We Do It Better Than Icarus Ever Could

Birt 25 júl 2020
Icarus was a brash fool who couldn't invent wings to save his life... AND HE DIDN'T! BECAUSE HE BURNT UP! AND IS NOW NOT ALIVE!
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Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • Memento mori


  • The ending was pretty cool, i enjoyed it

  • wow

  • Mark: “I’m not a masochist!” Also Mark: *repeatedly shoving hand in hot wax even though there’s spoons*

  • Percy Jackson kids are screaming right now

  • They look like duel discs

  • Me while watching this video: but... Icarus didn't die from flying into the sun

  • The first thing I thought when I saw this was "Those two idiots. They're gonna get themselves killed. *I'll gladly watch it happen.*

  • 8:10-8:35 -> Mark being a masochist

  • They should have done a fallout episode for 111

  • I love when Mark showcases his opera talents

  • "Or Scorpios and Libras" I mean he's not wrong

  • M&E: not knowing a thing about greek mythology* Me a percy jackson fan just absolute raging

  • I’ve been reading a lot of Rick Riordan lately and that intro hurt me to hear

  • 11:09 my favorite part 😂😂💗💗

  • Copernicus's Law of Flight! 😂😂

  • 11:00 This is a wing Strapped to my body Like Captain America’s Shield I am the darr- da dark raven who comes to claim your soul *Whooshooshooshooshooshoosh* I am mystery, all in one form Doosh! I am death Doosh! I am life Doosh! I am the keeper of keys Boosh! I. Am. EEF: LORD OF FLIGHT! I fuckin love eef, man

  • 1-Icarus' dad was Daedalus,not hermes xd, hermes is the messanger of the gods, Daedalus was the architect that built the minotaur's labyrint 2-Icarus did die, he did not listen to his dad and flew too close to the sun, so the wax in his wings melted and fell to his death. Thanks for coming to my ted talk

  • Icarus drowned;;;;;;

  • My own hubris is getting to me...i....i want to go even further beyond.

  • Which is unus and which is annus, I'm dumb

    • black is Unus, white is Annus. and your not dumb, just kept in the shadows for your own protection. but now, you are ready. Memento Mori. Unus Annus.

  • nobody literally nobody Marks nipples: "Why hello there?"

  • Alternate title: Mark and Ethan butcher greek mythology while witches and people who know mythology cry

  • Mark, a masochist, no, not at all (said in the most sarcastic voice i have ever used)

  • Me saying Egyptian mythology instead of greek and I think that gives you a clue into what I was into as a kid

  • i sometimes wonder what their neighbours think

  • did they change clothes 👀👀

  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • Damn, Amy doesn’t even need wings to fly, shes just that powerful..

  • No one Literally no one Sims talking: 10:02

  • Hermes/Mercury- messenger, if I recall correctly, Apollo/Helios drives the sun chariot.

  • why did i read icarus as icarly


    • He is Apollo, but he has to keep up the charade.

  • Finally made it to my birthday video😍

  • Mark:speaks the law of flight in Latin Everyone:not getting it Me: IS THAT PIG LATIN

  • Icarus was son of Daedalus, they were prisoners at the time, captured because of Daedalus’ skills as a craftsman/engineer. He build the wings of feathers and wax and he and his son flew out of their imprisonment and across the sea. Icarus, blinded by the euphoria of freedom and flight and putting too much trust in his father’s invention, grew cocky and flew higher above the sea. Flew loops in the sky and soared higher and higher. Daedalus watched this and called out to his son to stop, seeing the feathers come loose as Icarus flew closer to the sun. Iracus called back that the wings wouldn’t break, because his dad was a genius after all. But the wings melted completely when he got too high, and Daedalus watch his son fall out of the sky, hit the water and sink. Having made it to freedom, he had to live with the knowledge that his choice to bind the wings with wax was the reason his son had died and continued on blaming himself. Also Hermes (the messenger/thief god) is the one with winged shoes, and Apollo (the sun/music/prophecy god) is the one who flys his chariot across the sky ever day as the sun

  • Darkwing Duck!!

