Drawing on Each Other's Backs in Total Darkness

Birt 9 okt 2020
You can't think your art is bad if you can never see it in the first place.
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Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • the way ethan says "its a duck" ,,, catch me simping

  • Wallflag.exe Is not responding

  • The marker scribble sounds make me teeth hurt

  • It just looked like Mark and Ethan got some sort of telapathic cosmic message zapped into their brains or something

  • 4:25 is my fav part

  • master drawers


  • Mark just takes any opportunity to take off his shirt

  • I wouldn't be suprised if they were blind

  • Every dutch person wondering why they play a Sinterklaas song at 5:48 .......

  • im not disappointed about this being my birthday video

  • Hoping we get some last minute Memento Mori merch

  • i thought marks vagina drawing was a seriously messed up owl

  • Those 2 are adorable...they're like brothers

  • The gongoozler

  • What you should do since this is like telephone just do this put instead of the second person doing it on the wall he does it on another persons back and maybe even so forth and just see what monstrosity comes out at the end of like a 4-5 person chain

  • Ethan: You Will have to wait till the end of the video to find out if it's white or not : Me skips to end

  • I remember the Markiplier.✨👁👄👁✨


  • I'm kind of soft for Diceroll making Ethan's duck💚

  • Mark: ''random scribbles!!!” Me: ''it kinda looks Cthulhu''

  • How much for the chica drawing

  • I just realized that this was my birthday video. I actually love it ❤️

  • Mark's ponytail 🥺🥺 omg

  • 4:45 why do i laugh everytime i watch this

  • Sniffles gonna miss you guys so much

  • 9:52: I knew it, dang it! XD

  • This is like their "Draw Memes from Memory" video but only in the dark. XD

  • 4:14: 😆 8:13: Ah! MUCH better!

  • 1:43: Daww, poor Amy! XD

  • 1:05: Oh, you're one to talk, you sellout! XD

  • I went to the website just to look at the flag and it looks SO COOL!

  • I think this might be made easier if the person never picks up the pen. It sounds fun!

  • just 2 bros making modern art

  • “is this one of those screenshots that’s gonna be on peoples phone wallpapers?” Well now it is

  • Does anyone know what songs they are using for the majority?

  • When will the flag be released tho does anyone know

  • I hate how well we can see the veins in marks hand in the night vision

  • Why is no one talking about Marks little pony tail/bun thing its so cute it suits him!

  • Ethan: Okay! We'll stop, We'll stop Mark: NO!! KEEP! GOING! FINISH IT!..

  • Yo, Mark's hair is so long now and he looks amazing with it.

  • Ah. My birthday unus annus video :)

  • At first I just thought the lights were yellow-

  • I was drinking when ethen finished his goose, and then he said "I made a DUCK" and i fucking spit everywhere

  • 8:58 that was truly scary

  • I'm gonna be lost without this channel

  • Dun dadadadadaddadaaa STOP TALKING dadadadaddadananadandandana

  • Omg when mark showed his second drwing my brain just immediately went omg he drew hedwig how sweet.... Oh how wrong was i

  • This was my birthday episode.

  • this is the worst drawing asmr ive had to listen to

  • I was not surprised that Mark was drawing a dirty picture until I was surprised that it actually is not a dirty picture. 6:00

  • imagine a whole row of people doing this like bad game of telephone

  • 4:21 that doesnt sound right if you wernt watching the video and only paid attention to the audio....

  • I actually kind of like Mark's telephone poles drawing. It's like one of those aesthetique pictures, and also has a dique.

  • Eat your cereal

  • marks hair is up... so p r e t t y

  • It’s been 330 days You have one chance Subscribe

  • I swear to God that "gnome" looked like a d!k

  • Imma buy the flag

  • Mark with the tiny little pony tail is so adorable shshqwurfuv

  • mark is beginning to look more like qui-gon jinn each day

  • I'm so sad that this channel is gonna be gone soon :((

  • The issue with this is that they are picking up their markers when u do this it’s easier to the other person to create it if the person drawing does it in one whole continuous line

  • I thought Marks Vagina was Mothman

  • What the duck 👏

  • 12:38 I dunno man. Sounds kinda gay

  • I thought Ethan's drawing was Rudolph the red nose reindeer

  • the way marks vulva was p accurate for being in the dark

  • Why is there dutch sinterklaas music on the background?

  • Why did mark draw a p3n1s and call it a gnome?

  • Mark with his tiny ponytail gives me life.

  • Mark drew a suspiciously phallic looking gnome, and a vulva

  • It tripped me up to see that Mark's sweatshirt was pink and not white

  • I’m noticing that Amy is talking more in vids. It’s nice : )

  • Ethan with piercing 🥴🥵

  • So, where's the coffin at?

  • Are we all really going to skip over the fact that THAT is how Mark drew a vulva and called it “the most beautiful thing on gods green earth” ?????

  • .

  • I was seriously creeped out that they both just randomly stopped what they were doing and start terrifyingly repeating "turn it off." It felt so abrupt the shift in seriousness. It felt like they were genuinely terrified of something. It got me panicked. XD

  • nu moet ik aan sinterklaas denken

  • Me and the boys chanting to turn off the K pop music 9:01

  • Wow Mark really knows how to judge people's art without looking at it 4:29 Ethan highly skeptical on Mark's criticism : 4:31 4:36 Ethan, I think you have a high power of creativity and imagination so fuck Mark what the hell did he said to your wonderful Art

  • I tried that game with my sister and I draw a middle finger for her

  • Just Imagine if you massaging your parent's back in the dark and you feel something weird 2:49

  • I remember their was the time our electricity suddenly shut down since we can't play the computer we have to think another game just to entertain our self and we call our game "Punchies in the dark" the rules are simple 1. Wait your parents go to sleep or get away for while. 2. You can only play it in the dark so your parents won't see you 3. Punch your sister or brother any other people you hate 4. She, He, They or them to punch your face and then it is your turn to punch somebody in the face 5. And repeat the same thing until your friend or siblings are dead

  • Mark's Bun!

  • 4:43 That´s a proud 5 year old boi showing his parents what he did at school

  • Is no one going to appreciate the fact that Ethan said if any good photoshoppers wanted to recreate their drawings in real life and then said that they didn't know what that meant, the editor actually took the time to do it??

    • Even if he did use a picture of a goose instead of a duck 😂😂

  • They really outdid themselves with the music selection on this one didn't they?

  • I’m in love with mark’s ponytail, I’m hope he does a service for it if he cuts it lol

  • Quick!! What are the songs in this video?! I know the second and last ones already--I want to download them for my phone playlist. xP

  • Ethan's Chica was so cute tho and Mark...

  • “Be sure to push HARD.” ~Mark “Don’t call me a Masochist” “Masochist” FishBach

  • "F I NISH I T!" Jesus Christ-


  • Why are the t I t t I e s blurred

  • Just imagine though, you’re at a party or something and suddenly everyone around you stops and stares at you, all saying, _”turn it off turn it off turn it off turn it off...”_

  • Me: *Trying to watch the video* My desktop goose: *decides to walk all over Ethan's head literally the whole time: Me: *looks up "how to kill desktop goose"*

  • Damn. Because of this video, I went to look at merch. And now I know how expensive shipping is. I’m sad.

  • Wow, I had no idea that Unus Annus had the same flag as France!