Recharging Our Phones Using Only Brute Strength

Birt 30 júl 2020
Unus Annus is our name, and cranking it is our game
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • At 2x speed this was even more entertaining

  • "Ohh!..." -mark 2020

  • Not even once did they think to switch those boxes to check if Mark's was broken

  • I like eff shoes say left and right on the bottom 😂🤦🏾‍♀️

  • did marks machine........ crank out...........heh heh

  • The commentary sounds like something from a cat and mouse anime.

  • Oh I need one of these in case of an earthquake...

  • So can anyone tell me what video Ethan explains why he has right and left written on the bottom of his shoes? 😂😂😂

  • If you download videos onto your own channel and private it will it still be there even when they delete it

  • "You're reversing the polarity!" "And you're reversing it back again!"

  • Why did they come for Amy like that smh

  • Poor amy😂

  • Mark would be great in among us lol

  • Is it just me, or are their conspiracie theories making perfect sense? 🤍🖤🤔

  • wait are they aware if they put in the wrong voltage just breaks the phone unless you get rid of the charge.

  • Why did the beginning of this video sound like a corn video

  • .... Anyone want to tell them that they can check the battery health in the phone's settings to see if they're even remotely close to fair? lol

  • I dont wanna be mean but like, they set the voltage to 5 volts... you get double that coming from the power adapter you plug into the walls... it gon take a while boys...

  • Why'd they have to take it out on amy?

  • I legit yawned when Amy did xD

  • Objection! Objection! Ob-! Ob-! Objection! OBJECTION! take that!

  • mark: says the word “crank” me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) mark: says it again me: ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o) mark: says it once more me: ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)

  • ... maybe ethan's was just on airplane, or power saving mode? Or maybe Mark just had more apps open / running ?

  • "you cheating fUCK" 😂😂

  • I love that Ethans shoes have left and right written on the bottoms 😂

  • Ethan and Mark arguing is what a typical Among Us game looks like

  • They really should have checked they had the voltages set correctly. Besides making the challenge unfair, they were probably damaging their batteries by maxing out the voltage. Maybe not, but there was no confirmation made!

  • Amy somehow yawned exactly after I did That's epic bruh

  • It's comforting to see Mark and Ethan be weird asf. Makes me feel less insecure abt my own crackheadism.

  • I love how they try to test something regarding phone batteries, seemingly forgetting that they have iPhones which have sissy-ass batteries in the first place. 😆

  • In battery in settings on iPhone it tells you the battery health. If it had lower health, it would show 100 at a lower actual amount of battery. Therefore it would also charge and die faster. So I’m guessing Ethan’s phone has a lower battery health than marks.

  • Chica always looks concerned fjr Ethan lol

  • yo is that the backflip guy??

  • Ethan can crank a charger and Mark can use pliers to do... whatever he wants...

  • Anyone else concerned that it fucking exploded in the end

  • I guess Mark, just got a wrong turn..

  • Amy: **Casually yawns** Mark and Ethan: “ARE WE BORING U!!!!!!!!”

  • Scrubsibe to CrenkGumples, everybody

  • Those poor charging chips

  • oml i forgot about unus anus D: i don't want mark to go but he'll go eventually sad times *cries*

  • I play a lot of horror games and not too many scare me anymore but the pop at the end acctually scared me

  • I started singing with Ethan lol

  • To me I feel like its the type of phone you have because my sister had an iPhone while I have an android but mine charges alot faster than hers

  • Rig a drill to it, have the generator connected to the drill. Infinite power

  • It's funny because it just went from charging there phones to accusing each other

  • the gearing needs to be way higher, and these might make more sense i reckon

  • Amy’s no🥺👉🏻👈🏻 was just everything

  • Ethan: *breathes* Mark: YOU'RE CHEATING

  • im really curious if there is a "generator" like this whats really working?

  • Who else was really encapsulated by the RNB style music in the very beginning, if that’s a real song I nEeD to know what it is🥴

  • Who else was really encapsulated by the RNB style music in the very beginning, if that’s a real song I nEeD to know what it is🥴

  • oh boy that intro is kinkier then my garden hose

  • How did he not see the explosion coming??? goddamn i hope marks okay

  • Mark: I gotta save my baby! Amy: Baby? Ethan: *concerned look* Mark: *aggressive yelling*


  • Mark thwarted by Ethan’s shit battery health

  • Do you still do gymnastics

  • I knew... I just knew mark would break it 😂

  • “it wouldn’t go from 5 to 2 in a minute” Mark...yes it does...

  • maybe Ethan’s phone battery maybe just sucks lol quick to charge but quick to drain as well

  • Of course Ethan won. He is after all, CrankGameplays.

  • 11:33 they both jus start bulling amy

  • Why did the almond bonking his head genuinely make me chuckle?

  • Two hundred and fifty-ninth video: Finished.

  • Yes I love that they added an ace attorney reference

  • Has anyone noticed that Ethan’s shoes are labeled with left and right on the bottom of his shoes

  • They never mentioned the actual explosion after this video...?

  • :)

  • Tf marks vein at like 2:28 edit: 2:25

  • Ok but was the grip loose?

  • So are we just going to ignore the whole explosion at the end

  • “it said 5” “well it’s WRONG”

  • haha manual cranking generator go boom boom :ᴅ

  • How how do you know mark flexes his muscles

  • Me watching this as my phone is plugged Into the wall with a charger: haha peasants

  • The batteries we use when doing markdowns at work, if you blow on it, they will charge up a bit. I'm not joking. It's weird. xD

  • For what this is this should not be this entertaining

  • what’s the song in the beginning lmao

  • so I've been seeing in the comments of a bunch of the videos giving props to Amy, Chica and the editors but no one has given props to that clear table. It had gone though so much and I'm honestly surprised they haven't broken it yet

  • Mark your going the wrong way

  • 14:33

  • 12:16

  • I want this

  • I was convinced Mark's was broken this entire video, and I'm even more convinced now that it blew up.

  • The way that mark looked up when amy yawned tho

  • when south africans are used to not always having power


  • What happend at the end

  • Did they consider battery health

  • The argument was one of the deepest arguments I've ever heard

  • I hope Mark is okay!

  • Electrical engineering student (read: nerd) here! SO it's entirely possible that Ethan's phone battery is actually just more damaged/older than Mark's. Batteries work by using some substance to "hold" charge, but when you overwork your phone battery (constantly draining it to 90%) and as it ages, that substance starts to degrade. As a result, the battery's ability to retain charge is reduced. What this means is that the battery will take less time to charge, but will also drain battery faster. So, if your battery takes a long time to charge, that's actually a good thing, because it means that your battery is in good shape! Since Ethan's battery was really easy to charge and the battery started draining fairly quickly after he got it to 5%, (and assuming that Mark did plug in his phone properly), it's entirely possible that Ethan's phone battery is just damaged and/or old

  • After watching this video I got a headache. Was it worth it? Yes

  • amy:" yawns" eathen and mark: gose deffens mode

  • Poor Amy, she's just sleepy.

  • Anyone else kinda hate Ethan in this episode

    • why what do u mean?

  • the ace attorney bubbles really adds so much to this video

  • Just a thought.... And to preface, I'm not an electrician or electrical engineer or anything.... But, from what I know of generators, doesn't the generator resist the shaft turning as it generates electricity? As in, shouldn't it be hard to turn, as the generator is turning kinetic work into electrical work? As in, when Ethan said "it sucks to turn it the other way," wasn't that the correct way?

  • Well the first problem is your charging an iphone

  • This reminds me of a video tecnoboom made