Pitching a Tent in the Woods But There's a Bear 15 Feet Away

Birt 22 ágú 2020
Rule #1. Always Remember the Buddy System. Mark and Ethan teach you how to pitch a tent when buddy can't see and the other buddy can't hear. Also there's a bear.
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Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • eef: a bear? in these woods? no way mark mark: **confused confusing confusion**

  • Are you fucking listening to Mayday Parade

  • They are like 2 different camp cabins. I would be in unus cabin what about you guys

  • kudos for the mayday parade :-)

  • Man, this “See No Evil, Hear No Evil” reboot looks good

  • I think we can all agree that Evan had a lot of fun

  • The funniest part is that it was definitely Evan just growling in a bush


  • Guys help

  • Does this remind anyone of the movie see no evil hear not evil?

  • 4:51, putting this here for simping reasons

  • in these camp videos they should have always had someone in a bear costume sneaking up closer and closer

  • I wanna know what shorts they are wearing

  • My heart! Ethan likes mayday parade I'm in love! 😍😍😍❤❤❤

  • I don’t think that’s a bear.... . ...I think that’s caveman Mark.....

  • Ethan singing Mayday Parade was the highlight of this video

  • Ethan listening to mayday parade just made my year

  • I'm a little late, but... Was Ethan listening to BEARnaked Ladies?

  • this is just a regular video between ethan and mark, even without the music and blindfold

  • Wait a second then amy is a ghost at the end ?!

  • my biggest regret is not getting campus annus merch

  • It’s Freddy coming for mark

  • Earth, fire, water, bear


  • Ethan: ya see? Mark: you keep saying “see” Ethan: ..nah you can’t see Mark: I CANT SEE

  • Should’ve drawn a circle are the tent

  • Amy should be getting payed greatly for this incredible performance! 😂

  • The last minutes and a half legitimately reminds me of a game concept that’s been sitting around in my notes forever.

  • “Ones blind, ones deaf” they basically explained Blind Trust, which is a decent game on Steam.

  • This reminds me of a Saw trap. One cant hear, but he can see. The other one can’t see but can hear. The Mausoleum Trap

  • stupid eef: thinking that showing his ass will repel the bear, when in reality it will only attract it more


  • why was i actually scared for them

  • The funny thing is that Ethan acts the same way he would have even he could hear Mark XD

  • *bear noises intensifies*

  • 4:53 Ethan doing *that* while Mark has no idea is so funny haha

  • This is my birthday video...I’m not disappointed

  • "Earth, Fire, *BeAr* "

  • Ethan is just following Marks advice and seducing the woodland creatures

  • 0:32 dont mind me

  • love the way this was shot

  • When the opened the tent it sound like mark and Ethan were marketing out

  • so considerate of the bear to bring a camera and provide all the footage to unnus annus

  • Heres the scene 4:47

  • Ethan listening to Miserable at Best by Mayday Parade?

  • Two hundred and eighty-second video: Finished.

  • Realistically, if there actually was a bear, all the noise they were making would have scared it away.

  • The bear really said “bear rawrrr” XDDD

  • "thats not a color" akbdksd

  • Mark: You keep saying "SEE" Ethan: *analyzes* No, you can't see Mark: I CAN'T SEE LOL

  • can I just say,, ethan's music taste is immaculate

  • Oblivion npc dialogue

  • Not Ethan blasting mayday parade... I love him

  • Did mark forget that Ethan can't hear? Or is that the bit, I can't tell.


  • They broke the 4th wall... They mentioned that Amy was there.

  • i love The feeling when you’re laughing too hard and you just can’t pause it and you just keep laughing

  • Listening to music at full blast is how you actually go deaf Ethan

  • Remember, you have to be very dangerous

  • Day twenty-nine, YAAAAAAAY B-day Video started a Saga of Unnus Annus "just make some bear noises, okay" "grrrrr, BEAR!! groar!!!!"

  • Ethan, no! Bears *love* Mayday Parade. That’s rule #1. No Mayday Parade in the woods. Rule #2, Bears don’t like Fall Out Boy.

  • I love the quality of these videos

  • Amy gets in tent, bear opens tent, Amy is not there. Is Amy actually real?

  • *bear noises* = Evan saying “bear bear”

  • Love seeing a markiplier ad on an unnus annus vid 💖

  • As a Boy Scout, we are literally trained to put up tents with blindfolds in case we ever have to set up tents in the dark. So Camp Unus Annus ain't too far from reality here. It's pretty epic.

  • Ethan listening to “Miserable At Best” by Mayday Parade at full blast while building a tent is such a mood.

  • Don’t be fooled guys, the bear wasn’t real. At 7:58 you can see the shadow and it is clearly a cameraman.


  • ya like bear 🐻


  • I wonder if Amy chose those shorts

  • i REQUIRE these outfits.

  • Ethan singing Miserable At Best is something I never knew I needed

  • Ethan music choice is bomb. I still listen to Mayday Parade. Also, I love how they forgot about Amy for a hot minute. Like how can you forget the most essential part of Unus Annus?

  • Holy shit was Ethan singing miserable at Best!!?

  • I would be able to be the deaf person.I know with language since I am at higher risk of losing my hearing. even if they blind it would be like a helen Keller situation. Using the hand. It would be EASY. I know a deaf little kid and he is super cute. We could do it together. It would be cool I just think hearing is interesting.

  • Camp Unus annus is one of greatest anime arcs of all time

  • Ethan: "Forward!" Mark: "It's just tree!" THERE'S ONLY SOUP!!

  • unnas anus comes in 2020 and there modo is remember death and then covid comes and kills alot of poeple... seems sus

  • This is the first time I legitimately hate the fact that I am late to the party. The camp shirts are by far the best designs thus far. I NEED I WANT I NEED

  • "Earth" "Fire" "BEAR"

  • I have to defer to Elmer Fudd on this matter: "When confwonted by a gwizzwy bear, wie fwat on the gwound and pway dead. Above aww, wemain absowutewy motionwess!"

  • You think you hear a BEAR? In these woods Mark? *starts twirking* There's no way. Not in these woods Mark, NOT in these woods.

  • This is what goes on is hellen keller's head when she goes camping

  • Bearcam Bearcam

  • Camp Unus Annus! We hold you in our hearts! And when we think about you... ...Is that a fucking bear?

  • “It’s just tree” I’m dyinggg

  • Omg Ethan, you're like that typical Camp Monitor you see in movies like the one who ran Camp Chippewaw in Addams Family Values, Gary Granger

  • Ok but why is this the second time Ethan started twerking for absolutley no reason

  • im goimg to assume the bear was played by tyler, because the bear said “bear”

  • i always knew bear was an element. Ha! In your face, teacher!

  • When Mark got stuck in the tree I think I laughed a little harder than I should have 😂😂

  • this gives the vibe of that episode of sponge bob where they have to stay in circles to protect themselves from the bear fishes things

  • Mark is just doing the birdbox challenge XD

  • You might have to BEAR with me here but that video was unBEARable to watch, I BEARly found it funny. It was BEAR video with BEARy unfunny jokes. Like this joke here Btw the insults aren’t actually true, I love this video lol

  • EEF got dat cake doe-

  • 8:46 i died

  • Maar: *fuddling with tent* Eef: That's already good to go! Why aren't you listening? you're the one who CAN hear Jason Vorhees: *long suffering sigh* this should be easy...

  • The best part of this is when Ethan started singing Mayday Parade out of nowhere LOL