Bleachus Annus

Birt 14 júl 2020
Arts and crafts are definitely a strong-suit of Mark and Ethan's. Today they explore the world of bleaching their clothes
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • Nice video

  • So its tie dye but with bleach...

  • Ethan’s like me except he’s... 98.5% more outgoing and social than I am. I blame my biological father, abusive narcissist prick. I conditioned myself to be quiet at a young age, I think it’s getting worse as I grow older. 12 year old me was “socially braver” than I am now. I can’t talk to anyone in person, well I can, just don’t expect me to say much. I don’t know why I’m even putting this on here, I guess it takes some of the stress I keep inside, especially stress from the past, they are like little flames that need very little to feed on to stay in the deepest parts of your subconscious. Eventually even more stress comes along, and your mind races through everything that has gone wrong, then strikes those ancient and unnecessary stresses and feeds them so much fuel, it’s a forest fire of stress within your mind. I have no idea if I can even understand what I just said if I came back to read it later, oh well.

  • I AM SO SORRY, THERE IS NO EXCUSE. I HAVE NOT BEEN WATCHING ANY UNUS ANNUS SINCE THE VIDEO BEFORE THIS. Wait, I’m pretty sure depression is close to an ex- never mind, must watch your guy’s videos to get this ever thickening coat of depression off my body, mind, and soul. The best thing that could happen on the last day of Unus Annus, is the Second Coming Of Christ... and by that I mean everything that comes before and after her actually comes, we want the end of the world to be full of thrills, chills, and kills. Disasters will never be more or as beautiful and destructive as they will be in that time again... unless we get some god powers in the afterlife, I’d imagine so, if we’d want it, there’d be certain limits to what we could do of course, what we can create and most of all, what we do with what we create. I guess building worlds just to destroy them because you hate yourself isn’t such a good or responsible idea, not that you’d have anything living on them if you did anyway.

  • Memento mori

  • Wow

  • Seriously... bleachus annus? No one thought they were gonna do something different?

  • Unus Anne’s merch expensive af if I buy it I an NOT bleaching it😅😂😭

  • Hey man... Nice job!

  • Mark always assumes Ethan is wrong and stupid even when he's right! Just give him the benefit of the doubt, Jesus

  • 11:25 this made me happy

  • damn that cover of 'Arms Wide Open' was angelic

  • Is it bad that I thought the title of the video meant that they were going to bleach their anuses?.....

  • I thought this video was going to be about bleaching anus’

  • im such an annus

  • But why was marks so much more orange

  • This video reminds me of the toothbrush argument

  • In Boy scouts we use three tubs to clean dishes 1:water 2: soap water 3: cap of bleach with the water and there all fresh of of the propane gridle so its fr*kin hot and dish duty will use no gloves

  • Let’s not mention Ethan’s channel- as mark said “it was a phase”

  • This video is a disaster

  • I'm disappointed this was not about anal bleaching.

  • can we talk about how cool the finished products were.. i’m jealous



  • Those came out pretty cool!

  • I'm SO with Ethan in this!

  • Misread the title as bleachus anus.

  • ngl thought this video was gonna be a pun for that anus bleaching trend going around on the weird side of tik tok

  • Bleach Our Anus🤣🤣🤣 That's all I think of when I read the title

  • Hey man, nice job.

  • Mark vs washing machine the last unus and video

  • That legit looks sick af

  • Mark “someday you’re going to be like I wish I could tell my friend about unus annus” Me: Bold to you to assume I have friends.

  • Mark was too poor to remember sophomore year

  • the creefices.

  • Every video ever: This is a really simple concept but I'm going to complicate it

  • so this is my birthday video... kewl

  • Mark: you did a good job FOR ONCE Ethan: 9:04

  • Bleach is great for my eyes after some of these videos

  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • 5:22 gave me flashbacks to the Tobuscus era

  • Mark and Ethan singing Creed was something I didn’t know I needed until I heard it.

  • 3:09 Dont mind me just time stamping my favourite moment

  • “i’m your main squeeze?!” *“no”*

  • Yeah mark do you know what cleaning is 😂😂 heeheeheee little piss baby 😂😂

  • I'm so used to Mark's long hair I looked at this video and said who tf is that

  • 11:26 my eyes read “tak” and my brain immediately said “harrumph” from the paper airplanes vid

  • If comfort characters can be real people, Mark and Ethan fit into that character for me. I’m not in the greatest place right more and these videos help me so much

  • Mark in most videos: "ETHAN FOLLOW THE DAMN INSTRUCTIONS" Ethan this video: *follows instructions perfectly* Mark this video: "FUCK THE INSTRUCTIONS ETHAN ANCESTOR UP!"

