This Video Went Completely Out of Control

Birt 1 okt 2020
Totally Normal Egg Toss (GONE WRONG!) (GONE KNIFE!)
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • Somehow I think this is my favorite Unus Annus video???

  • 00:37 Uhhhh it comes from a... a chicken butt? They um poop it out.

  • Mark : "Looks like I have to kill you now." Ethan : *gets up quickly and runs away in fear* Mark : *runs after Ethan in a fancy yet familiar way* Me : "Wilford Warfstache? Is that you?"

  • Nutball with lawn darts?

  • 5:41 I’m afraid for Ethan And I feel bad for Amy because she got egged

  • Sad to say, but me and my brothers actually did play catch with lawn darts, tried to juggle lawn darts, and practiced knife throwing with a bouncing basketball as our target(verrry long summer without basketball). The lawn darts were confiscated after the air conditioner sustained a puncture and leaked out all the Freon.

  • An egg is something that comes out of a chicken's bum bum 🐓🐣 your welcome

  • when Mark said “you lose, i get to kill you” all i heard was “yEaH yEaH, siNgiNg cHaLLaNge... fLy mE tO tHe mOon... yOu LoSe, i gEt tO kiLL yOu” so long story short, Mark is now the “yeah yeah” guy

  • This is just an episode of the office

  • *"jegus christ"*

  • lol ethan and amy are just high in this video and make is the only sober one

  • So wait how many times does mark kill EEF

  • 7:23 mark: talk normally ethan: i can't mark: talk normally. ethan: maAaArk :(((

  • Ethan: what’s an egg? Me: *portable chicken*

  • why didn't Eef jump in the pool once

  • do that weird unbreakable egg thing then send it through

  • The title was... accurate😂

  • This wasnt a video itwas mark trying to kill ethan, and we watched and laughed (This is joke)

  • I'm here for the facttheyre having fun

  • Mark: you're doing that thing where you go all slouchy you just slump yourself Ethan: *it's depression*

  • 6:43 why is he walking like that? XDDD

  • Mark: i will literally kill the person who loses Ethan's mind: *i'm sure he's joking* A few minutes later* Ethan: aAAAAA aaaaAAA Mark: why are you running? *wHY ARE YOU RUNNING?*

  • me when unus annus is my emotional support and i wont know what to do when they are gone

  • what about... shot put nutball??

  • "Why are you here? You know, i've been asking myself the SAME thing" I cracked up

  • Ethan: what's an egg? Me: *chicken period*

  • the way mark runs

  • It’s been 322 days You have one chance Subscribe

  • Plot twist: The whole channel has been a safety video telling you what not to do with two paid actors.

  • Mark: Why are you here? I've been asking myself the same thing! Well, Mark, it's because YOU said yes to Ethan doing a backflip for you.

  • Danganronpa V3 spoiler because there's a related item in this video: Danganronpa V3 made me afraid of shot put balls 😂

  • " shot put toss!! " *rantaro amami is typing...*

  • hi, its me again

  • "Why are you here?" Eef: a backflip

  • I pre ordered the new hoodie but because its so expensive, my mom is giving it to me for Christmas. When unus annus is over. Happy but sad

  • Lets goooo I am finally watching my birthday episode and it? Is very satisfying

  • Ethan needs a life changing journey with Zuko

  • When the egg hits the ground your body joins the mound

  • This reminds me of field day at school

  • I was so worried that chica was going to get hit by one of their throws.

  • Teachers: this egg is you baby don’t break it other wise you kill the baby Mark and Ethan:

  • Pretty sure ever since they did that video with the mime, Mark has been walking in the 'suspended' mode in a lot of videos.

  • Amy, you're supposed to be the voice of reason lmao

  • Dear precious Amy I feel the struggle of boys lol

  • the way mark was running with the knife😂😂

  • I love how amy tried to deescalate bladeball or whattever they called it XD

  • that disclaimer song.. still think it needs to be an actuall song that needs to come out!!!! GIVE IT IT'S OWN VIDEO!!

