This Is Hiding On Your Body RIGHT NOW.

Birt 9 júl 2020
Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and we are currently in Hell.
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Unus Annus.


  • boOO show us the ball print

  • was Marks so bad that you had to blur it?

  • Well... *i guess i wont have a good sleep this night either*

  • advice: don't watch this while eating food with your fingers.

  • me thinking about billny the science guy( ・∀・)

  • Unus Annus Presents Unofficial Science with Mark Fishbach. We need this on TV!

  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • Out of curiosity why was Mark's balls sample censored? 😅 I don't get it

  • Man I wish they could make slides and stain them out of each colony to see what type of bacteria or fungi is it ☹ Also the lungs do have a normal flora 😅 they're not sterile like most people think

  • sitting here as a molecular/cellular biology major. this is fucking hilarious. also agars safe to lick but please don't in a lab setting. flame your loops, kids. "barely anything" sir if you took some of that shit and made a plate with a gram stain you would see SO much shit

  • Bill Nye would be so proud

  • They should have done a before and after hand washing

  • God I can't get over how good Ethan looks with nailpolish on.

  • 1:07 did ethan just sing black dog? why?

  • 0:57 *sounds like Black Dog by Led Zeppelin.*

  • I mean, I was tought to NEVER open these things because there could be lethal bacteria’s in there..

  • should see the germs on a public elementary school. i did the same thing on forth grade and we got traces of the flu and a lot of other nasty stuff.

  • I'm not sure I can fully enjoy this because every minute of a biochemistry lab I took in college felt like hell on earth and this is giving me flashbacks

  • I made a mistake watching this during my lunch time!

  • They should've swabbed thier phones. You'd be surprised what's on your phone!

  • **cries in having no control part of the dish**

  • Days since Ethan made a video intro weird: Like -240 at this point.

  • As a scientist, this video makes me so happy :)

  • Where are the docors doing this sheet

  • Can...can science really find out if anyone will ever love me? That’s rad

  • Does Mark not know that viruses and bacteria need different things to live and grow..? Like if they were using something to catch and grow viruses there'd be a lot more 7:50

  • ethan: left nut or rite nut mark: both!! me watching this at dark: breathes out of nose swiftly probably me the next day: *remembers this* HAHAHAHAHA

  • if you ever thought your body was bad, remember there are billions of bacteria constantly trying to murder you, and your body protects you from their invasion. if that isn't amazing, i don't know what is

  • Deffo wanna see my lungs as I’m a smoker oh god😂

  • yes

  • Mark show us your ball bacteria you goddamn coward


  • Heheh me thinking that time is actually a man made invention... or at least the idea and measurement of time... I’m confused now

  • Bro mark's tongue one looks like my pores

  • I was eating when I watched this

  • the way mark says "agar" i-

  • and now some doctor: "o no"

  • Why did mark censor his ball one i wanna see it lmao

  • Why do they censor Mark's balls bacteria

  • I love it how Mark kinda turns it into a little bit of a competition but then agree. I don't know why but I just absolutely love it.

  • why did i choose to watch this during lunch 🤢

  • I love Mark and Ethan but as an actual Microbiologist this video was so infuriating. To start off Mark said Agar plates wrong. Also of course there’s not going to be a lot of bacteria on the plates because most bacteria need higher temperatures to grow and I’m sure they left them at room temperature. Also if they wanted to look at the bacteria “swimming around”; which not all bacteria are motile they would have to perform a wet prep. Okay I know it’s just suppose to be a fun video but I just had to get out the real information so please no hate, because like I said I love watching them.

  • it's been a while since i've seen this and every god damn time i take a shower, i think if Mark saying "some people don't scrub their feet" evERY TIME. ITS BEEN MONTHS. HELP. I SCRUB MY FEET. WHY WOULD THIS BE STUCK IN MY HEAD??. HELP.

  • I don't think they left it long enough. I have seen ones with some one coughing turn out covered in stuff

  • I regret watching this while eating breakfast almost lost my appetite

  • It was so convenient that I had to cough when they coughed on the agar plates lol

  • R

  • rip the germophobs

  • We love you ethan! We love every weird piece of bone in you

  • Oml after they went to the bathroom I got an comdom add 😵

  • I remember from Biology that you aren’t supposed to open up the Petri dishes after you put germs on them because it could grow something dangerous.

  • Why did u censor marks plate but not ethans? No homo in all but I'm just wondering

  • Ethan: Do you think anyone would ever love me? . Me: 🙂

  • im watching this while sick with tonsillitis and all i want to do is order one of these and spit on it

  • i love you eef

  • Ethan: Do you think anyone will ever love me? Me: Many people, including Mark

  • I didnt know Unus Annus did a cross over with Slow Mo Guys

  • 9:52 yo hitting the high notes there Mark. Haha

  • The way Mark says Agar.... I don’t like

  • The way Mark says Agar.... I don’t like

  • I didn't have much acne as a teen but I'm 29 now and it's breakout city 🙃 No one is safe

    • Nico haha yes no one is safe indeed.

  • nerd

  • Why was Mark's blurred but not Ethan's 😂😂

  • PSA: don’t open a plate once it’s been streaked: you don’t know what you’ve grown.

  • Ethan talking to his balls is something I never wanna hear again

  • I would like to know why we are allowed to see Ethans ball size but not Marks?

  • this is what we did in primary 3 science in Singapore

  • Ethan mustache comin in😂

  • Two hundred and thirty-eighth video: Finished.

  • Why was Marks Ball Sample censored?

  • Clever rhyme at the end there Ethan

  • Okay, welp some of the bits made me so mad lol

  • I didn’t realize how disappointed I would be at not getting to see the shape of Mark’s sack

  • I love my birthday video

  • ... :O They just gave me a four second existential crisis with the time thing-

  • Mark almost went full-on opera after seeing the foot bacteria 🤣

  • I love that ethans nails are black

  • Agar. io ?

  • Why did I watch this after breakfast.....

  • i genuinely almost threw up

  • Ethan: Left nut or right nut? Me: Just drop 'em in boys!

  • 0:28 Ethan: *laughs* Mark: Do a real one Ethan: *Alien battlecry*


  • somebody better put those foot petri dishes on wiki feet if they haven't already

  • Mark being a shy boi and not showing his bacterial testes imprint XD

  • I hate that I share a name with one of Ethan's balls.

  • I can confirm Mark's theory, sort of.......

  • Mark has 3 balls

  • Mark: screams Also Mark: sings

  • fun fact: All humans have microscopic spiders that live in the pores of their face called face mites. They're transmitted from parent to child.

  • 0:57 was that black dog by led zeppelin

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed 😂

  • 3:51 such a bromance, I love it

  • Who else here can appreciate the fact that Mark and Ethan have continuously made new content for EVERY DAY so far! This channel is amazing!

  • At 0:31 i melted when ethan said "do you think anyone will ever love me" if he never gets loved by someone again imma cry bc he is my lil eef boi. my sister calls me eef bc i love ethan and bc I act like him alot... Hes my lil baby boi ;-;

  • Finding it hard to listen to mark tell me to scrb and be careful yet I've literally seen him eat of the floor before XD

  • Why was marks blurred out lol

  • Love how Chica tries to do an evil laugh right after Eef does it. 0:30

  • my biggest flex is saying “ew! what is that?!” at the same time as amy

  • Checkmate foot fetishists