Birt 20 júl 2020
Please... this is a joke. Don't ever ever ever ever do this ever.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • My thoughts when i saw them dropping the chicken on the nails, simulating their flesh: “...well they’re fucked” 🤣

  • Why does Ethan have black nails

  • I tried this and now I have no dick my dick vanished someone help me 😥

  • U close u close u close u close u close

  • Memento mori

  • The ending actually jump scared me

  • 2:52 is that an extremely small sharpie or does mark have giant hands 👀

  • wow

  • 6:03 Me answering the questions of my exam after a night of 3 hours of sleep

  • Going through the comments looking for a professional carpenter DYING

  • My birthday Unus Annus. Thank you 😊

  • Watching Ethan try to use a hammer is like watching a man with Parkinson's trying to open a tumbler lock.

  • There needs to be a compilation of Ethan not hammering well or not being able to hammer.

  • I've learned so much more about sex and safety through this channel than school. Idk if that's funny or sad...

  • goddamn, those pecs

  • both their fits are so good in this omg

  • Mark is looking like yancy lol

  • I love how Ethan makes a new word in almost every video, today’s was folcrance?folkrance?foulkrence?

  • Mark really asking for a challenge and wanting to see if he can sustain getting nailed 👀

  • Mmmm, I feel like just from watching this video, mark, and Ethan should do a video, of them hammering nails in to a bored or something, and just talking about life, or what ever. Just a video of hammers, nails, in bored, or wood, or something, and talking about life. Or just do a video on how strong they are to hammer a nail in to different objects like, wood, brick, and other sorts of things, but safely tho

  • Mark looks like he should be in an infomercial

  • 1:27 He did it! He said the thing!

  • Hi

  • Triggered by raw chicken all over the nails and Ethan clothes

  • i was already sold when i saw the thumbnail

  • What ever happened to the nail bed?

  • Y'all talking down Ethan in the comments, I'm just here adoring the both of them lmao

  • Coming from a family of carpenters. Ethan hammering nails is perhaps the most painful thing I will ever lay eyes upon.

  • mark watches anime............ living was worth it.

  • E

  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • Wow, it's going by so fast.

  • im so upset because you make us watch the hole vid and you dont lay on the nails

  • 1 month left

  • Ethan looks like that young cool uncle everyone loves including the kids

  • I literally thought it's gonna be a bed of the nails you got on your fingers and got so confused

  • Didn't see anyone comment about this (and I'm a bit late with this) but 8:50 is my new favorite ethan moment.


  • Me seeing thumbnail: IS ETHAN OKIE?! Me after seeing the video:HUH....?

  • Mark isn't a masochist, he just wants to see if he is strong enough to lay on a bed of nails

  • Did Ethan actually smashed his hand nails before? Cause i see them all black. xD

  • Hey Guys Does Any Of You Know What Happens When The Timer At The Intro Ends?

  • Marks looking kinda THICC here😳👁👄👁

  • sup cool beani3

  • Eef

  • Cold from loss of blood lmao

  • Mark: I did this for two years Me: TWO YEAR MARK

  • 1:56 what mark really meant: I am a masochist and i want to feel pain

  • Should’ve used a nail gun

  • mark: “remember i did this for two years so..” also mark: *puts nail on board upside down* that will never fail to make me laugh

  • i just realized that they are like finn and jake from adventure time 😂

  • 8:52 i think i almost just suffocated from laughing

  • Ethan is the reason nail guns were invented.

  • 8:39 sound like music

  • I wish I had a friend like mark who understands and deals with my Ethan like dyslexia and adhd

  • All these bangs and not a single “you close?” Annus I’m disgusted

  • don’t worry i cringe when i see a new person hammering in nails 😂 sorry Ethan

  • Mark: I did this for 2 years Also mark puts the nail upside down

  • Mark: (done this for 2 years) Also mark: (Puts nail the wrong way)

  • Nobody: Mark: ok so when I go for a nail but remember I did this for to years AAAAHHHHH


  • Is anyone else concerned with the raw chicken just hanging out on the nails?

  • One of my favorite dynamics is when Ethan gets hyped about something and Mark responds mild af

  • I’m kinda disappointed they didn’t actually lay on it

  • I've laid on one in a museum but that was a museum not anyone's home don't do this at home

  • Just a lil side note: this is not the video to watch in the back of a silent classroom.

  • Why the hell is no one talking about 8:53 ?!

  • Mark looks buff as hell ok my Nigga I see u

  • Ok so this is a real thing, and I have tried it. (One that was professionally made at like a museum) and it works because they are evenly distributing the pressure between them, so it does not hurt when done correctly- it just sort of feels like when your leg falls asleep but all over you body

    • Aussie_Cat08 it was called wonderworks

    • Woah cool I’d like to try that. Which museum? (Just curious)

  • the flip was haunting

  • Ethan talking about the bed metaphor made me think I was having a seizure.

  • 8:09 me in animal crossing spamming A button when crafting

  • Mark " you know how you mastrbate?" Mark "HELP HELP, DON'T JUST LOOK"

  • Two hundred and forty-ninth video: Finished.

  • They really nailed it

  • Nail in the coffin means the last nail that closes you into the coffin forever. The last one is most important because it’s final nail. You’d think they’d know that cause… y’know… momento mori and such.

  • *spends the whole video making a bed of nails* *Doesn't actually lay in it* It's actually perfectly safe as long as your whole body lays on it

  • Mark “I did this for two years” Iplier There’s a reason for that past tense lmao

  • I’m late to this video but oh god this was *my birthday unus annus video*

  • I got clickbaited

  • Mark:I’ve done this for two years. Also Mark:puts nail upside down

  • Can we talk about how Ethan has demons escaping his body in these videos?

  • You made a R rated home Alone trap

  • There's only two reasons people will watch this video and they are both hidden under mark's shirt...

  • The more nails the better, when I heard them say that the wanted less nails I was about to cry.

  • And mark says he isn’t a masochist

  • He is not a masochist, he is not a masochist, he is not a masochist, he is not a masochist.(BUT WHYYYYYYY)

  • While Ethan's technique does leave much to be desired, I would also like to point out that the hammer he's using isn't really meant for driving in nails that length and Mark's is

  • A ton of the videos at the beginning Ethan starts saying something and it never makes any sense

  • *Now i know how to take revenge on noisy neighbors*

  • watch ethan learn how to hammer correctly for 12 minutes

  • I love how they did all that hammering just to do absolutly nothing with it 😂

  • i hate how much ethan acts like me in this video considering its my birthday video lol

  • When they were doing the fishing scene they played one of jon bs videos

  • Mark: "I did this for two years" Also Mark: *messes up twice* Me: ye- thats some nice work

  • I accualy wanted to see them try it TwT

  • 10:17 15 seconds of gold follow!

  • Honestly their outfits in this video go HARD

  • Mark: dose this for two years Mark: places nail upside down Me: 👌 nice

  • 2 minutes in and I already wondering how a water bed of mercury would feel like