  • People commenting on normal videos: actual funny and original comments People commenting on Unus Annus videos: Ethan: does stupid thing Mark: makes fun of him

  • Like 3/4 way through the video it turned into the ultimate nut ball

  • Ethan you get scared way to easily bro

  • So, where's the coffin at?

  • 5:45 Mark Buff John Wick Mode

  • im sad that this is my unus annus

  • Watching the madness slowly unfold is hilarious

  • Me :*watches chica eating egg and being told no* Me: *feeds my dogs raw eggs* 😬😬

  • I want Mark to suplex Ethan into the pool lol! Wait... Gamer boy pee swimming pool.

  • “I’m going to go for a dip” “What are you doing Amy!? Don’t go into the pool with your nice pants on!”

  • Eef: What's an egg Me:EEF Eef: Very good Me: 😂😂

  • Minute 1: Egg catching, you catch an egg. Minute 10: Taping a knife to a 12 pound ball.

  • As a Danganronpa fan, i was scared when they started using a shot put ball

  • This is just an egg toss video

  • Okay, so I know you guys might be busy til the end but watching this made me realize that Mark would probably do really well at competitive (power) walking! Did it as a kid and you've got the right hips for it, plus it looks hilarious 😂

  • An egg is the physical manifestation of a uncorrectly made chicken child

  • 4:10 the Seinfeld impression is top notch I was really expecting one of them to say "What's up with that??"

  • The shot put ball... I’m getting flashbacks.... poor avocado man....

  • mark walks like an npc

  • @5:37 Genuinely laughed out loud and couldn't stop for a solid minute..

  • I hope Mark makes videos with Ethan and Amy after UA finishes :)

  • I just properly discovered this channel today, and i'm high in the clouds, and this is a god damn experience to watch

  • Take notes, HowToBasic

  • 0:27 god, I hate when that happens.

  • Why did Mark’s run at the end make me think of Warfstache? 😂

  • Ethan and Mark: *Constantly changing the video* Amy: We going in the pool for the day I honestly love them all there fantastic

  • Does anyone else remember when mark did a egg challenge on team edge with Matthias??

  • Ethan: I have a brick I'll kill you Proceeds to drop the brick

  • This is my birthday video

  • Never noticed how mark walks like that, kinda weird.

  • This is The best video ever

  • 8:18 "i HaVe A bRiCk I cAn KiLl YoU AaAaAaAaAaAaAa"

  • Eggs won't break of you drop them on grass

  • I’m so happy this is my birthday episode!!

  • knife ball, knife *ball, KNIFE BALL*

  • Eef: "mnmngonna break that knife." Mark: "what do you mEaN?" Eef:"eer it's gonna break the knife." Mark: "what do you MEANN?" Eef: "what do you mean 'what do I mean?' It's going to break.the.knife." Mark: "It's not gonna bReAk tHe kNiFe." **breaks knife**

  • It started off with them trying to put an egg in the iFetch and ended with them taping a knife to a shotput and mark trying to kill ethan

  • this was my birthday video; i am the least bit disappointed. this is art.

  • Dogs can have raw egg, don't worry-

  • Ethan’s baby voice triggers me. Lol

  • Ethan: with the power of momentum and jegus christ me: this must be that new geography 9:07

  • Hey who else was thinking about the crazed butt-stabber back in the day when Markimoo chases Ethan with the knife haha

  • *Thumps up*

  • mark did his grinch stance so many times this video. I'm kinda worried about their friendship after the series os over

  • iT's ScArY mArK

  • Day thirty four, The End of my journey is neigh

  • Who else spent this whole video waiting for Mark to push Ethan into the pool?

  • This video is literally so chaotic i can't handle it

  • “In the power of jegus jis t”

  • 6:43 yo what the fuck is that walk 😂

  • Alternative title: Just a normal day for Mark and Ethan

  • whyYy is there a blade in the ground

  • Ethan: ITS DEPRESSION big mood tho, same