This Is The Most Dangerous Children's Toy Ever Made

Birt 23 júl 2020
What was once an innocent childs toy, is now revealed to be a dangerous chemical weapon
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Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


  • Memento mori

  • 3:49 I haven’t been sent like this in a while💀

  • wow

  • 7:56 Close your eyes and listen

  • idk if they have it in america but we have a drug called balloons in the uk and when mark said i’m gunna have my first ballon i was like huh

  • I want to go there badly to teach both of you how to use that plastic balloon 😫😫😫

  • We have these in the philippines too. All my fellow 90's kids are experts in these hahahaha. Then we pop it right in the foreheads of our friends as a prank


  • I'm rewatching everything because I'm depressed and I'm realizing now my favorite moments are when Eef makes up songs off the cuff. "They'll cum on your chest." killed me. lmao

  • imagine being a superhero with bloonies as your power

  • Unus anus should do trying cosplay cause it would be pretty intresting to watch their struggle

  • I had repressed this childhood memory! I had one of these!! I can suddenly smell them!!!

  • I loved these toys. Me and my sister would combine them until we could get the biggest one we could.

  • New people:What is with them and their threats

  • Ethan reminds me of a serial killer from the 80's cause of the glasses and mustache

  • I loved those growing up!

  • I used to love those

  • Marks neighbor watching this: 👁️💧👄💧👁️

  • I have to watch 100 episodes in less than 30 days 😳😳😳😓😓😓😓

  • 12:43 *“M... d’you remember M...?”* Nope But I remember and know *E*

  • Im bouta get that merch i haven't watched unnas anuss in 3 months so im catching up i have 3 months worth of. 10 - 20 min long vids

  • Im dieing of laughter

  • 12:00 Did they just quoted Ice Cube from his Check Yo' Self song? (I played about 100+ hours of GTA San Andreas 😅)

  • For the past couple days I've been trying to catch up on ALL of unus annus.. ive come to the realization its not gonna happen before the timer runs out.. so i decided to only watch the videos that sound interesting and fun to watch.. the problem is.. they ALL sound interesting and fun.. don't know what to do.

  • Bruh idk why people have trouble blowing those it's so easy

  • mark looks genuinely upset that ethans baloonie worked and his didnt lol

  • Iv bought bloonies once and shit i got chemical poisoning fuck it hurt but my mom said never to buy them ever agian

  • This reminds me of the CSI Fingerprint Kit I had in the early 2000s, which was later recalled because it had asbestos in the print powder. And of the Barbie dog I had that could eat and poop, and the food/poop pellet things had lead paint on them... and how I used to suck on them because I was a weird child. Edit: And of the toy that had these little plastic pellet things that you got wet and they'd stick together to make patterns and stuff. It was also recalled, because a kid who ate the pellet things got brain damage from whatever the pellet was made out of. How in the absolute fuck and I still alive.

  • its just dangerous dont try this

  • Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • Ethan mocking the balloon and saying "huh yeah you fockin ball" killed me

  • 30 year old man gets his childhood dream shattered

  • When me and my cousins play with these, We blow em up and pop them on another persons face. So wait until the ballooni is in front of them and shove it onto their face. Fun memories :D

  • in our country we have that until today

  • When Mark said phone guy I thought he meant from FNaF

  • I could smell this video

  • I used to love those lol

  • I almost passed out using one of those.

  • “were you alive when this was a thing?” me, an eighteen year old girl who used to play with those all the fucking time: perhaps.

  • Lol i had this once as a kid and my sister and i were playing with it in my room. there is actually a stain on the carpet from it to this day!!!!! Also it was so terrible to play with cause it was so hard to blow up. I was trying so hard that I almost passed out and felt so light headed. We laugh about it to this day but it def could be a little dangerous.

  • 1:22 I take walks without a mask on, but whenever we see someone we cross the street. It's not necessary to wear a mask when no one is around, but it is _essential_ to wear one when you're near anybody.

  • Ok but like i feel like it’s just a fever dream but like i used to get those at dollar tree and you’d get like 5 or 6 little tubes of it

  • One time I got one of those stuck in my nose 🏃🏻‍♀️💨

  • 9:43 oh, mark. markiplier. mr fischbach. five mile mark himself. are you really underestimating me? do you truly think that is wise on your end? even with my childish human form i have crushed the heads of many with a tap of my pinky toe. what could possibly make you think i couldn’t handle a simple bubble. you make me laugh, you foolish annus. even if i have only been on this earth for far less years than the elders of this time i could still beat you at any competition you throw my way. i can and will make the best damn balloon animal the world has ever seen. my hands crafting such an amazing piece of art will only result in the best thing to ever exist. it will be so great in fact no mere mortal will ever be able to comprehend it. scientists will spend their entire lives trying to figure out how i managed to make such a masterpiece. do you honestly think that just because i am a child i couldn’t partake in such a simple craft? a fool you are, mark. a fool.

