Dunking Oreos In Literally Anything But Milk

Birt 15 júl 2020
You've simply assumed it to be true. "Milk's Favorite Cookie," huh? Are you really going to keep believing the LIES being fed to you by BIG MILK??? We're here to find out the TRUTH.
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  • It bothers me how much food they waste

  • I mean, I drank chicken broth for like 2 weeks when I got my wisdom teeth removed.

  • I hate orange juice 🍊

  • Why does it seem to take longer to count to 30 sec but wait for 30 sec is like 10sec


  • Those poor Oreos....their poor tastebuds...

  • Why does every food that mark owns rotten or out of date?

  • I think Marks reaction to Ethan saying he liked stuffed and following it up with "but lets do regular" is kinda funny

  • I love you Sean

  • Am I the only one seeing Ethan eat half an oreo, dipped in whatever, and then throw away the good half ?!?!? Why we throwing good half oreo😭

  • Whatever this was at 9:30... Fucking bullshit. Just no. A crumpet is not a cookie. Please... Please Google.

  • You can't get the green mugs anymore :( I want one but I missed it I guess

  • Next video: *breathing literally anything but air*

  • Tasty treat that can’t be beat unless it’s my meat

  • I hate that Ethan throws it out like THERES A HOLE OTHER PART WITH NOTHING ON IT jk I love you :)

  • Frank's Redhot is my favorite type of hot sauce and I do truly put that shxt on everything.

  • I’m watching this and eating oreos

  • wait, i drink chicken broth sometimes when im sick or if my throat hurts am i the only one?

  • Most important meal of the day started at spongebob when he said " Breakfast is the most important meal of the day served up Gary's way."

  • Beyyyn: *fUCK AUNT JEMIMA*

  • I think there was a special joy for me, watching Mark and Ethan eating the balsamic vinaigrette cookies and just seeing the horror on their faces. I had a drop of that stuff hit my tonsil one time and I couldn't breathe for a minute.

  • This gave me heartburn just watching it

  • This. Is. Heresy. Chaotic Good, sometimes delicious, heresy..! And I’m all up for that!!!

  • A crumpet is a cookie... what crumpet they on about?

  • I love how Mark kissed the coffee bottle- they're such bitter ex's

  • Mark: “I hate you.” *eats Oreo*

  • If ranch dressing is fridge raider it could last 6 to 9 months so can’t be too bad.

  • any one else thinking they should try to make a special unus annus oreo

  • My cousin's kid freaking loves chicken broth. She asks to drink it like juice all the time M: "Spencer shits like a rocket. I don't trust what that dog eats" M: "Imagine if Sean was standing right there, right now" E: [tongue click] "You better try dis sauce" M: [in reference to kimchi juice] "Everything else, you could still taste the oreo. That is the only thing that defeated the oreo. It's the chosen one." E: "The chosen one" M: "It brings balance to the cookie" E: "Brings balance to the cookie"

  • What i wanted to see was oreo in tea, oreo in gfuel, oreo in soda and oreo in that edible slime they made XD

  • As a kid when I ran out of milk and wanted to dip my Oreos to soften them up a bit, as a last resort I would just use water or orange juice to dunk them. Both liquids did an amazing job at making the Oreos a bit soft and they tasted good.

  • They shoud have done Ketchup with it too

  • I'm sorry, did they just say a crumpet is like a biscuit (cookie)? That's illegal. It's physically painful. Brits you'll understand.

  • Mark and Ethan: *eat vinegar oreos* Ethan: *has a normal reaction of disgust* Mark: *get possessed*

  • Underrated food combination: Fuego flavored takis with dill pickles. Most people prefer sweet and salty, nah, I like spicy and salty.

  • orange juice: *exists* Hajime Kinnies, Eef and mark: 😏

  • 🎵Take a dip in the morning🎵 🎵The best part of waking up🎵 🎵Is Sean McLoughlin in my mug🎵 Get in my mouth

  • I was really waiting for the vodka...

  • I think i got a digestive disease without eating

  • Memento mori...

  • Ok

  • Pineapple deserves to be on pizza

  • Ethan wasted so many oreo halves

  • Anytime I see an Oreo I’ll think of unus annus

  • Fun Fact: Frank's recently changed their slogan to "I put that $!%# on everything!"

  • That's so cool that they even tried the Oreos with Seán's dirty bean water!

  • When u discover a new state of matter: Anti-Flavor

  • Poggers

  • 9:03 killed meeee!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀

  • It's Oat-kay!(I love that joke)

  • I thought Mark was Korea, am I dumb or is that just the same thing.