  • God damn, when Ethan was singing it actually sounded good

  • This is just their toothbrush debate... but backwards

  • i dyed my hair Lilac once and it was the best year of my life i looked SOO good yet i have zero pictures or evidence that it ever happened as well...

  • I thought they were going to bleach their anus.

  • Mark: "NO, you shouldn't trust the machines." Also mark: has a rich career based entirely on the existence of recreational machines

  • Ethan: *doesn't know how to speak* The fandom: AWW ETHANNNNNNNNN Markiplier: *supports violence* Ethan: *thinks about stabbing Mark* Ethan: *wants to use washing machine* Markiplier: fuck off Marks mind: "Dun abuse my washing machine 😭" Ethan: "I dunnooo (◕ᴗ◕✿)" Markiplier: *stares* Markiplier: Can I use the sink now? Ethan: Yes Markiplier: Well I want to wait Ethan: Okay I'm gonna use it then Markiplier: *is offended* Both: *Being crazy munchkins* The fandom: SCREEEEEEEEEEE 😩😩😩💕💕💕💕

  • They should sell those for Halloween

  • ngl bleachus annus made me think they were gonna bleach their buttholes

  • sometimes one of Ethan's many voices remind me of Edna

  • I just wanna know... What happened Marks sophomore year that he doesn't remember anything? And why are there no pictures?

  • Can mark and Ethan just do some creed covers and do parodies of the official videos

  • 7:45 and your friend STEVE

  • who else came here thinking they would do a vid on the anime?


  • Tell me why I find Ethan singing Creed v attractive 😅

  • Washing machines can do more at once when man can do one or two at a time so it's quicker with more things So washing machines can do more quicker that's why they are better

  • ah they wont be bleaching their assholes

  • Mark seriously sounds like my dad when arguing about washing machines. I just wonder...

  • try not to get legitimately irritated, but sometimes when Ethan is like "no. It's different..." I'm just like..."OH MY GOD!" 🤣🤣

  • eef: pwease dont splash the bleach, wear protective gear and pwease oh pwease be oh so safe. mark: drink it. juggle sharp objects. dig up foreign objects and lick them. shoot the neighborhood children with bb guns for sport.

  • This was uploaded on my birthday :D I only just realized this

  • Ichigo is quaking

  • I hope they come back to this series at some point. I have really enjoyed this during the pandemic and think it’s brought out a lot of needed laughter. I will miss this more then I can express.

  • 0:24 Yes... yes mark, that's uh yeah very safe, mhm lmao made me laugh more than it should've 😂😂

  • Loving this new coffeeannus merch, when can we expect it?

  • 3:14 3:16

  • It's called reverse tie dye! Because instead of putting dye in the shirt you're taking it out with the bleach.

  • I was here

  • definitely thought this was them bleaching their buttholes and i was like "wait how did i miss THAT video"

  • This was all part of Aizen’s plan

  • Nobody: This video: *CHANGE PLACES*

  • Bankai

    • Hello fellow bleach weeb

  • I swear when I 1st looked at the title... I thought it read Bleaching Anus lmao

  • That Creed song was one of the first songs I've ever heard on ISchats. Brings back memories.

  • I strongly get the vibe that Ethan is G.I.R and Mark is TAK if they were invader zim characters. Especially this episode lol

  • Mark to Ethan in 2019: don’t touch me Mark and Ethan in 2020: old married couple

  • Washing machines have enough force to break bones.

  • He owns five ovens and zero sinks.

  • The title to this video gave me the impression they were going to bleach their buttholes... . im glad this was not the case.

  • Aight but Ethan singing Creed was awesome and I have no idea why. That is all

  • This is not what I thought this video would be.

  • 35 seconds on and I forgot who the immature one is.

  • Mark is arguing against washing machines while wearing a white shirt that has clearly been washed with darks.

  • I would buy so much merch if it was like this

  • *whispers* cloak brand sucks.

  • strolls “I love washing machines!”

  • Ethan's rendition of with arms wide open is beautiful

  • I read belchus dyslexia is coming back with a vengeance

  • Mark's cloak shirt is soooooo good

  • Don't say it... don't say it... *_They look like tortoiseshell cats_*

  • they ended up looking like their bacteria petri dishes