  • ww1 week by week music ;-;

  • i inhaled the red one bc when i was little id always have those and when i inhailed(however u spell it idfk) it i had to go to the hospital, i thought i died LMAO

  • You know what Unus Annus and their neighbors have in common ? They look weirdly at each other

  • Marks neighbor watching this like: 💧lips

  • I got this for christmas last year... I get your pain guys, especially mark when it pops out the bottom of the tube!

  • I actually like bloonies....but I'm easily entertained

  • I had one of this but I wasn’t strong enough to get it out of the tube

  • This was my childhood experience and I'm glad to know it was, in fact, a shitty 90s fever dream induced by 'lloon chemicals.

  • These are a 90s toy, yeah? Are they still actively made, or did Mark and Ethan just yank these off of ebay or amazon? Because if they just bought it from some rando on places like that, there's every possibility that someone bought these things in bulk like 30 years ago with the hopes to resell it, and is now selling these rock-hard, mostly non-functional tubes online

  • how does ethan remember MMMM just by the sound of it after all these years from a little obscure game like spore?

  • I used to be obsessed with these things ; w ;

  • I hated bloonies, they made my cheeks hurt and tingle

  • ethan is so funny!!!!

  • This was literally one of my favorite toys as a kid and I was slapped in the face with a thick 6.5 inches of nostalgia.

  • MMMMMMMMMM. Lives Again For A Second Time.

  • amy “harrumphing” is my favorite thing tak

  • I can smell this video through the screen. The smell of childhood.

  • My Tia got these for me my sisters and my some other kid I don't remember the relations of when I was like 6 and I thought it was some dollar tree bull shit I'm just now realizing this was big in the 90s-

  • Show us the neighbor!

  • Okay I’m a bit new to markiplier but is the I was too poor for so and so like a running joke (if so where is the joke from) or did he used to be super poor

  • The ballonies was the shit in the aisles of Cardenas 😍

  • 3:37 An unfinished track from Pieces of Eight

  • I remember spending my chore money on Bloonies. I saw them in the grocery store and had to finally try it. So I did, and I loved the stiffness of the material and how firm the balloons were versus standard rubber balloons. I was poor too, Mark. They were a whole three dollars. I just had my priorities straight.

  • The background music around 12:41 when Mark explains his b'lloonie is called, "Never say No" by Clarence Reed

  • Ethan's mustache and glasses makes him look like a completely different person.

  • I played with these as a kid and they used to make me cough really bad especially with my asthma so that probably wasn't good for me 😅

  • My school used to sell these for like 10 pesos (0.47 dollars idk how US money works) and it's so funny seeing Mark get so excited for something that used to cost a quarter of my lunch money

  • This is an 90's Filipino old school "Store toy" We call it the "Plastic Balloon"

  • Why does Ethan look more like the picture in the back than Mark

  • I remember years ago watching him play through spore, both the most traumatizing and rib tickling moment of my childhood

  • I got one of these once like 10 years ago. The blue stain is still there on my driveway.

  • I remember my grandmother always bought these for me, I loved them so much. I am the expert on these things Then again I was not alive when they came out, or even close to being alive. But now I live, to make you feel old

  • How could Amy possibly be attracted to an arrogant douche like Mark?

  • thats called Plastic balloon here in Philippines

  • bruh

  • There is an art to blowing up these toxic bitches.

  • Two hundred and fifty-second video: Finished.

  • every single goddamn time they talk abt the neighbor it cuts to commercial,,,sus

  • i goddamn loved those things. still do!

  • i can smell this video

  • Bro people with hearing aids hold their phones like that... the microphone is on the back of the ear 👂

  • i remember eating a tube of that goo shit when i was a kid and getting so so sick after 😂😭😭 but i had so much fun playing with them

  • aww but i like fire

  • Mark is me during a group project

  • I got a Markimoo-AFK Arena Ad on the video😂

  • Bro this stuff is so fun in the Philippines this was a really popular toy and I would literally be ecstatic if I ever had a chance to play with these (not the exact brand btw) and whenever you'd finish blowing it up you'd pinch the open end then you'd play w it like a normal balloon ^^

    • @andrea florido sige salamat kabayan sa iyong sagot

    • @Wilster Acoymo oh they'd also be in little give away bags for birthdays

    • @Wilster Acoymo I guess there weren't any brands actually, u would usually find this in a small local store on the side of the street, they'd come in lil plastic bags w the paste and tube

    • What is bloonies called in the Philippines I am curious

  • I was here

  • Gotta love the cursed teeth bee toy in the background

  • Mark "a child would never have the strength" 4 year old me " why are you so weak"

  • wen i was 4 my sister bout those every time she went to the store and it was awesome

  • The neighbor rant xD these types of moments are everything

  • this is my birthday unus annus video, thank you :")

  • 13:56 Mark swimming in despair...

  • Also if you watch this on the slowest setting you can see that flame goes high

  • My parents had an off brand of these

  • alternative title: Don't play with fire kids