Birt 14 sep 2020
LET IT RIP... into your friend's nutsack
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • Y'all remember the Beyblades that didn't explode on impact? Those are fun. I have a Chinese knockoff beyblade. It still explodes on impact... of the ground

  • They should have gotten Beyblade Metal Fusion beys! It would have hurt so much more and been so much better!

  • 1:32

  • yes, they're supposed to explode. that's why the new ones aren't as good as the originals imo, they need some fancy extra gimmick to be entertaining

  • Mark=Keanu Reeves

  • I really thought that beyblade was the nutribullet blades. My brain really said ✨stupid✨

  • why didnt they atleast show their beyblades

  • You two numbnuts do know that ethans beyblade is ace dragon and marks beyblade is forneus

  • Nutblade, nutblade, let it rip!

  • I like cheese

  • Stupid self destructing beyblade

  • Beyblade was my first anime. Watching this physically hurt me

  • Know what’s funny my name is lincoln 5:30

  • I legit was choking on my breakfast laughing at this video's spontaneous explosions of stupidity. I'm alright.

  • Anyone else think these new burst ones are really shit compared to the classic metal ones?


  • “I wonder why women live longer than men” Men: “NUTBALL!!!”

  • ETHAN IS YOUNGER THAN ME??? I'm only a year older, but goddamn I feel old now.

  • They have such a priceless mental age

  • Moses parted the Red Sea with a beyblade

  • Kids at my elementary school used to call them blayblades That is not correct....

  • My boyfriend started going into work two hrs later (used to be 5am and now it’s 7..)and all I can think of is all the hours I’m loosing to catch up

  • A part of me dies every time they say “3,2,1” and do *not* follow it with a “Let it Rip”

  • Bayblade metal fusion is and will always the best

  • Fun Fact: Moses parted the sea with a Beyblade.

  • Three hundred and fifth video: Finished.

  • Damn... Even beyblades have gone to shit in 2020.... I remember them being metal, not cheap plastic that explodes on impact...

  • They are called beyblade burst because when they take enough damage they explode


  • They should have used metal fusion beyblades for nut ball

  • Another title: Two idiots struggling to use beyblades

  • Wouldve been better if it was metal fusion instead of burst

  • Bro shoutout to bionicle

  • "This doesn't work" gee it's almost like Ethan taped over the speaker or something

  • What the fric is wrong with marks ankles at 1:41

  • still cant get over "vee-able" instead of "vye-able". its so wrong

  • I just watched this in .25x playback speed. I'm deceased

  • They got Beyblade Bursts 🤦‍♂️ (I don't even own Beyblades I just know from commercials)

  • okay hear me out nutball with the cars cars you know

  • Y’all are so dumb it makes me mad

  • Unus Annus

  • Are you sure about that that you're not dumb

  • other title: mark the ripper

  • They should have used beyblade metal fusions. Although that would be painful.

  • I thought I was dead inside before. after growing up using beyblades with my brother it was just sad watching them use bursts and not real beyblades

  • Haha my name is Lincoln

  • Super late late catching up on the Unus Annus videos I've missed, but I can safely say I'm satisfied with my birthday episode.

  • What are those wimpy ass beyblade HAHAHAAHAH I had beyblades when I was younger and they were badass af, me and the girls used to battle it out with the boys during lunch break it was super fun!

  • Good thing they wore jeans, the strongest and most durable material on Earth. PLAYING ON EASY MODE. I vote for re-match in shorts or sweat pants and with hardcore nerf guns or something. :)

  • if its not metal fusion or metal masters its trash

  • I actually kinda hope they play nutball again once more before the end

  • Perhaps this will be the last comment on this video

  • The OG ones were actually kinda unsafe if you pulled hard enough

  • wait ethan is only 23? wtfff i thought he was like 26 at least, now i know why he acts like a gen z its because he is

  • these Beyblades are piece of trash compared to 10 years ago! that was quality!

