Can Sound Therapy Heal All Wounds?

Birt 22 júl 2020
Sound Therapy is the art of tapping into the acoustics of the universe to coax the human body to heal itself. Basically we're yelling into our wounds.
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  • chant the song of healing

  • This video kinda got me sleeping XD

  • I thought Ethan was turning ginger 😂😂😂

  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • Mark: EGBDF FACE Me, who plays a bass clef instrument: *Confused screaming*

  • EGBDF and FACE are to help remember which notes are on the staff and which ones are in the spaces the way i learned it was EGBDF every good boy does fine on the lines F A C E in the space

  • Mark: Eggabuduff! Egbdf! Me who was taught to know Every Good Boy Does Fine: what??? Horror???

  • Ethan: "A note so powerful that it consumed anyone who heard it." Me: "Oh no he's gonna G note us." Ethan: "What comes after the G?" Me: "...wait what."

  • The thingy said H but there isn't an h in the musical alphabet

  • Isn't H just a B flat?


  • Neither of them noticed Amy say “I’m not seeing a lot of movement” 😹 I love her ❤️❤️

  • Every good boi deserves FUDGE

  • What an excellent pASS time.

  • Basically the concept behind ASMR

  • ethan casually hypnotizing mark into becoming heehoo

  • seeing this makes me want to see how they would react to crystals lol. if only they had a po box i could stock them up.

  • This was on my birthday

  • Eef: Now, I have one question for you... What comes after G? Me: F#, B, E, D, G, C, B, E, A, D and then a good ol' "When I was..." 15:27 (I'm wondering if anyone will catch on)

    • I only got this because I can play welcome to the black parade on the piano 😂😂😂

  • Mark, yes you have a fursona. It's a giant, sherbet-colored tiger

  • Ethan: “What is the heart of the body?” Mark: “The heart.” Ethan: “The brain.” Mark: 😐

  • America's ass? Nah, Marks ass

  • Another thing is Bach was able to spell his name in music because in certain European counties they use H as a substitute for the note B

  • Mark the way you say EGBDF bugs me. It’s every good boy does fine.

  • they thought it didn't work but this was actually the awakening of heehoo

  • with each clang of the tuning fork onto a hard object I was brought closer and closer to tears. ur distorting the pitch just use ur knee like a normal person

  • Qi is stored in the balls

  • Every good boy does fine???

  • I remember it as face and Every Good Boy Doesn’t Fail

  • So... Basicly [Healing Word] spell from D&D e5?

  • This reminds me of when I was learning the flute as a kid and I asked my nan to tell me a letter between A and G and she said H :’) ❤️

  • Ethan: "what. is. the heart of the body" Mark: "the heart -" Ethan: "the bRAIN." Everyone: *visibly confused*

  • "What comes after G?" Me: G#! "H!" :(

  • Yeaa... For the treble clef, FACE represents spaces and EGBDF (usually Every Good Boy Does Fine - notice there is only one e) represents the lines In base cleft, ACEG (I learned as All Cars Eat Gas/All Cows Eat Grass) represents spaces and GBDFA (I learned as Great Big Dogs Fight Animals) represents lines I learned it in 1st grade and I may or may not be doing music theory in college after 5 years of piano (in other words, I'm trustworthy on the subject)

  • So the HOMEOSTASIS can flow through you. **FLASHBACKS TO BIOLOGY CLASS**

    • Me currently doing bio homework and hears the word homeostasis: *intense sobs*

  • mark was too poor to afford a doctor as a child. instead, he had his father and his voice

  • “Every Good Boy Does Fine” Is so much easier xD

  • H is B flat

  • Didn't even hit the brown note on my birthday

  • Know the strange thing is if they were to plug their ears, tap one of the tuning forks, then place it on their chins they would be able to hear how a snake hears.

  • To explain why you can't go throught the alphabet, it's so you can learn to recognise each note without using the others to help you, and using EGBDF and FACE simply let you work out the note easier by recognising if it's on a space or a line and knowing that if it's on e.g. a space, you now it will be only an F, A, C, or E (if you're using treble clef). Going through the alphabet to find a note is like singing the whole Dry Bones song to remember what your leg is called.

  • Love how Ethan had to recite the alphabet to see if Mark was wrong. Me too, Ethan, me too. XD

  • Ethan: " heart of the body?" Mark: " The heart." Ethan: "The brain."

  • Can Penis Music heal anything?

  • Egbdf every good boy does fine. And face

  • There's something soothing about these little bell sounds. Puts me right to sleep. 😴

  • Two hundred and fifty-first video: Finished.

