Brick Soccer

Birt 19 sep 2020
We play soccer with a brick. Shall we say... don't try this at home?
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
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Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • The best set 8 game

  • Ethan is the embodiment of skipping your ADHD meds.


  • Anyone else think Ethan needs a vacation and lots of pop's

  • Me a european with a football fanatic family watching this and having a mental breakdown over the fact that they know NOTHING about football (soccer)

  • Ethan is me in every PE class

  • How have I met both of these kids

  • I wonder how this would have gone if they wore the steel toe boots. I forget what they’re called.

  • Ethan is me having a breakdown but not knowing how to deal with it so i end up trying to suppress it but end up whining while laugh crying about it

  • This video is the peak on the Unnus Annus family meme

  • That’s a foul! Your a foul! Literally every conversation in school

  • I searched up people doing dumb stuf and this came up 😆

  • My birthday video is brick soccer, and I couldn't be more pleased.

  • As someone with ADHD Eef is my spirit animal

  • i am disappointed that they didn’t once celebrate with ‘the brick’. They even had a pool next to them, in case they didn’t want to hurt themselves

  • Ethan needs some rest. Adults having strokes like children is funny sometimes.

  • Eef being tired and acting dramatic is scary relatable

  • why is eef such a mood throughout the entire video

  • ethan is literally a child

  • Ethan: Wearing cool and normal clothes Also Ethan: crying on the floor about otter pops and eating grass probably more-

  • Mark straight up looks like a sexy pirate at the end, if he left his earring in his look would be 💯

  • I'm not exactly sure what eef is going through here all i know is I can relate

  • me: *doesn't really like watching sports* Ethan and Mark: *comes out with brick soccer* me: Now this is a sport I could get into.

  • It sounds like a bad soundcloud rapper *chef ritty*

  • I actually played brick soccer in school with friends before this

  • New video title: ethan needs a hug for 11:45

  • Aww, Ethan's having a hard day💕😂

  • Three hundred and tenth video: Finished.

  • Life of boris: cooking with brick Unus annus:

  • my friends: what do you wanna do? me: brīçk śöćčęr👹

  • eef sounds like me complaining i'm tired and hungry all the time

  • Ethan, are you okay?

  • They need Steel Toe Shoes. 😆 What is going through Ethans Head! 😂

  • in this video Mark is Michael Scott and Ethan is Dwight Schrute

  • This is prime Ethan toddler time

  • eef

  • Mark: Amy get on that roof Amy: ok

  • it made me so happy when mark goes "I think the ref is very pretty" to Amy.

  • Are we not gonna talk about how Mark gave Ethan CROCS to play BRICK soccer with

  • This is what mark played as a kid because he was too poor to afford a real ball. That's why he beat eef. Also eef just didn't even want to play 😂


  • 10:35 Mark doing his best Jack Grealish impression

  • This was literally the peak of “we have no clue what to do so let’s just bullshit an episode”

  • Genuinely felt that sadness about the otter pops

  • I strive of their friendship. Like, they may as well live together. Like, yes, gimme your crocs.

  • this whole video, i relate to ethan. more than i want to admit

  • This is my favorite channel because they're just doing whatever the fuck they want

  • You're calling the chef ritty, I think she's very pretty Perfect rap line

  • imagine their neighbours seeing this

  • Unus Annus

  • Mark: *dying whale noises* Eef: what happened? Do you need to give me CPR?

  • Ethan do be lookin cute doe... The orange shirt, the little earring and I love his pants. Very nice.

  • also i am watching this on the 18th of October and the video says it was made on the 19th of October. weird.

  • Brick soccer with steel-toe boots or shoes, if you dont want to break your toes.

  • I mean.....they're playing it like we do

  • Mark: I'm not a Masochist! Brick soccer: Your argument is invalid As a side note the fact I said soccer instead of football as a British man makes me feel dirty

  • Ethan is even more Ethan than usual today

  • i as expecting them to kick the brick full force

  • this better get #1 trending on sports

  • Ethan in this entire video is an absolute mood.

  • It's football !!!

  • Bricksfield masons is a good name

  • Anyone notice that Eef is wearing crocs with socks?

  • Ice soccer

  • This video is proof that Eef is just Mark and Amy's adopted son.

  • So basically, Ethan loses the game, and Mark loses his life.

  • Do you need to give me cpr Huuuh

  • Not gonna lie, kinda pissed they're calling it brick SOCCER!

  • This is a combination of soccer,basketball,football, and hockey lol

  • they really needed to upload a video huh...

  • 10:53 First: Ethan: - Do you need to _give me_ CPR? ( asking him to do CPR is confusing, the sentence doesn’t mean anything ) *starts stripping Mark* Me: ̥̊ ಠ_ಠ . . . Г V ˥ \ʄm̻ᵓᶜɯ̻ɟ̀ |____| L_г ˥ ˥ |_/|_/

  • Holy shit, I know it was a bit, but Ethan was absolutely insufferable in this video.

  • Alt title: Ethan has a mental breakdown over otter pops and unripe oranges while mark kicks a brick around

  • jason grace would love this...

  • Bro I love otter pops

  • I half expected Ethan to just roll into the pool

  • ethan in tbis video is an ABSOLUTE mood its like, the definition of all my mental illnesses

  • LMFAO what is wrong with ethan today

  • Ethan is me always .. constantly

  • this shows me that they didn't play soccer, or at least haven't played in a long time...

  • Ethan is me when I have to be social

  • No one is gonna notice the damn crocs, huh? lol

  • I missed the "do not try this at home" warning

  • tired eef is such a moOD-

  • I love this video but I don't know why

  • God as someone with adhd eef is EXACTLY how my days go when I forget to take my meds

  • What mark is a fighter he doesn’t need no other shoes.

  • story of mark breaking his nose

  • E

  • 8:50 has me dying 😂 poor Ethan is just not having it

  • The final video I need to watch to be caught up

  • ethan in this video is literally how i feel in class every day. solid adhd representation.

  • Mark in boots is 👌👌👌

  • I think I have squeezed unnas annus for what it is, I think I am ready for the end

  • Eef: i miss my dad! Also Eef: has a heart attack from lack of dad

  • Mark: “I’M NOT A MASOCHIST!!” Also Mark: Brick Soccer

  • this is my birthday video yay!!

  • no one: Eef: Green camel bag?

  • Ethan throwing a fit is a whole mood 😂

  • Ethan wearing crooks: I'm tired I don't wanna play anymore Mark wearing cloth shoes: ouch! I'll keep kicking this brick till I win. Me looking at his steal toed safety shoes: looks neat.