  • One winged angels

  • Nobody is talking about how good Amy's filming was up in space. Man

  • bruh

  • The editor was awesome this must of taken some time

  • you know ur close friends when you can pick lint/hair off the other's shirt without saying anything that's like a weird little close friend thing that I've noticed lol. you don't just move to pick something off someone's shirt that you aren't close to, or at least you tell them first. with close friends you can just do it and not say anything.

  • Insert icurus by bastille here*

  • Me who read Percy Jackson multiple times: Mark and Ethan getting information wrong about Greek mythology: Me: IT'S MY TIME BOIS!

  • mark: "or... scorpios and libras" (incompatibility) felix and marzia: **laughs in scorpio and libra**

  • Mark: I’m not a masochist Also Mark: uses his hand as a spoon to put hot wax on the feathers

  • "Chilling on the sun eating Subway" should be on a tee shirt.

  • does icarus have subway at the end there??

  • 8:05 yet another instance of Mark "I'm not a masochist" Fischbach

  • ohmygoodness unus annnus made a good omens episode

  • Them misnaming every greek and or roman myth ever just hurtsss

  • Helios is the sun god, Hermes is the messager

  • Love that this implies that Amy could fly the whole time

  • Love the small snippet of pig Latin slid on in there, eryvay oolcay arkmay ndayay thaneyay

  • can confirm the scorpios and libras so not mix well. Hi I'm a libra, my mom is a scorpio and she hates me

  • After reading the Percy Jackson series, it half makes me want to scream when Mark and Ethan don't know the names of Daedalus and Prometheus from a previous video

  • Two hundred and fifty-fourth video: Finished.


  • alternate title: Mark and Ethan make Percy Jackson kids mad while making wings

  • I got LOVE, CHUNIBYO & OTHER DELUSIONS vibes at 11:09

  • Me who loves Greek mythology and then watches this...

  • Ethan and mark: *planning to go to the sun* Amy: 40:40:20 Mark: what? Amy: I ain't flying up there with you to film it for free.

  • The way they butchered greek mythology hurt my soul

  • In this episode Mark and Ethan become bird furries

  • this is the worst video ever and i still enjoy it

  • Hermes was the greek "messager of the gods" and he indeed had those shoes with wings on them

  • you could buy small sheets of moldable wax instead

  • Man, Amy is a really good filmer! How do you get those shots?!

  • No please dont kill me when im a baby.

  • isn't this called... tar and feather???

  • tape: makes noises my skin: gets up and walks off my body

  • Ethan rockin that Eddie Burback merch I see

  • As a lover of Greek mythology, this video is hurtful lmao

  • Keeper of keys and grounds keeper at Hogwarts

  • Icarus isn't eating Subway on the sun silly, he's eating Sunway-

  • Me, a Libra who was trying to get together with a Scorpio and then had wondered why it didn't work out 😐 😑 🙄 WAIT

  • Helios is the sun god

  • Mark used the exact Same title that he did for a video with bob and wade and jack

  • Uhm whats going on with marks shirt tho?


  • Amy is the real hero here, no wings and still got up there to film it.

  • 2:40 Deja vu...


  • Two of the most chaotic dumbasses on the internet.

  • icarus WAS the dad right?

    • In short, No I did not.

  • finally found it my birthday present!!

  • Interesting recreation

  • Mark and Ethan get something wrong about Greek methodology. Me who’s read Percy Jackson: my time has come

  • Oh my god I just realized. The Daedalus storm bow in terraria is a reference to icarus’ dad because the arrows rain down from the sky

  • Extra serious mark from the early episodes returns

  • _If we learned it in history, it must be true_

  • as a Hellenic polytheist, i find this hilarious

  • Huh. So Amy had the ability to fly to the sun without wings this whole time, huh? I guess we know who's more powerful.

  • “Wasn’t Hermes the one with the sun?-“ *Angry Apollo noises*

  • Two people that don’t know the myth of Icarus attempt to be Icarus... ok.

  • Add this to Greek mythology Eef: Lord of Flight.

  • Ethan: "See, if you weren't such a silly man you'd use a spoon. No pain here. No pain here..." Me: Ethan, I think you're missing the point.

  • I love how this is my birthday video-

  • Mark was talking a bout taking it serious the whole time but they didn't make the wings out of wax