This is Goodbye

Birt 5 ágú 2020
Only 100 days left. Will you make the most of it?
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • Ok so if I watch 15 videos per day I think I can catch up

  • song please

  • 22 days now.

  • memento mori

  • Why does this video have to be the one on my birthday?

  • its already bad as it is i cant take good byes well pls mark , eathan stay i cant ;-;

  • wit are one of you dieng is every thing ok i feel lonly now


  • The end is near.

  • Unuses, Annuses, I will miss you all. 😢 Goodbye. (BTW this is not a suicide note or something like that.)

  • How does this channel always seem to provide a strange mixture of entertainment, comfort, and existential crisis, like I never know how to feel

  • I am currently trying to catch up with them. From the very beggining, because I've seen like three videos and then life happened and I forgot about this I got to this video 11 days after starting the binge watch. I now dream about them and I can imitate their voices. Help.

  • I have 22 days left and have broken into double digits... i'm gonna catch up bitch! i'm coming!

  • This is the only video i really want to keep. Like its so comforting

  • holy crap unus annus ends in a month now i'm genuinely sad

  • Am biggest sad

  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • Am I the only one that feels like these last 100 days have gone by really fast?

  • What the hell this is confusing as fuck

    • unus auunus means 1 year after the countdown completes they will delete this channel slowly by deleting there first video to their last each day

  • Plot Twist: They didn't want to make another "this is goodbye" video with like 10 days left because they don't like wearing suits.

  • Seeing how life’s been going, I wouldn’t doubt it.

  • This channel ends the day before kingdom hearts melody of memory comes out

  • me trying to catch up and im here....theres 25 days left

  • This is the final message from them I will remember the two of em

  • Damn time is moving so fast now

  • This gives me the chills... something about how I wasn’t here at day 100, yet they still tell me how I’ve grown.

  • This is no doubt my favorite video and I wish I could save it for myself and keep it around forever, but I can't. Doing so would go against the whole idea of the channel, these video's being temporary, and once it's gone only having the memories to look back on. I can't save this video its time is running out and there's no way of stopping it.

  • god, how the time has passed. but such is time, i suppose. when does it end? when did it even begin? with unus annus we know. even with our prior knowledge of the end it still comes crashing forward like a train on broken tracks. you must spend it wisely, for the inevitability of death comes faster than you could ever imagine. memento mori unus annus

  • Of course this one is my birthday video.

  • Im sobbing

  • I have accepted I will never catch up. And yet I'm getting choked up by what they are saying. Why am I so afraid of the end of this channel?

  • Theyre like billionaire gay parents who gave their son everything he wanted until its his 11th birthday and they died and this is their goodbye video (Edit) He becomes a superhero

  • Maybe when the time runs out mark and ethan will make a bomb and blow up the world so the "time is running out" is for all of us

  • 0:29 this part made me cry because my dad used to hold my hand when i was falling asleep, but he isn't a good dad. when i started watching marks videos, he was like the father figure i needed at the time- this sounds a bit stupid, but it means a lot to me :)

  • I got this in my recommend and didn't look when it was posted... I nearly had a fucking heart attack Jesus

  • there is 26 days left and i am no joke crying rn im screen recording my favourite videos-

  • I know they are never gonna see this but I just wanted to say how much unus annus means to me. It is something amazing and has actually saved me from talking my own life and I'm so glad unus annus was created by these two amazing people that I have looked up to my whole life.

  • Unus vs Dark

  • Wow not even 28 days anymore.... I dont think I'm ready...... Give me a second. Just one little to breath in.... ....and out..... ....A'ight. I'm ready may the end come and a new aera of ethan annoying mark and mark appreciating ethan begin. This Journey has no end.......

  • what-

  • That's just sad

  • No I do need you to hold my hand I'm in a really hard time rn!

  • Ahhhh I only started watching a few weeks ago. Time is running out!

  • i am going to miss having a new video everyday... but it has been an amazing experience! Thank you Mark and Ethan for an amazing year.

  • I don’t want to download vids but this one means so much to me that I just have to tbh. I feel bad for never making an effort to get better and change throughout my journey with unus annus as that is kind of the message of the channel but this video motivates me and makes me want to work on myself before it’s too late.

  • man, when i watched their military video with james charles since it was in my recommended 3 days after it came out, i never thought this is where i’d be today. I’ve grown to absolutely love the shenanigans these two have provided us, i’ve gained confidence in myself from them, i’ve met so many amazing people in the community, i’ve forced myself to do things out of the box i’ve never even dreamed of doing last year, and most of all these guys have taught me to never take anything for granted. memento mori.

