me off for no reason

  • Nine times nine times nine times s- te- nine EIGHT Nine times SEVENTY-TWO I don’t know how to do this Then later, after “figuring it out”: Thrrrree hundred and twenty P.S. Damn, that seventy-two had some real Edna Mode vibes going for it now that I think about it.

  • I-...umm...well...okay. so. i remeber this specificly for some reason. one time-"dies insisde"-one time. when i was in 3rd grade. i had 30 minutes to complete a 40 problem multiplication test and-. i only got like...about-15 questions. and-AHHHHHHHHHHH.

  • i have mathematics disorder so i really felt and related to this episode

  • Man, I feel Ethan’s pain. I also struggle with math. I just can’t seem to get it. Even simple addition I have to sometimes use my fingers to count, cause my brain can’t seem to focus or something. A moment that stuck with me and still makes me feel like shit to this day is when I was in high school, I was taking a math test. My results came out super low. My teacher was with me trying to cheer me up and there was another teacher in the room on his laptop, and he looked at my test results and started to laugh. That made me feel beyond stupid and horrible. I wanted to hide and never leave. I almost started crying. My teacher, I remember, got super mad at him. I can’t remember what she said, but I do remember her tone of voice, and how she pulled me closer to her as though to protect me, and it made me feel better. She was an amazing teacher.

  • mark thank you its multiply divide add and subrtact

  • I also hate it when people say “you times it by 5” It’s painful ;-;

  • Don't worry Ethan I have the same problem in math

  • This is giving me flashbacks to when everyone in the class but me got all of the toppings on their sundae during the ice cream party we had (each test you got 100% on, you had toppings added - ex. you got your first scoop of ice cream if you did all of the 1s correct). I took the test and it took me 10 mins and 7 secs and I got a 90% (math is obviously not my strong point). Edit: I was also in GAT (gifted and talented) math the year after because I had a really good score on one of these tests but I got removed shortly after lol.

  • Ethan this is too relatable

  • Ok, I feel u Ethan, u are stressed and have ADHD and I do too so I get u.

    • And besides I got 0’s on all of my 4th grade tests😂😭

  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • I like that Mark was actually being encouraging because Ethan was genuinely struggling with it, as opposed to other videos where the struggle and teasing is faker

  • Just with the least amount of thinking I could tell that Mark's problem of 272/9 doesn't work without a decimal. 9*3 is 27 so 9*30 is 270 272-270 is 2, and 9 doesnt go into 2

  • I genuinely feel this anxiety through the screen and didn't realize i was holding my breath on it until the timer stopped for that multiplication sheet. TEST ANXIETY'S STILL REAL EVEN AT 30.

  • markiplier more like smartiplier

  • all the people with ISchats premium are loving the download feature with this channel!

  • I remember that in 4th grade We had to do that times table in under 8 minutes and the people who failed had to do it over and over again until they did it right and under 8 minutes. I didn’t like 4th grade very much.

  • During the timed test (the multiplication one) Ethan is me and mark is my friend. 🤣😅

  • Just saying I’m in 4th grade sooo

  • Something inside has awoken when marki looked like a teacher for a split second

  • 1 second

  • saame ethan i also get anxious about my math skills especially mental math which is why i hated when we did the times table competitions in middle school because i cant think in my head. bro i once said 2 plus 2 was seven....im still sad about it

  • I’m good at math But I don’t like math

  • This is so funny to look at cuz I'm on the ninth grade

  • so since this comment will be gone in a few days, here: i am in honors classes and i still count on my fingers. im a fricking highschool student. it helps me i guess. i cant understand ethan when he gets stressed, but i can understand feeling of struggling. is it bad that i continue to count on my fingers? its embarrassing but i felt like i could share it.

    • Me too! Like I am literally a high school junior, I am 17, and I take honors dual credit and AP classes ONLY and I still count on my fingers. I AM IN HONORS ALGEBRA!!!! I WALK INTO MY HONORS ALGEBRA CLASS WITH FULL CONFIDENCE AND C O U N T O N M Y F I N G E R S

  • i'm in advanced math class and it happens quite often that someones results are wrong becouse of ,,easy" math, mostly that someone is me xD but it happens to everyone

  • Ethan sounds like he's slowly going insane this whole time

  • This is really kinda hard to watch ngl

  • I always had 1 minute to do that test ._. Yall got it easy with 5 mins

  • Damn, he’s not very good at math 😂

  • Me too Ethan me too I cannot multiple or divide

  • Wait what was Mark’s time?

  • We had 100 problems on each side of the paper and only one minute… the one time I actually completed it all some girl stole my sheet and took the credit

  • litteral after you learn something and you dont need it anymore in school its just in the junk drawer in the back of your brain

  • 68

  • when you relate to ethan cause youre also bad at math but then you watch the video and realize you're worse at math than him 😭😭😭

  • Remember: 11's are easy

  • Mark taught Ethan the wrong long division 272/9 is 30.2 not 20