  • Honest to God if you’ve ever tried Oreos with orange juice it’s not that bad. I like it weirdly

  • One time I got bored and tried oreos with soda as a joke and I actually liked it??? It was a weird experience BUT it was quite delicious. To be fair soda is also a junk food however you don't normally DUNK oreos in it.

  • Seriously? No conspiration for the HOT chicken broth??? I feel dissapointed vv|

  • “The best part of waking up... Is Sean McLoughlin in my mug. GET IN MY MOUTH”

  • Put franks hot on chicken wings

  • “Why cus I’m Asian “-mark Me: I feel ya mark I feel ya

  • Would you say the salad dressing had gone 'Ranchid'?

  • The way Ethan chews 🤮

  • love the point Mark made about oj in the morning. The whole brushing your teeth thing!! so on point, orange juice is so nasty afterwards

  • Ha I'm a coffee addict too like Sean so I relate to that getting a bugger mug so much lol

  • Dunking oreos in pee

  • I’m pleased that this is my birthday video. XD

  • Me: wait when did the ranch expire during this video Me after looking: 😃.... 😦

  • I’m cringing so hard at “crumpets are crackers”

  • 11:16

  • October 24th. I continue my journey to rewatch all Unus Annus videos before it's too late. I liked every video on my way here before but some videos aren't showing the likes. Make sure the thumbs up is blue friends. Wish me luck, brothers in death. Memento mori, Unus Annus.

  • Pee oreo!

  • Ethan thinks having a syrup bottle for ten years is not good, my parents have used the same bottle for thirty years

  • you can really tell that mark loves amy in these videos and i hope i find someone like that one day

  • 3:50 -surving it up Gary's way! (Spongebob reference)

  • That maple syrup is older than me

  • Mark: this is the 30 seconds of ur life wasted Me: skips threw the vid An add: 😂👏👏

  • Eef:Don't go to deep or your gonna hit the vinegar Mark:*does all the way to the bottom*

  • They didn’t do del monte corn juice

  • I don't understand how two smart people can be so stupid I love it.

  • Ethan: the most important meal of the day... (3:50) Me: SERVING IT UP GARY’S WAY😫😫

  • Wouldn’t lunch be the most important meal of the day? It’s the meal that will have to last you the longest through the most active time of the day

  • Nice video

  • You thought that ranch was bad? I had some that spoiled two years before that one for dinner... AND IT WAS BOUGHT AT THE STORE RECENTLY. Or grandma is still saving things and forgetting about them later, I swear that woman is going to food poison us some day. Vanilla yogurt is not supposed to be pitch black, I go straight to the garbage right after opening it for the first time and I’m stopped by her, she asks me what I’m doing, “throwing this away” I say. Nonononono, it’s still good, it hasn’t even been opened, she says. “LOOK IN IT.” I tell her. “........oh...” 🤦‍♂️ That was an example that took place a few years ago, I was really in the mood for yogurt at that moment, I was a little upset. Well ranch is more of an “ooze” than a smooth flowing liquid, so it’s not going to soak into the cookie.

  • Should’ve added some Green Goodness (Trademarked) to the list.

  • Im so sad that I’m not going to be able to rewatch all these at slower speeds... it always makes the videos funnier. Wait, the dead have unlimited access to all things, this includes UNUS ANNUS VIDEOS! Heaven... such a grand paradise with limitless possibilities, if you earn it.

  • 13:31 and people think Mark is a masochist...

  • Memento mori

  • Pudding cook-off with literally anything but pudding

  • Everyone has an Unus Annus video uploaded on their birthday. This ones mine. It’s basically just an elaborate commercial for Seáns coffee

  • Why does Ethan throw away the cookie

  • Wow

  • My dads name is frank

  • Mark: I want a gift! I want gift but only if it's money! Props to anyone who understands the reference

  • I want oreos now dammit!!!

  • Chilli and chocolate is great, but Frank's is also loaded with vinegar and that's nasty af. I love Frank's, it's my go-to common brand hotsauce - more than Cholula, more than Tabasco - but I do not love it quite that much. XD

  • 1:51 reminded me of a time my parents were invited to a small get together and the host told them to just bring some sort of sweet snack, and she decided Oreos. So my mom, the crazy ambitious woman she is, said she wasn’t going to buy the Oreos she was going to make them. By the time the party came around she had completely forgotten to make the Oreos so she grabbed the half eaten package from our cupboard and put them on a plate and that’s what she brought to the party. That was over 18 years ago...and we still tease her for it to this day

  • pee oreos?

  • i put that shit on EVERYTHING

  • And then I say -Hey man would you like some soy sauce with your food? -Because I'm Asian? -....well, yes

  • The way mark said bitch I cant 0:49

  • Why waste so many oreos Eef?

  • When are you guys going to get the coffin

  • 17:25 Mark gos full southern