Mark Knows What Ethan Did...

Birt 22 sep 2020
The grip was loose... Ethan thought that he could get away with it but I see the truth... The grip was loose...
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • Man apart of me wishes this was there last video, straight up leaving you in the dark wondering if mark let out his inner darkaplier and brutally murders Ethan

  • 1:07 does anyone else hear the freddy fazbear laugh?

  • Mark kinda sounds like ghost freak from Ben 10

  • The whole beginning of the video just sounds like my brain during a panic attack "but what if he didn't know? but what if he DID know? is he waiting to see what will happen if I confront him? or is he going to oWn uP tO iT?"

  • I had no idea darkiplier was a poet.

  • Darkilplier is back......

  • Noone: Mark in the description: Merch> *Merch website* LIAR> *Ethans ISchats* Annus> *Marks Channel*

  • gotta get a grip

  • Darkiplier and Annus would tolerate each other 😂

  • Ɇ₳₮ⱨ₳₦₴ ₲ɽł₱ ₩₳₴ ⱡøø₴ɇ ⱨɇ ₵₳₦'₮ ⱡłɇ ₮ø ʉ₴

  • Sooo... I understand that the grip was loose. No one can dispute that. However. The contest was that whoever’s ball fell first, loses. By that logic, Ethan still won, loose grip or not.

  • Annus loathes a liar

  • Good thing this horrifying thing only lives for 1 year

  • I transcribed this into poetry since I'm studying poem meaning and structure in school and hot damn does it work in that format

  • ThE GRiP WAs loOsE!!!!!!!!!

  • When u watch it twice and finally see the grip.... *IS LOOSE* i dum

  • What was loose? Sorry I missed it

  • Guys, I think the grip was loose

  • I like to imagine that Annus never took down these photos.

  • James Lee anyone?

  • Unus Annus

  • What kind of Darkiplier video-

  • Mark: The gRiP wAs lOoSe Me: *staring at the screen confused* Also me: This is funny run ethan runn

  • I’m kinda disappointed they haven’t done a video where Ethan gets punished for this

  • Annus hates liars Sanders Sides fans: WhY yOu HaTiN' oN jAnUs!?

  • I feel like Ethan must've been so scared and confused XD

  • this is a modern-day hamlet

  • the grip was loose and mark is the new dr sues

  • When Dr. Seuss meets Gollum

  • Half of this video is a fight between Mark and Annus after discovering this. Mark wants to believe it was an honest mistake on Ethan's part, while Annus hates losing/being lied to. In my eyes, Annus is a manifestation of Mark's pride, thus why Mark is so mean to Ethan in these videos (yes, I know it's a joke, they've talked about it before) and why he always has a need to win. Annus is subtly controlling him, feeding into his pride, and once this was discovered Annus became unhinged with only the desire to right the wrongs he feels were done to him. As another commenter said, this isn't Dark. This is Annus. And he hates liars

  • Tbh Eef loses all the time so winning, even if its by cheating, is a good change

  • Ethan literally walked in not knowing what mark was talking about 🤣🤣🤣

  • Welp, RIP Ethan “the meat man” Nestor

  • Darkiplier has to make a reprise at some point in history...

  • What s

  • unus annus

  • You got a nice nose

  • Yo darkiplier why u on unus annus

  • Ethan was definitely not in on this, he looks so confused and uncomfortable

  • I will not let this gem be lost to time. I shall treasure it, but not let others see it. I will take it, but not let others have it.

  • Notice how in the description Ethan (Unus) is referred to as “LIAR”. This isn’t Mark

  • This could be a good creepypasta.



  • What makes this 50x funnier is the fact that you know Ethan didn’t genuinely didn’t know what he was walking in to

  • as an unus, i am highly disappointed in ethan. ethan, how could you? you know we don't tolerate cheaters. note: i am an unus but i think i also have some annus traits in me, but majority of the traits i have are unus' traits, thus, i am an unus. also this is a joke. have a good day everyone.

  • It was loose. IT WAS LOOSE!! That almost got me at 3:18 or so. Just starts fuckin going off and it is glorious. I almost started howling with laughter man, and at 2:05 in the morning it is not a good idea.

  • the acting in this is astounding

  • I need to know what video this is referencing before time runs out

    • The testing our grip strength video


  • I was wondering if anyone caught that too. I guess he did

  • Does anyone else think that mark told Ethan to purposely cheat in that video just to show the world who Annus really was, to then just freak ethan out one random day? 🤣🤣

  • PAINT BALL!!!!

  • Is this dark


  • Ethan did nothing wrong

  • Me: minding my own business youtube's algorithm recommendations: wanna see mark go crazy for 3 minutes straight

  • time is running out, so is darkipliers containment

  • The laces were in. THEY WERE IN! Einhorn is Finkle. Finkle is Einhorn. Einhorn is Finkle! Finkle is Einhorn!

  • The clock is ticking for Unas Annus. But it ticks faster for Unas. Who knows when he will die, now in a year. But he will die. Possibly by the hands of Annus.

  • Hi Dark 👋

  • This was my birthday video

  • ...eSooL...SAw...pirG...EHt...

  • Of all the videos I would want to save (but won’t) this one is definitely on the list

  • which mark are we talking too ?

  • Mark: The grip was lose... Ethan: I'm in danger! o.o

  • Watching this in 0,5x is scary

  • Day thirty four, Mark regressed.

  • marks gone now. only annus. annus took him. annus is the only one left. no one here but annus. hes gone. long gone. mark is gone. only annus. only annus is left. it will always only be annus.

  • i would save this video

  • Darkiplier is taking over

  • Ok but the way he said "spare the rod, spoil the child" was genuinely terrifying

    • I liked that part cause I recognized it but I also enjoy hearing Annus rhyme lol he's so good at it lol

  • Why does this give me James Lee video vibes?

  • Darkiplier coming out

  • You can see the *fear* in Eefs eyes lmao

  • Okay so is this Dark or Annus?

  • Lesson: Dont cheat on Mark...

  • I still don't understand

  • It seems like dark is merging with anus or if anus is a combo of both pure anger brings out more of dark

  • darkiplier?

  • Oh god darkiplier took over again 😒

  • Umm child anyways

  • now kith

  • Hi uh nearing the end I can hear SCP 096s scream or something similar; and being someone who's childhood was filled with fear for that SCP it added a whole new factor of "oh shit". Thank you for your time.

  • Sorry dawg i got bad eyesight

  • ThE gRip wAs LoOOsE!? :)

  • Was anyone else’s time in negative

  • Ethan is the best omg

  • Did he really not see it the first time...?

  • Okay did anyone else think Mark walking that fast to the door was fucking terrifying?

  • Day 313, Video 314

  • Everyone: Wtf did I just witness True Unus Annus fans: Prepare for the laughts 😈


  • What if this whole time mark was actually a psychopath and every time we see Mark about to lose it is when he’s losing grip on his control and not just him acting?

  • Mark your Dark is showing-

  • 🕳

  • So this was my birthday video

  • The grip was loose. The grip was loose. The grip was loose. The grip was loose. *The grip was loose.*

  • Soooooo this is the episode on my birthday. Cool.

  • My name is pepi i love unus annus can i be a part of this?