  • Well tonal manipulation is the key to travel through the dimensions

  • My high school choir teacher taught us FACE but the way she did the other two were with the sentences Every Good Boy Does Fine and Good Boys Do Fine Always. :)

  • I actually learned EGBDF has Ernie Gave Bert Dead Fish. That’s all.

  • *E*

  • EGBDF?! EGBDF???!! It's "Every Good Boy Does Fine," treacherous, I will not be able to sleep right after this. FACE can stay though.

  • Why did I get ASMR during that sound therapy session?

  • I look up and Ethan is about to put a.......... instrument in marks butthole

  • The "h" is just a b, Jesus Christ.

  • Since there’s only a year of this I feel like I have a chore to watch the videos I missed

  • did anyone else learn it as Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge and face???

  • In Germany and Slavic countries H is America's B while their B is our B flat

  • This was actually kinda relaxing

  • 13:25 ethan as a red head?

  • The fact that Mark can hold still while Ethan waves around with stuff (small hammer) shows he's definitely NOT masochist

  • we all know mark's fursona would be chica.

  • If anyone is actually interested in music theory, the reason there’s and h is because the pitch we call b flat now used to be b. (In short there is a measurement for pitch and for whatever reason, we changed the pitch of some notes.) It left a gap, so it was called h. Another fun fact, there are other cultures that don’t use our scale. There are some that use like, 28 notes as opposed to our 12. It’s really interesting because you can translate it into 12 notes, but it will sound different. All the chords will have a slightly funky sound because the composer literally didn’t write them like that. There’s also old music that was written with our 12 notes that sounds different because we changed the pitches of the notes after the music was written. *disclaimer: I tried to put this in basic language and also I’m writing this from memory. It might not be the most accurate. I just thought it’s kinda cool. 🙂

  • Ethan is definitely tom holland

  • as a musician this was painful to watch. and very very entertaining

  • LOL A = 432hz OBVIOUSLY LOOOOOL And if you believe in that, you're a fucking essential oil moron, aren't you?

  • "Well I wasn't done talking, so thanks." Mark just used summarized the entire Harris v. Pence debate in one sentence 💀

  • Ugly laughing at all of this beauty

  • Eef: which are ur favourite 2 noted between A and G? Me: personally?.... I'd say D and F Mark: D and..... F Me: uhhh 何?

  • 15:20 He sounds like the space dad from megamind

  • "i dont have a fursona" you fool, *everyone* has a fursona, its up to you to figure what it is

  • As a music teacher, the first 4 minutes of this video was PAINFUL

  • I learnt EGBDF as Every Good Boy Deserves Football On another note Ethan proper reminds me of Spider-Man and I have no idea why

  • Tyler Ninja Blevins is such a cursed name. A devil name

  • “every good boy does fuck” and “face” perfect

  • 6:38 mark's pants

  • H used to be used so it was ABCDEFGH instead of going back to A. That's why in Bach's music he often spelled his name.

  • 3:16 what is that song cause i cant find it

  • Mark- The sacrum Me- _I'm gonna need you to roll over for that one..._


  • Am I the only musician who had to learn the notes- just by learning them?

  • Nothing to do with EGBDF but if you're looking to memorize the guitar strings(EBGDAE/EADGBE) then I always knew it as Eddy Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddy Which I think is backwards to how you're supposed to do it but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Hearing mark say EGBDF and not E-G-B-D-F (as in Every Good Boy Does Fine) causes me slight physical pain as a band and choir kid.

  • I am in a band and I can verify that what mark is saying about treble clef is true

  • So is sound vibrations to help pain an actual thing or is this just BS that they came up with?

  • Patient: I'm missing 2 limbs and bleeding in 14 different places Ethan: that's ok! Sit down and let me make some dings for you!

  • Am i the only one who finds this kind of satisfying to listen to?

  • I don't think the the writing on the metal is correct about what note it plays. Because when Mark asked for D and F, the ones Ethan used played A and C. And the one that Ethan said was C2 was a G.

  • Mark I can sew your clothes for you🙁🖐

  • This is my birthday episode. I am NOT disappointed.

  • alternate title: Mark Questions Dr. Nestor's Professionalism

  • I love how so many people are here because of Unnus Annus...

  • I can't stand high-pitched noises so this video is driving me fucking crazy omfgs

  • Tips for remembering the Treble Clef!: FACE in the space & Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge

  • Unus Annus unus annus

  • 13:18 : ethan has become a ginger.

  • "A wild man?" Oop- Heehoo predictions

  • Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge Band kids gotta stick together

  • Am I the only one who learned it as Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge (EGBDF)? Then FACE