  • *me monthsss late, and trying to catch up* Ethan and Mark: the end is near there’s literally 27 days left i’m never going to be able to catch up.. so i’ve been saving videos i want to watch to my watch later. but ik im probably going to regret not watching EVERY. SINGLE. VIDEO. as i get older..

    • Dw about it, if you watch like 4 videos a day then you'll catch up in no time.

    • you honestly could catch up, Ive watched every video up until today twice

  • “Time always seems to move faster... when it’s running out”

  • im crying i cant stop watching this

  • This is the reason why I watched unus annus

  • them: you don't need us to hold your hand anymore. Me: but what if I want you to? Please, I crave physical touch

  • i got this in my recommended and had a mini heart attack until I saw when it was posted

  • Is it bad I started to cry when they said "you have potential"

  • Anyone else waiting for the ominous "Memento mori" at the end but that just didn't happen or is it just me?

  • 😭Mark don't leave youtube😢😥

    • Bruh they just said they will delete this channel not ther main channel

  • i dont want this to end, i just now started watching unus annus 🥺

    • You should watch all their videos to the oldest to the newest

  • I am crying right now😢😥

  • This video just made me both sad and filled with so much anxiety like there's just mark: "And time always seems to move faster when it's running out."

  • I didn't even watch all the vids, I didn't even care but now I want to watch the rest before it's too late that's how death is, you never learn the importance of something until it's gone I wish I had more time

  • ;( I wish this doesn't end I really did enjoyed this channel even though it has a lot of weird moments, but c'mon man.

  • also this kind of hurts i like seeing them making videos it’s helped me through a lot of depression but good thing i always watch marks seperate channel even before unus annus and i have watched ethan every now and then

  • i came here when the clock was in its 50 hour mark. and i finished every video including the newer ones

  • Please adultnap me, I'm in hawaii

  • I may have not been here every day... but i watched all the videos so far... and i'm in a hurry to finish them up before THE END... This almost made me cry...

  • This is when ISchats premium comes in place

  • This sounds like something my spirit guides might've said to me once. It feels oddly familiar, and as if I've heard it a million times before

  • Someone is going to copy and paste their whole channel I know it

  • not me rewatching this and crying again 🧍‍♀️

  • Can i save this just so I can hear your words of affirmation

  • Thank you for the compliments boys ❤️

  • I'm glad I was here for the last 100, I tried to catch up, watch the best ones, liked a majority of them, and am continuing to watch the daily ones, and I'm glad to watch these because they are truly enjoyable

  • I need to catch up ASAP

  • y was this just recommended to me...

  • what are talking about

  • this video still makes me severely anxious LMAO

  • If the final surprise of this channel is that they were joking nd aren't gonna delete the channel I'm gonna be really pissed off lol

  • I hope the end vid will be up for a day cause I can’t see it cause of my school

  • so markiplier makes coming back after unus annus dies?

  • This is so weird

    • how?

  • It ends at november 13 to be exact Friday the 13th

  • Who else is convinced that they won't delete the channel and it is all a prank?

    • nah im completly convince they're going to delete this channel slowly

  • I don’t think they know how great there content is and that if they delete this channel there channels will loose a hella ton of subscribers

  • Plot Twist: We all die

  • What if you just download the videos

  • Welp, ISchats to MP4 converters are going to get some serious traffic soon.

  • Ngl that's kinda depressing. :c

  • Wow panic attack right off the bat yup. I need my tea

  • The last vedio should be the analysis of this channel

  • We are now almost at the final month of Unus Annus. We have 30 days till the end. For most fans, no time at all. We are not most fans; we are Unuses and Annuses. We have the resources, the merch, to make these days count! The clock is ticking, my friends. Let’s press onward.

  • No no, stop it. I don’t feel like crying right now-

  • Two hundred and sixty-fifth video: Finished.

  • ... they should use the coffin in the last video... for the death of unus annus...


  • Is the merch still available at the end of the channel

    • Nope they said everthing on this channel will be gone

  • This was uploaded on my birthday, oh my lord, people, hurry if you haven't caught up yet

  • Honestly I’m going to miss this so much, I desperately keeping hoping for an unus annus 2, but it really defeats the whole purpose of the channel. Would be cool though!

  • why do i feel like when this ends the world will end

  • Why are they getting rid of this channel in a year? There getting sooo much love and support for this channel

  • Yeet

  • *Time always seems to move faster when its running out* thats deep