  • These are weak ass beyblades they have to use the metal ones that were banned from my school because it hurt a teacher

  • I remember back in Elementary School everyone had these things, but me. I never joined the trend. That was a long, long time ago

  • Amy, you believe in me, right? EEEEEEEEEEEEE -30 minutes later- EEEEEEEEE

  • They dont make beyblades like they used too anymore.... those OG ones could easily take out someones feet and still keep spinning

  • Do this but with metal fusion beyblades. Ya might die but it'll be fun.

  • The one Ethan has is called evipero and the one mark has is called forneus

  • They should fight to the death for there last video

  • This could probably cut something..I hurt my finger while spinning it, and with something that's sensitive like THAT, it'll be baaaaad

  • Nutball knife edition Coming this summer

  • Amy: *unrealistic radio ghost screeching* youtube subtitles: *[M u s i c]*

  • Why do feel like the Chanel is just an exuses for Mark to buy everything he couldn’t have as a kid 🤣

  • Burst took all the fun of beak other peoples blades out of the game like if you broke a reg metal bey back in the day you were that GUY .like I knew a kid that perfected a side launch that let him break the his opponents face plate and still land spinning it was probably the coolest useless skill I ever saw. Use regular beys you cowards 🤣😂😭 I’ll even accept the og plastic ones they just as dangerous

  • I wish they would’ve used the taser still😕

  • This was my birthday video!! ✨

  • Why would anyone want the ones that fall apart

  • Amy is the thing of nightmares

  • "Does beyblade have lore?" Is friends with Nathan Sharp aka Natewantstobattle, who made/sung the most RIPPING anime intro for the Beyblade Burst Turbo anime.

  • Honestly, this might've worked better with Beywheels.

  • Fun fact if you wanted to play nutball with beyblades you should pick the older models so they don’t burst when you lose

  • imagine if they used the og metal ones

  • The old school metal ones could have fucked shit up

  • The old beyblades were actual metal and weren't made to fall apart, they were absolute Chad child hood toys

  • Mark and Ethan have different Linken's. Mark has Lord Linken of the Link, while Ethan has Linken, Lord of the Link.

  • 4:58 It begins

  • No joke this Amy is probably better..

  • Those fucking walkie talkies were the best thing they cuold've bought

  • This gives "Metal Masters" a whole new meaning

  • Your beyblades are from the burst era thier susposed to exsploed now if you don't want that you should buy beyblade shougun steel you can make the top all metal uf you buy two and combine them or you can buy beyblade metal fight, metal masters , metal fusion thier also mostly metal but not as much as shogun steel

  • If I hear eeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I would smash that walkie talkie and walk away

  • Ah yes this story arc of Unus Annus with SCP-AMY is going good

  • Why is fake Amy scarier than any horror movie....

  • They should’ve went from Metal fusion because it’s fully metal it doesn’t explode

  • me: *hit my funny bone* my entire nervous system: 6:31

  • fun fact: michael has the same shirt ethan is wearing rn

  • I can only mess with the og beyblade metal fusion and metal fury. Like if u agree.

  • Why did i read the title as "Eye, blade, nutballs" i-

  • Mark: I am not a masochist! Also Mark: *can't tell whether being Beybladed in the nuts is a win or not*

  • At this point the last episode is just going to be Ethan and Mark playing but all but with a live grande

  • in the beyblade lore moses parted the red sea with a beyblade

  • Omfg Amy is amazing

  • As a person who frequently babysits a 4yo obsessed with those things, I'm qualified to tell you that those are burst beyblades so they're meant to do that, whereas metal fusion (I think) is your more classic metal beyblade.

  • Day 305, Video 306

  • Your gim shorts when your in the locker room after every one left and your gim teacher comes in from behind. Your gim teacher: LET THEM RIP!!!

  • ah so basically scuffed beyblade xD

  • LMAO the SCP Amy part made me laugh to death 😆 now all we need is to have it on the game! Come on make it happen!